Cheaper Way To Send Money Back Home

If you are an immigrant, chances are you are paying huge fees in the process of wire-transfer your hard-earned money back to your home country. In the worldwide remittance industry worth about $ 268 billion, the major player is none other than Western Union which made almost $ 1 billion on sales. It [...]

Globalization Of Low-Cost Air Giant?

Running into the New-Year-Eve, three of the world’s main low-cost airline share their dreams and initiative to start a long-haul budget airline company based in Malaysia that will offer airfares as low as RM100 for flights between China and Malaysia. "The government and the carriers concerned are [...]

FinanceTwitter Wishing All Readers A Happy 2007 New Year

It's those time of the year again, the time when everyone is looking forward to another new year hoping for the better (than the previous year - I mean this year, 2006). It's human nature to hope, pray and hope again that everything will start afresh with - a healthier life, better fortune, greater [...]

Bloggers Bribed By Microsoft With Free Ferrari?

Blogging communities are buzzing with news that Microsoft Corporation (Nasdaq : MSFT) together with Advanced Micro Devices Inc (NYSE : AMD) gave out some Acer Incorporated (TPE : 2353) laptops (Ferrari 1000 and 5000 series) to selected bloggers this year just before Christmas. Some called it early C [...]

Internet Tsunami – Which EMail Is Still Running?

There's a saying "only during disaster will you be able to judge a system" - in this case the telecommunications across Asia after earthquakes off Taiwan damaged cables and knocked thousands offline. While most of Asia's telephone traffic and Internet access in many countries had improved it is stil [...]

Get Yourself One Of These Present In Christmas 2007

We witnessed the latest in next-generation gaming console this year, 2006. We saw the launching of Sony PlayStation-3, Nintendo and Microsoft's latest Xbox out in late '05. I'm still happy with my PS2 (PlayStation-2) and I'm not going to fall into the high-price due to the craze of people rushing to [...]

Quake Blackout The Net

Internet and phone services were disrupted across much of Asia, and may take weeks to be fully restored due to an 7.1-magnitude earthquake in Taiwan on Tuesday, 26-Dec-2006, night which damaged undersea cables, leaving one of the world's most tech-savvy regions in a virtual blackout.The earthquake d [...]

Tony Fernandes – The Truly Air Asia Hero (Part 2)

In 2004, AirAsia formed successful joint ventures in Thailand and Indonesia where AirAsia holds 49% stake in both companies. Thai AirAsia, a joint venture with Shin Corporation, Thailand’s largest telecommunication conglomerate, took to the skies in Feb 2004.Ernst & Young in a statement said A [...]

Tony Fernandes – The Truly Air Asia Hero (Part 1)

AirAsia Bhd (KLSE : AIRASIA, stock-code 5099) group chief executive officer Datuk Tony Fernandes has been named "Malaysia's Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2006", for his efforts in revolutionizing the air travel industry in the region. He also won the "Master Entrepreneur of the Year" aw [...]

Brokers Are Equally Confuse With Short-Selling Procedures

Do you understand the rules pertaining to the soon to be available short-selling of 70 stocks identified by Bursa Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange) announced (after several postponements) recently? Frankly, I DON'T and neither do my broker (there were "Errr ...", "I think ...", "Actually ...", [...]


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