Aging Mahathir To Meet Soros Since 1997 Crisis

I read with great interest that Mahathir agrees to meet Soros after almost a decade of hostility due to the 1997 Asia Economic Crisis which created havoc to Malaysia stock market generally and wiped out billions of dollars of losses specifically to some of the top GLC (Government-Link-Companies). Be [...]

Finally The Correction Started

Thank God the long overdue correction started yesterday in the Bursa Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange) and according to most of the foreign analysts, this correction should continue for a couple more days before a pause to continue its' uptrend (if there's any). I think this is a very healthy c [...]

Bursa Short-Selling Re-Schedule In Jan-2007

According to latest news from The Edge, Bursa Malaysia Bhd now plans to re-introduce regulated short selling in January after postponing it several times this year, and will later incorporate it as a feature into its new trading platform for equities which is expected to be ready by end-2007. Short [...]

Have You Invested In Oil-Related Stocks Yet?

It's the annual repetitive cycle again around this time that energy or oil-related stocks will make its' charge again towards end of the year. So have you allocated some of your funds into these black-gold stocks yet? If not, why not?Today Reuters reported that most OPEC members are in favor of a cu [...]

Volkswagen Close To Acquire 51% Proton?

Proton Holdings Bhd (KLSE : PROTON, stock-code : 5304), which is now evaluating a number of parties as strategic partners for its manufacturing operations, may decide to take in the Europe's largest carmaker, Volkswagen Aktiengessellschaft (FRA : VOW), as its' new partner.According to a source repor [...]

Yusli Should Ensure Bursa Malaysia Play Its Role As Well

Everyone – from the exchange to the brokers and public listed companies (PLCs) – has a role to play to ensure that the stock market continues to perform, said Bursa Malaysia chief executive officer Datuk Yusli Mohamed Yusoff today. “The role of the PLCs is to perform well and do investor relat [...]

Top Reasons Genting Is A Winner

The top business news since last Friday were the official announcement of Genting International (SIN : G13) & Star Cruise Ltd (SIN : S21) winning the Singapore second casino on the Sentosa Integrated-Resort (IR) island projects and how everyone should keep an eye on this new casino giant. The ne [...]

Kuwait Finance House Close To Acquiring RHB?

A source was reported told Business Times that RAJA Teh Maimunah has left the Bahrain-based Unicorn Investment Bank (UIB) to join Kuwait Finance House ( KFH ) in January 2007. She has been appointed as the chief corporate officer, overseeing the international business and corporate expansion of KFH, [...]

AMAZON – Take Money Off The Table

I'd decided to ring the register last Friday, 8-Dec-2006 on the giant online-bookstore, Amazon (Nasdaq : AMZN, quote). Most of the analysts were shying away from this stock given that it hasn’t proven that it can grow profitably. In fact its' operating margins slipped to 1.7%, from 2.2% last quart [...]

Before Investing Gaming Stocks : Check The RevPAR

There're different types of terms being created and used as a standard to measure the performance or to forecast the potential revenue of a specific business sector. Of course this depends on whether the underlying factors which affecting the business is tangible or not. For example in telecommunica [...]


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