Lina Joy Losses Appeal – More to Come?

As expected, Lina Joy lost her final round of appeal when the Federal Court dismissed on Wednesday her appeal against a ruling that the National Registration Department was right not to allow her to remove the word "Islam" from her identity card. On Sept 19, 2005, the Court of Appeal decided that th [...]

Could FTC Stop GOOGLE from Being Too Big and Arrogant?

Finally the unstoppable online search and advertising giant Google Inc. (Nasdaq: GOOG, stock) has been given the temporary road-block in the sense of an open preliminary antitrust investigation by the Federal Trade Commission into the former’s acquisition into the $3.1 billion acquisition of Doubl [...]

Which Stocks to Invest – GENTING OR Public Bank?

Last Friday I blogged about TOP 10 Things You Can Do With RM15,600, an open suggestion on what you can do with those 5-figure cash. One of the reasons I gave out the ten alternatives to readers is to plan well with the money gained (should you decide to let go of your Maxis shares) and to grow it in [...]

FinanceTwitter Weekend Update – Buy Me Latte or Beer

I’ve taken some time during the weekend to evaluate my blog design and positioning to make it better (of course you can chip in some suggestions if you want) from the eyes of my readers. Due to the fact that I’m running this blog on Google's (Nasdaq: GOOG, stock) Blogger platform I’m at their [...]

Conduct More Raid On Company with Accounting Irregularity

Malaysia's securities watchdog said Friday it raided the offices of major cargo carrier Transmile earlier this week to probe accounting irregularities. The Securities Commission said in a statement that it entered Transmile premises as it "is investigating Transmile for possible irregularities in th [...]

TOP 10 Things You Can Do With RM15,600

Supposing you’re holding Maxis Communications Berhad (KLSE: MAXIS, stock-code 5051) share now and has been cursing Ananda Krishnan for the low offer price for his ambitious privatization plan. Since then you’ve been dreaming It's RM15.60 for Your MAXIS Shares - Would You Sell? You couldn’t mak [...]

Two Major GOOGLE News in One Day

There’re basically two major announcement from the online search and advertisement giant Google Inc. (Nasdaq: GOOG, stock) today. First, the rumors about Google flexing its’ muscle to buy yet another company, Feedburner has been confirmeded – according to TechCrunch who picked up the news from [...]

Proton Continues to Bleed But PM's Taking It Easy

Dealers selling the national Proton Holdings Bhd (KLSE: PROTON, stock-code 5304) cars are crying again today, claiming that 93 percent of their members are losing money. In a serious note, the dealers are urging the Proton management to find a foreign partner immediately. According to the Proton Eda [...]

New Cost for Malaysia Formula-1

Now, what on earth is happening to the Malaysia minister and top officials? After my recent post on Malaysia Can Prosper by Copying Singapore, guess what, the Sports Minister Azalina Othman and former premier Mahathir’s son Mokhzani Mahathir actually read FinanceTwitter’s blog and implement the [...]

Will Oil Refineries Spared This Year?

The 2007 Atlantic hurricane season will be more active than normal due to warmer ocean waters, with as many as ten hurricanes, and three to five of them could be major, the U.S. government's top climate agency predicted on Tuesday. NOAA foresees 13 to 17 tropical storms this season, with seven to 10 [...]


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