ASTRO Bullying Customers But Minister Is Helpless

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Mar 04 2007
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Just before the start of Chinese Lunar celebration, I wrote about how Malaysians cheered proudly the launching of Measat-3 into orbit by foreigners from the launch pad of Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan. Astro All Asia Network Plc (KLSE: ASTRO, stock-code 5076) which monopolize the pay-TV sector hopes the launch of the much-delayed Measat 3 satellite will boost its bottom line.

At first I thought only high-rise residential viewers faced the problem of “Missing Channels” from their subscription with the famous “Service Is Not Available” greeting them during Astro’s migration of channels to the Measat-3 satellite. At least those were the reports I received. But the latest news reported says otherwise because residents staying in low ground faced the same problem. Worst they were slapped with RM50 fees to get a technician climbed onto the roof and adjusted the satellite dish’s direction.

The Malaysian minister in charge (who is well-known and feared amongst journalists for his saliva gushing out in high-pressure manner that you’ll be sorry for not bringing umbrella) commented that Astro is wrong to charge its customers to rectify reception problems resulting from its migration to the Measat-3 satellite and advised customers who had been charged to write to the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC).

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