MBFHLDG : 3 years price breakout !!

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Oct 11 2006
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My scanning today produced a couple of stocks which caught my attention and i specially like what i see in mbfhldg (mbf holdings bhd) … it triggered the macd buy signal … not only that, the stochastic shows a reversal from what seems to be consolidation as the continuity of bullishness … rsi shows the same uptrend … the volume has pickup since and this is a good sign … but the most important is my stocktube indicator shows the bulls are tearing the bears apart … the ratio of the bulls against bears are : 508 Bulls vs zero Bears note that with this closing price of $0.39, it has breakout from it’s 3 years resistance level …

Fundamentally, mbfhldg has shown it’s strength with continuious net profit with sustaining increase in sales turnover since it’s restructuring …

MBF Holdings Bhd are an investment holding company which provides management services to its subsidiaries. The principal activities of the subsidiaries are that of issuing credit cards, acquiring merchants and other financial related services and property development.

i mentioned my scanning yields a couple of stocks, the others being sugar & tebrau but both these are not strong fundamentally … hence i would ignore these 2 stocks …

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Hello stocktube, good to have you around. Good luck to your charting endevours. Just wanna ask how you see the daily number of bulls/bears? are these individual trades? eg 508 bulls vs zero bears. Can give an explanation of that indicator, thanks?

stocktube, maybe you like to come over to

http://talkingstock.blogspot.com/ or http://ichithekiller.blogspot.com/ for stock mkt chat.

Also, is your investment tactic purely TA, or do you also rely on mix of FA style? cheers!

thanx ccdev,

the bulls & bears are my special incredients (recipe) of which i’m still at the beta testing …

yes, definately i’ll be visiting your blog … one should have open mind to learn from this cruel market …

i’m a mixture of FA & TA … one cannot rely on 1 alone … unless your trading style is towards warrent buffet or george soros …

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