Proton's 51% Control for Foreigner

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Nov 09 2006
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Latest financial breaking news : The government of Malaysia is believed to have finally decided on giving foreign parties 51% control in the manufacturing operations of Proton Holdings Bhd, with German carmaker Volkswagen AG being mentioned as a potential partner.

According to the source, the government is agreeable to a model similar to second national carmaker Perusahaan Otomobil Kedua Sdn Bhd (Perodua) and its principal Daihatsu Motor Co Ltd of Japan.

Proton Volkswagen partnershipWith the business model agreed, Proton’s domain will be in domestic distribution arm while the manufacturing arm will be headed by the foreign partner, which will bring in technical expertise and help expand Proton’s production for export.

Parts and component makers that supply to Proton have been suffering because of Proton’s declining production volume with huge stockpiles of unsold inventories.

Proton’s stock price soared more than 11% or 54 sen to RM5.20 (8-Nov-2006) after talk resurfaced of a possible takeover.

If indeed this takes off, will there be more of similar partnership in place to revitalise ill and suffering company such as MAS ? I think it’s time for the government to put aside political concern in order to ensure bail-out is the last thing we’re going to hear since 1997 economic crisis. It would bring more harms to maintain loss-making company just because we can’t accept foreign’s management when we ourselves do not have the skills-sets.

Carlos Ghosn Japanese NissanJapanese are a proud lot people on earth. But they needed Carlos Ghosn, a Brazilian who is hailed as one of the greatest managers of the 20th century, for having masterminded the astonishing turnaround of Nissan (the troubled Japanese carmaker). His achievement has been considered extraordinary for 3 main reasons.

One, Ghosn was the first foreigner to be the CEO of a Japanese company of the size and stature of Nissan. Two, not only did he turn the finances and performance of the company around, he did so very quickly. Three, and most importantly, he did not just rescue Nissan from bankruptcy – he transformed Nissan into one of the most profitable & admirable automobile manufacturers in the world.

More on Carlos Ghosn

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