BN is set to win Big, so buy political-linked stocks

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Jul 16 2009
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Going by the rate on how Pakatan Rakyat is progressing since they unexpectedly upset the ruling government Barisan Nasional in the general election, chances are high that it’s game over for the Pakatan. It may be true that a “new wave” is set to sweep the nation under the leadership of PM Najib Razak, at least the result from the just-concluded Manek Urai by-election shows so. Najib’s 100-days in the office slogan and policies are working and it seems the youngsters are impressed with a prime minister who doesn’t sleep on the job. At minimum retail stock traders are extremely pleased that the local stock market was and is performing despite the ups-and-downs on the Dow Jones’ trading floor.

Opposition party PAS may have won the Manek Urai by-election with very much reduced majority and is free to point their fingers at free-flow of RM500 per vote practiced by Barisan Nasional during the by-election. They can claim Najib’s administration is playing dirty but hey, since when did BN play clean? PAS and Pakatan have nobody to blame but themselves. PAS members were the one who voted the so-called moles or traitors (president and deputy president) who have been causing the split in the party now. Najib didn’t sweat much in giving Pakatan the headache in losing the peoples’ support. Already the PAS and DAP have started their own civil war and canabalizing each other, much to the delight of Najib’s administration.

People’s are frustrated hence the message from the Manek Urai by-election. Frankly you don’t have to be a brain surgeon to predict that BN will win back it’s two-third majority come next general election should PAS, DAP and PKR continue with their current childish game. In reality PKR, PAS and DAP are still novice and couldn’t match the cunning BN in terms of dirty politics, what more with all the supports from military, police, election commission, anti-corruption agency and whatnot. Yet PKR, DAP and PAS thought they’re invincible and still fantasizing they would form the federal government come next general election.

Ruling government was openly giving away free money for votes. Police was used to frustrate opposition supporters. Election commission was creative enough to dump ballot boxes that contained votes not in favor of BN into the sea. Now, even anti-corruption agency is used to intimidate opposition parties to the extent that an exco’s political secretary (Teo Beng Hock) could mysteriously plunged to his death from the anti-corruption agency building. Instantly Minister in the Prime Ministers Department Nazri Aziz cautions anyone against pointing their finger at the death. Heck, you put a non-suspect into interrogation process right into midnight until 4:00am and suddenly this “witness” was found death and you have the cheek to threaten anyone against suspecting foul-play?

Sure, maybe this witness who was supposed to be married tomorrow suddenly found the urge to commit suicide because he was on ecstacy so it’s not MACC’s (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) fault that he chose to perform the stunt from the HQ’s building. But then who can do anything to the MACC who is immortal and untouchable? They’re at the instruction of those who walk the corridors of power. And you’ve these small kids (PKR, DAP and PAS) fighting over small matters and trying to show off their new-found powers. Maybe it’s destiny that BN will rule this land for another 50-years after all. So cheer up and open your arms to welcome the hike in transportation fees and soon many more hikes.

So, what are you waiting for? Start grabbing all those political-linked stocks *grin* because the BN will win big in the next general election. It’s impossible to imagine BN will hand-over their power to the opposition without a fight, assuming that the opposition may win miraculously. There’re just too much to lose for the BN to give-up their key to the nation’s coffer.

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My temprature went up few notches everytime when the word MACC is mentioned.Franking speaking,MACC is nothing but a tools to disturb the opposition,but hey isn't Khir Toyo still running around with the "Balinese Palace"which he bought almost the cost of peanuts.Seems that MACC is to protects the UNMo goons and untouchable.

Politically-linked stocks are the worst investment anybody can make. If BN does not win big or even lose these stocks will tank and never recover. Moreover, when the opposition was almost wiped out in the 2004 GE did the stock market skyrocket after the elections? No, right. There are too many examples of such stocks dying that I do not think I need to go into details here. Please do not advise others to buy these stocks. Money can be made consistently over the long term in the stock market if one were to invest wisely. The rules are simple:1. Pick good stocks buy them when the market crashes and sell with a reasonable target profit margin in mind. 2. Never try to buy at the lowest point of the market and never try to sell at the peak of the market for these sentiments are based not on some attainable objective but greed. 3. Always buy stocks with money you can lose without having an adverse impact on yourself or your family. I have many friends who follow these simple rules and they have made millions. They became millionaires because they invested and refused to speculate In other words please do not ask people to treat the stock market as a casino.

hello eddiekoh … precisely my sentiment …

hello vinnan,sure, that was "not" my message but i'm borrowing mahathir's way of sending my message :Phope the readers will "catch" it … i've been too sick & tired of advising people to stay away from the local stocks but …cheers …

In the developed countries, scientists have utilized the knowledge of genetics to modify crops and animals. These genetically-modified organisms were initially thought to be beneficial to mankind. But now it has become commonplace that these genetically-modified organisms are potentially dangerous to the environment and to those who consume them. So now there are derogatory terms to describe such genetically-modified organisms as Frankenfoods and Frankenfish.In Bolehland our politicians have also genetically created a monster. The moribund anti-corruption agency was transformed into a ferocious and violent Commission that everyone at first thought would be good. But hardly a few days of its birth, it has become a Frankenstein monster. Just like the Frankenfish and Frankenfoods the MACC has now become a FrankenCom. This is a gift from sleepyhead, Abdullah Badawi to the people of Bolehland.

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