North Korea What? China Has Practiced Bombing Guam, But U.S. Dares Not Raise A Voice

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Nov 01 2017
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America dares bullying only smaller nations with inferior military capabilities. Not that North Korea is worth defending, but if not for the hermit kingdom’s nuclear and ICBM (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile) capabilities, the mighty United States would have sent that kingdom to oblivion. Trump would have sent at least dozens of Tomahawk cruise missiles into Pyongyang.


The U.S. keeps saying they cannot accept North Korea’s nuclear weapons program. They have sent 3 aircraft carriers – USS Nimitz, USS Ronald Reagan and USS Theodore Roosevelt – to the Korean Peninsula just to send a message to Kim Jong-un. So far, North Korea had only tested nuclear bomb and ballistic missile separately, not both together.


Yet, when Russia President Vladimir Putin “personally” pulls the trigger on 4 nuclear-capable ballistic missiles days ago, which were more disastrous than what Rocket Man Kim had done, not a single U.S. official dares to criticise Russia. In spite of Kremlin violating a landmark 1987 nuclear arms treaty with the United States, President Trump pretended it never happened.


That’s because there’s nothing the U.S. can do about the Russian atomic muscle-flexing exercise. Unlike the poor and isolated North Korea, Trump administration is looking at a bigger bully Putin regime. The launching of 4 powerful nuclear missiles from land, sea and air using the deadly Topol SS-25 ICBM (code named Sickle) is capable of carrying a single 550 kiloton warhead.


In comparison, North Korea’s latest and largest nuclear test on September 3rd probably had a yield of only 250 kiloton. Of course, Russia’s nuclear missiles are way more mature and could strike the U.S. with utmost accuracy. On the other hand, North Korea is still struggling putting its nuclear weapon and missile together and delivers it to the target in one piece.


Ahh, but Russia didn’t threaten to bomb American soil the same way North Korea did. The “Fat Boy” Kim has also threatened to attack U.S. military base Guam. Therefore, Russia is not the real enemy but North Korea is. Well, guess what. According to U.S. military as revealed by Defence News, Chinese jets have actually rehearsed bombing raids on Guam too (*grin*).

North Korea Kim Jong-un and US Donald Trump - Russia Vladimir Putin with China Xi Jinping

Not only has China been building up on man-made islands in South China Sea and militarized them, the Chinese has also been engaged in aggressive campaign to contest airspace over the East China Sea, South China Sea and beyond. And one of the areas covered by the Chinese military was practicing the bombing attacks against Guam.


Amusingly, unlike the open war of mouth between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un, the U.S. dares not openly express its displeasure over China’s threat on Guam. Reporters travelling with Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Joseph Dunford were told that the U.S. still thinks a war with North Korea is “a fight we can win”, but it’s a different ball game with China.


With China, however, the U.S. military officials said they are “worry about the way things are going.” General Dunford said – “China is very much the long-term challenge in the region. When we look at the capabilities China is developing, we’ve got to make sure we maintain the ability to meet our alliance commitments in the Pacific.”

China Women Military Parade

In short, the U.S. isn’t sure they can threaten China the same way they bully North Korea now. Because the Americans can’t tell the Chinese that it’s not right to practice bombing Guam, they have chosen to keep it quiet instead. China’s fleet of fighters and bombers conduct a daily “aggressive campaign” of sorties close to the U.S. Pacific territory and incursions into Japanese air space.


China uses their 1,000-mile (1,600-km) range H-6K bombers in the practice, flying close enough to launch cruise missiles at Guam. The Chinese bombers have also flew around Hawaii, suggesting that should China somehow forced to conduct real attacks on Guam, the plan could also include the 11 U.S. military bases in Hawaii.


Over the last year Japan has scrambled 900 sorties to intercept Chinese fighters, including the J-11 Flanker, challenging Japan’s air defence identification zone, or ADIZ. In 2013, China conveniently announced borders for its own ADIZ that overlapped Japan’s zone and included the disputed Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea, which are also claimed by Japan.


Since then, the Chinese and Japanese air forces have been engaging in cat-and-mouse game. In November 2015, the Chinese Air Force sent 11 war machines – 8 bombers, 2 intelligence gathering planes and 1 early-warning aircraft – towards Japan in a drill simulating an attack on the Japanese. They flew near Miyako and Okinawa, but without violating Japan’s airspace.


A year later in September 2016, Beijing repeated the same stunt, only on a larger scale. This time, the Chinese decided to send warplanes 3 times larger – a whopping 40 fighter jets and bombers, the largest – over the same Miyako Strait near Japan’s Okinawa Island. The practice attacks included H-6K bombers, SU-30 fighters and air tankers.


The idea was for the Chinese H-6K bombers to pass the strait between Okinawa’s main island and Miyako Island. Thereafter, the Chinese fleet could fly into the Pacific. With 1,500-km range CJ-10K ground based land-attack missile, the H-6K bombers could armed it with conventional or nuclear payload. They just need to travel another 1,000-km from Miyako Strait to hit Guam which is about 2,300-km away.

China H-6K Bomber Escorted by Fighter Jets

There’s little doubt that Russia and China are the biggest threats to the U.S., not North Korea. But because picking a fight with the Korean is “a fight Americans can win”, they make a mole out of a mountain about Rocket Man Kim. With global attention focused on North Korea, the tensions in the South China Sea have slipped from the headlines, and Beijing prefers to keep it that way.


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Since ICBMs were invented, US, UK and France have targeted Moscow and other major cities and installations in the then USSR and now Russia. The first mentioned 3 countries are also targeted by then USSR and now Russia. China also targets ICBMs on US, UK, France and Russia which in turn target China. This is common knowledge and the basis of MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction)! This is the principle of ‘nuclear detente’ or international politics of acknowledging that the no one entity is able to a first nuclear strike without a massive and totally destructive retaliatory strike from the target country!

PRK (North Korea) does not subscribe to this policy. Nor does it have the reliable capability to deliver any nuclear strike except to ROK (South Korea) and neighboring provinces in China & Russia. The situation will not change for a long time. Please don’t be surprised that China and Russia already have plans to shoot down any nuclear tipped ICBM before or as soon as it is launched by PRK! This is because there is a higher probability of the nuclear bombs landing in China, Russia or ROK than anywhere else. The 5 nuclear states have at least 50 years of ICBM technology but even they can get it wrong at times. So Kim Jong Un can keep playing with his toys in his own backyard.

As for China simulating ‘bombing’ Guam, ALL major and minor powers do that against each others’ military installations & targets and even have joint exercises with stated aims of doing so! Don’t panic! SNAFU!

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