Is GM Really Interested In Proton?

Stock price of Malaysian auto maker Proton Holdings Bhd (KLSE : PROTON, stock-code : 5304) jumped 10 percent to a 13-month high today, Monday 15-Jan-2007, after a newspaper reported U.S. car giant General Motors Corp. (NYSE : GM, stock) planned to bid for Proton at a 56 percent premium to its market [...]

Laser Weapon onboard Boeing to ward off Missiles

Major ground testing has wrapped up for the Airborne Laser, the Pentagon's long-in-development antimissile weapon that will enable a jumbo jet packed with gear designed to shoot down enemy missiles half a world away, at the speed of light. Next phase: Testing the lasers in flight. "Today we are taki [...]

Donald Trump – A Billionaire or Just A Millionaire?

Donald Trump might be one of the tycoons who have appeared in dozens of TV shows – The Today Show, The O'Reilly Factor, Access Hollywood, Larry King Live, David Letterman. But most of us know him through the Apprentice – so successful that the show enter its' sixth season which was launched on N [...]

Where To Get Free Real-Time Stock Quote?

Are you frustrated because after years since Internet was created, the basic information such as real-time stocks quote are still a rare animal in this kingdom? Today, if you wish to have real-time quotes, chances are you need to subscribe to their service(s) which will impose some sort of charges. [...]

Investing Which Telco Stock – MAXIS or DIGI?

Telecommunications landscape in Malaysia is pretty stagnant, both in terms of subscribers' growth as well as technology changes (or rather innovation). Telekom Malaysia (TM : stock-code 4863), Time DotCom Berhad (TIMECOM : stock-code 5031), Maxis Communications (MAXIS : stock-code 5051) and the blac [...]

Top Reasons Apple So Successful

It’s a known-fact in the industry that Apple is legendary when come to safeguards new product announcements. It sure isn’t an easy task to keep secret about iPhone for 30 months from friends and close family members but Apple has its’ own proprietary cultures and policies to the envy of Pentag [...]

Have You Grab Your FREE SEATS?

AirAsia reported that more than 12% of its' 1,000,000 FREE SEATS have been snapped up within 12 hours the promotion started. AirAsia Berhad executive vice-president of commercial Kathleen Tan described the response as “massive” with the website’s network usage capacity jumped to 90% from norma [...]

Mr Apple You're Sued

A day after Steve Jobs received thunderous applause for releasing the much-hype iPhone at MacWorld, Cisco smile at the face of Steve and said "Steve, your iPhone is very excisting but Steve, your Apple is SUED".My previous blog mentioned how I thought Apple Computer’s (Nasdaq : AAPL, stock) should [...]

iPhone Definitely Make Me Money

I believe there’s problem with Google’s blogger site today when I couldn’t get connected to it almost the whole day. So it took me hours before I can blog about the most exciting event which happened last night at San Francisco.At last, Apple (or rather Steve Jobs) reveals the rumored iPhone a [...]

Mahathir Admitted Malaysian Cabinet's Stupidity

Finally Mahathir Mohamad, the former Prime Minister of Malaysia admitted the government (during his time) have erred in signing the toll concession agreements and urged the present administration to be more careful before agreeing to toll hikes. He also urged the toll concession companies to be open [...]


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