Making Money Investing GOOGLE Again

Another of my favorite stocks, Google (NASDAQ : GOOG) was triggered and sold minutes ago (just after my Apple was sold earlier today ) making some money after 14 days of investing. FinanceTwitter noticed that Google was trading within the range of $475 & $480 after it announced it's earning. Whe [...]

Apple Stock Performs – Time To Take Profit

I'm glad that one of my favorite, Apple (NASDAQ : AAPL) makes me money. Just sold the position which I entered on 23-Oct-2006 after it's earning announcement 2 days earlier. As it moved higher than the high of the gap-up, I took position. Apple gap-up a little bit today after Newswire financial news [...]

2007 Best Blue Chip Stock

Various Wall Street pros was talking about the run blue-chip stocks are poised to have for the coming year 2007. Blue-chip is defined as low-risk with high-reward stocks for decades long of investing simply because it will performs. But does this statement still holds ?Ask previous generation about [...]

Is Bursa Malaysia Composite Index (KLCI) sustainable ?

Most of us can still remember the 1997 economy crisis which hit Asian started from Thailand's Baht (hence known as Asian currency crisis) being dumped by investors. Central Bank of Thailand tried to intervened but later it was let go for a freefall as its' equivalent to catching a falling knife. It [...]

Investing The Right Stocks Or Options – Earnings

Research shows that earnings growth (Warren Buffett agreed to this as well) is the most important indicator of a stock's potential to move upwards. Earnings, also known as net profits or net income, are what a company makes after paying all its obligations, including taxes and operating expenses. Co [...]

Warren Buffett – Part 2

Warren Rejected by Benjamin GrahamWarren tried to get a position with Graham’s firm, offering himself to work for free. However Graham turned him down. Disappointed, Warren went to work at his father's brokerage. It was during this period the young Warren started dating Susan Thompson. Warren and [...]

Take Money Off The Table – AKAM

AKAM, which I invested on the day before it's earning announcement on 26-Oct-2006 AMC here went for a dive instead when it reported "normalized" earnings of $0.24 per share, beats estimate by $ 0.02. As can be seen from the chart, it consolidated for a couple of days before made a stunning recovery. [...]


E&O Property Development Berhad ( E&OProp : stockcode 3468 ) and it's warrant (E&OProp-WA : stockcode 3468WA) triggered FinanceTwitter "Buy" signal today. Both stocks also triggered MACD "Buy" signal. Ratio for E&OProp is 652 Bulls : zero Bears while E&OProp-WA has ratio of 51 Bu [...]

Proton's 51% Control for Foreigner

Latest financial breaking news : The government of Malaysia is believed to have finally decided on giving foreign parties 51% control in the manufacturing operations of Proton Holdings Bhd, with German carmaker Volkswagen AG being mentioned as a potential partner.According to the source, the governm [...]

EPF's MBSB for Sale

Today's financial news reported that MBSB is up for sale ( the stock shares were up about 15% yesterday ), being one of two public listed companies in which the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) has a major stake (the other being RHB - Rashid Hussain Berhad).Sources said EPF would want to move back to [...]


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