Trump + Kiyosaki = Making More Money

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Oct 21 2006
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I was at the bookstore today when i noticed 2 familiar faces staring at me side-by-side … it’s “The Apprentice” and “Rich Dad Poor Dad” gurus … goodness, they have both joined forces hoping to create another best-selling book (are 2 better than 1 ?) and errr, making more money for themselves again ….

But they’re already so rich … one is billionaire while the other is millionaire … i guess that’s why people are screaming – the rich are getting richer while the poor are getting poorer … both of them claimed they wanna teach the society of their knowledge, that’s why the title “Why We Want You To Be Rich” …
Well, if they’re sincere about their intention, why can’t they just sell it at production costs (give it away free would be a better option) instead of making tons of profit from this latest book ? what else if not because of making profit …

Frankly, i think this is another of those feel-good, motivational, self-improvement book rather than a recipe book that “teach-you-how-to-fish” on how to become rich … good for leisure reading …

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