General Electric To Buy Malaysia EON Capital?

General Electric Capital, a unit of U.S. conglomerate General Electric Company (NYSE: GE, stock), is keen on DRB-Hicom's (KLSE: DRBHCOM) 20.2 percent stake in small Malaysian bank EON Capital Berhad (KLSE: EONCAP, stock-code 5266), the Star newspaper said on Saturday, Jan-20-2007.General Electric Ca [...]

Easing Short-Selling Rules – Tackling The Wrong Spot?

I'm amused when I read today's news that Bursa Malaysia (KLSE: BURSA) plans to ease controls over the short-selling after it was started less than a month this year (after a nine-year ban). The KLSE chief executive officer Datuk Yusli Mohamed Yusoff said that the local bourse plans to introduce a ne [...]

Why You Shouldn't Buy iPhone Now

iPhone is everybody's dream-gadget (including me) - it's cool, it's great, it's innovative, it's all-in-one, it's fantastic and it's just gorgeous. But it's abit pricey, compare with other smart-phone and it won't be available till June-2007. According to Silicon Valley market research firm iSuppli [...]

How To Call Directory Assistance For FREE?

Would you mind if you can make a FREE call for directory assistance but in return you need to listen to an short audio advertisement before that? Most of us won't as human has the perception of wanting everything free. If you call for pizza for example, you might get a 10-second sales pitch about Do [...]

My Apple Trade And Why You Should Be Bearish On Tech

The nightmare started again with Apple Inc (Nasdaq: AAPL, stock) after the earning announcement on Wed, 17-Jan-2007 after the bell. It beats estimated earnings all right, just like what I predicted but as what I blogged earlier, my concern were related to the possible of not-so-nice figure that Appl [...]


So, the rumors about the possible hiccup is confirmed on the merger of Malaysia newspaper publishers The New Straits Times Press Berhad (KLSE: NSTP, stock-code 3999) and Utusan Melayu (Malaysia) Berhad (UTUSAN : stock-code 5754) when NST announced both parties have scrapped a plan to merge.Both comp [...]

First Case Of Bloggers Being Sued In Malaysia

The New Straits Times Press Berhad (KLSE: NSTP, stock-code 3999), the country's oldest newspaper group, had filed suits against two bloggers, Ahirudin Attan and Jeff Ooi, for defamation over numerous postings in their respective blogs attacking top company officials today - according to Reuters news [...]

Faster Way To Make Cheque Payment In Citibank Malaysia

Do you feel frustrated every time you want to make cheque payment for your credit-card, be it on monthly or ad-hoc basis? Either you have difficulty finding a free parking or you're being forced to park at places where you need to pay parking-fees when in fact the process of dropping the cheque take [...]

Can't Explain Oil Price Drop? Blame Speculators

When there're known reasons why oil price went up to above $70 per barrel not long ago, everyone understand. All the analysts, investors and even governments justify in their speeches that China consumed energy as if it was drinking mineral water, oil production was at its peak and will take months [...]

Ring Register On APPLE Option After 5 Days Trading

I gave up. Nope, I didn't mean investing stocks or option trading. I meant the excitement and the volatility of Apple Inc (Nasdaq : AAPL, stock) stock since its' launching of iPhone. Remember when I mentioned I invested 5 contracts of April 2007 85.0 Call Option in my previous blog iPhone Definitely [...]


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