Versatile & LayHong – Marathon Started

After bursa malaysia closed today, 2 (two) stocks triggered stocktube signal - versatile creative berhad (VERSATL : code 4995) and layhong (LAYHONG : code 9385) ... While versatile is still in red, layhong recovered and registered RM 6 million in profit in 2005 ... Versatile was listed on the Main B [...]

A New Breed Of Car

I came across an article about 8 great crossovers which highlighted the latest fancy cars ... or rather part-car, part-SUV ... amongst the 8 brands, my favorite are toyota rav4, honda crv, mazda cx-9 & gmc arcadia (the other 4 being mercury mariner, ford edge, jeep patriot & saturn vue - not [...]

BGC & TNL – Maintain Your Record

General Cable Corporation (NYSE: BGC) : will announce it's earning monday, 30-oct-2006 amc ... BGC is a global developer and manufacturer in the wire and cable industry. The Company's operations are divided into three main segments: Energy, Industrial and Specialty, and Communications. ... latest fi [...]

Nigeria Agip Oil Facility Taken Over

Latest financial news from AP indicated protesters in Nigeria have taken over an oil pumping station in the southern part of the country ... a Nigerian security official says scores of protesters, demanding jobs and aid, stormed the pumping station and forced workers there to shut down operations .. [...]

M.B.A.s : The Biggest Cheaters

I read with interest a report by marketwatch that business students are learning to cheat to their best in the business world, at an alarming rate ... most of these students believe cheating is an accepted practice in business ... can you believe that ?With more than half (56%) of M.B.A. candidates [...]

Google Adding Adsense for AUDIO ?

I received news from webpronews that the rumour of Google is about to undergo a major corporate restructuring in preparing to release AdSense for Audio ... rumors are flying about their plan to launch an AdSense for Audio service to place advertising alongside podcasts and other streaming media ...A [...]

BER Recovery Brings Money To The Table

BER has been giving me heart-attack when it gap-up post-earning announcement but for a very short period (before i managed to make money) ... it went bottom down snorkeling (refer to 4-days chart above) on the day of earning (25-oct-2006 bmo) before re-surface for oxygen ... my previous post has the [...]

Where's Money From ISRG, MDRX & AKAM ?

Latest financial news from Briefing : with the Fed decision in the rearview mirror and the policy statement having a less hawkish tone than initially feared wednesday, the market's focus returned to earnings thursday; and, not surprisingly, they continued to top Wall Street estimates ...staying in t [...]

Consolation Money from OMX

Despite the gap-down earlier, OMX must have heard me screamming and in return give me a consolation prize (money) when it climbed into positive territory to which i lock-in profit seeing the resistance is at $ 47.90 ... thank you OMX ... [...]

TEBRAU is Flagging

Tebrau has again triggerred stocktube with a "buy" signal after it did the previous time ( here ) and ( here )... besides MACD buy signal, it also shows a bull dominates bear with a ratio of 2,066 bull : zero bear ... besides, the crossing of stochastic is about to happen (hopefully can make money) [...]


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