Malaysia Currency Continues to Strenghthen

The movement in Malaysia's ringgit currency reflects the country's economy and its financial system, central bank chief Zeti Akhtar Aziz said on Monday - reported Reuters. The ringgit strengthened on Monday to its highest levels against the dollar in more than nine years - a decisive push through th [...]

Wealthy Malaysia Spending Like There's No Tomorrow

Going by the rate and quantum of super-mega-projects initiated by the current Malaysia Prime Minister, Badawi, one must have a perception that this country is indeed a very very rich kingdom with hundreds or trillion of barrels of reserve oil undersea and millions of hectares of gold-deposits yet to [...]

TOP 5 Reasons You Should Unload Your Stocks Now

Are you a successful stock investor, property investor, option trader, future trader or even a successful blogger? Everyone would like to be addressed as a successful person, though the definition of successful is very subjective. Whichever category you belong to, chances are you’ve money, more li [...]

How to Save Money in Never-Ending Inflation

Inflation is set to skyrocket in Malaysia again, thanks to the poor-governance in tackling the economy within the country. It seems the government doesn’t or pretends not to be aware of the basic 101 of economic administration of a country, let alone a small country such as Malaysia. After the inf [...]

Privatization Gaining Momentum – Junk Stocks Left

Just what is happening to the Malaysia stock market? One after another listed company is being taken private. First it was the biggest mobile service provider Maxis Communications Berhad (KLSE: MAXIS, stock-code 5051) who made the surprise announcement to take the company private by offering $15.60 [...]

Green Packet Stock Pattern Behaving Like Google Stock

When one looks at the stock price of Green Packet Berhad (KLSE: GPACKET, stock-code 0082) since about 3-weeks ago, one cannot help but wonders just what’s wrong with this potential technology company of Malaysia. Considering the stock price has been rising to almost 7-folds since its’ public lis [...]

An Experiment With 265 Percent Trading Profit

This trade is perhaps one of the most satisfying trades I’ve ever experienced so far. Not only I don’t have to worry about the time-value decays but I don’t have to keep my eye too much in monitoring it because it’s one of the rare stock which appreciate over the time. I just love the stock [...]

How to Make Money Scalping GOOGLE Stock

Decided to lock-in profit and ring the register minutes ago on Google Inc.’s (Nasdaq: GOOG, stock) stock option after a four-days ride on the wave. Remember I said Google has been trading in the tight range of the support and resistance level or between $ 461 and $ 475 per share? You can read it h [...]

Sarawak CM Went Berserk and Sues Everyone

Sarawak Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud is suing Utusan Malaysia (a Malay daily), Malaysiakini (an independent online news portal) and two Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) senior officials in Sarawak for making allegations of corrupt practices against him. The lawsuit against the PKR officials was relat [...]

Thomson-Reuters – World's Largest Financial News Provider

Reuters agreed on Tuesday to a $17.2 billion takeover by Thomson that would vault the combined entity ahead of Bloomberg to become the world's largest financial data and news provider. Reuters trustees, who could have vetoed any takeover, endorsed the deal, which is still subject to approval by shar [...]


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