Early Santa Bull ??

Will someone please ask the bull if it really getting ready for a charge ? as of 4 p.m. today (12-oct-2006), the bull seems like teasing us to watch if we have enough guts to jump-in the ride ... 970 has been breached and the 967 become our support ... but at the current 976 (up by 5 points +), it's [...]

StarBucks Coffee Anyone ??

one of my favourite, StarBucks (nasdaq : SBUX) is running out of steam since it's gap-up on 5th-oct-2006 ... yesterday closing of below the support of $ 38.00 confirmed the other indicators (rsi, stochastic, macd) that it's bearish ... moreover, stocktube indicator points to the bulls are slowing do [...]

Bursa Malaysia Holiday announcement

Bursa Malaysia will be closed for trading from Oct 23 to Oct 25 in conjunction with the deepavali and hari-raya aidilfitri celebrations, according to a schedule posted on the bourse's website ... Meanwhile, the Association of Banks in Malaysia (ABM) said Oct 23 will also be observed as a holiday for [...]

MBFHLDG : 3 years price breakout !!

My scanning today produced a couple of stocks which caught my attention and i specially like what i see in mbfhldg (mbf holdings bhd) ... it triggered the macd buy signal ... not only that, the stochastic shows a reversal from what seems to be consolidation as the continuity of bullishness ... rsi s [...]

BJCAP : any more upside ??

I've been watching berjaya shares since 2 years ago as it has not moved quite as normal as during pre-1997 asean financial crisis.Berjaya is famed for it's restructuring exercise every now and then, the latest involved BJCorp.Anyway, based on the chart, it seems BJCap has break away with high volume [...]

The Birth of FinanceTwitter (formerly FinanceTwitter)

Today is the birth-date of this blog http://www.financetwitter.com - I believe stock market is an in-efficient buyer-seller marketplace which consists of 3rd entity called blind-factor (kinda like black-hole) that sometime influences the pricing of individual stock without logical explanation.Hence [...]


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