EU envoy Criticize Malaysia's Bias pro-Malay Policies

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Jun 21 2007
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The European Union’s top envoy to Malaysia on Thursday issued a rare and strong criticism against Malaysia’s policy of favoring ethnic Malays, calling it protectionist and unfair to foreign companies – reported Kyoto News

Thierry Rommel, the EU ambassador to Malaysia, said Malaysia uses the excuse of “infant industry argument” allowed under the World Trade Organization to bar foreigners access into markets like the automotive, steel and public procurement sectors.

“In reality, however, it is the Malay-centered bumiputera policy that drives the protectionist policies. In a dominant part of the domestic economy, there is no level-playing field for foreign companies even when in partnership with bumiputera,” he said in a speech to local and foreign businessmen. Rommel said Malaysia should take a hard look at the policy following many complaints of abuses, such as that it has benefited primarily a handful of politically well-connected Malays only.

Now it seems even the European Union who has been quiet and only mind their own business previously could not stand the very bias policies adopted by Malaysia who always try to champion human rights elsewhere but never care (or pretend not to?) to look at their own skirt. Former premier Mahathir was fond of starting mouth-war with United States, so maybe it’s Badawi’s turn now to do the same, only this time the target is European Union.

Those hypocrites from main ruling party component, UMNO, should come to the street with banners and probably burn a few flags in protest to show European Union to mind their own business, the way they always did previously. And you can guess who will lead the protest soon.

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