Stocks & Option – What To Do during Uncertainties?

Oil prices rose by more than $1 a barrel Wednesday but were still below an earlier spike of more than $5 on rumors - denied by the U.S. military - that Iran had fired a missile at a U.S. ship in the Persian Gulf.Rumors about a military confrontation spurred panic buying in after-hours trading Tuesda [...]

Stock Which You Should Avoid At All Costs – PSCI

PSC Industries Bhd (PSCI) aims to return to the black for the year ending Dec 31, 2008, said executive deputy chairman Datuk Seri Ahmad Ramli Mohd Nor. PSCI recorded a net loss of RM93.7mil for 2006 versus RM533.5mil in 2005, while revenue fell to RM76.8mil from RM170.96mil previously. “We are wor [...]

Money Back Policy – A Smarter Central Bank?

EdgeDaily reported today how Bank Negara (Central Bank) Malaysia is getting smarter nowadays (or fear of losing more due to liberalization?) to prevent investors from by-passing capital control measures and take their monies out of the country by selling their stakes in Malaysian entities through sw [...]

Where to Get FREE Malaysian Stock Historical Data?

One of the readers of FinanceTwitter wrote to me recently to ask how to get historical data of Malaysian stock market, for example Genting Berhad’s (KLSE: GENTING, stock-code 3182) 10-years past data. The data requested should include stock price, share split, dividends and so on. Wouldn’t it be [...]

Legend of Macao Gambling King – Stanley Ho (Part 2)

Portugal was set to return Macao to China control after more than 440 years of colonial rule in 1999 but before the China could do so, rival gangs fought for control of the V.I.P rooms. Even official working for Stanley was murdered and a senior Portuguese official who tried to calm thing down was s [...]

Legend of Macao Gambling King – Stanley Ho (Part 1)

In the shape of a soaring lotus flower, the new Grand Lisboa opened recently is the crown jewel of a casino empire controlled by Stanley Ho, the 85-year old billionaire who had held the “Asia’s Las Vegas”, Macau’s (Macao) only gambling license for 40 years. The opening of Grand Lisboa attrac [...]

Malaysian Premier Vow to Keep Proton’s Badge

During an interview with CNBC late Friday, Malaysian Prime Minister was quated as saying that the brand name “Proton” will not be wiped out amid negotiations on a possible merger with foreign partners. Abdullah stressed “We cannot decide to forget the name Proton and to allow it to disappear [...]

Real Property Gains Tax Abolished – For Now or Forever?

So, the Malaysian government has finally abolished the real property gains tax (RPGT) in the current not so robust economy. A big applause to them, not that they have any other choice if one was to look at the sluggish property market. This will definitely bring cheers to the industry players and lo [...]

DIGI – If You Can’t Beat Them, Suck the Coffer Dry

Malaysia's smallest mobile phone firm, DIGI.com Berhad (KLSE: DIGI, stock-code 6947) feels its balance sheet is under-geared and a capital repayment could be one way to restructure it, Chief Executive Morten Lundal said today. "Right now, we have too much cash and too little debt … Our balance she [...]

Malaysia is Dying For Foreign Investment?

The fund managers who were attending the “Invest Malaysia 2007” conference, which opened in Kuala Lumpur yesterday, hope to see more transparency and consistency in results, especially from the blue-chip companies.Simon Chan, investment director of the Hong Kong- based BNP Paribas Asset Manageme [...]


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