Mahathir Admitted Malaysian Cabinet's Stupidity

Finally Mahathir Mohamad, the former Prime Minister of Malaysia admitted the government (during his time) have erred in signing the toll concession agreements and urged the present administration to be more careful before agreeing to toll hikes. He also urged the toll concession companies to be open [...]

Fly With 1 Million FREE SEATS

Low-fare airline AirAsia Berhad (KLSE : AIRASIA, 5099) is kicking off its biggest regional marketing campaign which offers one million FREE seats since the previous campaign back in 2005. The free seats, available for online booking, are for all its six hubs, mainly in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur, Kota K [...]

Consider RHB SOLD to KFH

If today's financial reported by TheStar on "More FDIs from Gulf countries" is any indicator to goes by, this piece of news will definitely a "strong hint" that Kuwait Finance House ( KFH ) is very close in signing the agreement to buy over the 32.8% stake in financial supermarket, Rashid Hussain Bh [...]

BattleStar Gates-Jobstica Continues

This week will see tech-giants flexing their muscles to gain attention after a week of New-Year celebration. Two technology conferences, each in Las Vegas and San Francisco will be the battle locations. CEOs of Microsoft Corporation (Nasdaq : MSFT, stock), Motorola (NYSE : MOT, stock), Hewlett-Packa [...]

The Cheapest Bank To Clear Your Foreign Check In Malaysia

Supposing you're trading option online (meaning you trade via internet) in the U.S. market from your comfort home in Malaysia, have made profits and would like to transfer some of your money back to your account in Malaysia. Either it's for living expenses, luxury spending, re-invest into Malaysia s [...]

From Korea To Google Doodles

If you've been using Google (Nasdaq : GOOG, quote) as your preferred search engine, you can't miss the different artistic design of the Google logo every now and then in celebration of certain festival such as Christmas, Independence Day or even Chinese Lunar New Year. And if you got the chance to v [...]

Plan To Protect Malaysian Minority Shareholders

Business Times reported that Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM) is proposing measures that will allow minority shareholders to take action against directors who were previously "untouchable" because they controlled the company.One of the proposals is to allow statutory derivative action which en [...]

From London-Eye To Malaysia-Eye At $43 Million?

Today, 6-Jan-2007, mark the official Visit Malaysia 2007 with the grand launching of "The Eye" by Prime Minister of Malaysia at Lake Titiwangsa (8:30pm), Kuala Lumpur. The new festival and celebration of a breathtaking 360 degree panorama over 20 kilometers of Kuala Lumpur will be an unforgettable e [...]

What's Your Bet Now Oil Is At $55?

Yesterday, oil prices plunged more than $2 per-barrel mainly due to the warm winter in United States (U.S.). Today, the oil prices follow through when it dived to below $55 per barrel (lowest at $ 54.90) at midday in Europe (as of writing, the NYMEX Crude Oil is trading at $55.70 per-barrel) on the [...]

Fly To London At Less Than 3 Dollars

Tony Fernandes, the founder of Malaysia's budget carrier AirAsia, unveiled a new no-frills airline that will fly long haul flights to Britain and China from July. Fernandes holds a 50 percent stake in AirAsia X which is owned by Fly Asian Express (FAX). To start the ball-rolling, AirAsia X will fly [...]


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