Old couple getting Thoof about preference

Just how on earth do you pronounce “Thoof” and most important of all what does this word means? If you check the word against thesaurus, it’s a dead-end. If you split the word to “The” and “Hoof” it’s a dead-end as well. In a nut shell, no one really knows the meaning behind Thoof br [...]

Gas Price to increase but IPPs remains unaffected

As expected, oil prices climbed to a fresh high with the light sweet crude for October delivery rose as high as $81.18 a barrel in Asian electronic trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange, before retreating slightly to $81.04, midmorning in Singapore. Basically the stocks markets across the glob [...]

The Mortgage’s plague spread into Britain from U.S.

It was a rare sight though it happened before but those were during the recession period. Sometimes you watched it during some television dramas but in actual fact it’s a rare occasion. What I’m talking about is the panicky depositors showed up in drove to withdraw their savings from financial i [...]

Reasons why U.S. rate cut is a Bad Idea

By far you’ve heard and read why everyone was and is still chanting for the Fed to cut its key rate from the current 5.25% to 5% or even 4.75%, if Bernanke is serious in wanting to make the investors “happy”. The investors are threatening (sort of) to boycott the stock markets by not participa [...]

The Week Ahead – awaiting FOMC for direction

Next week will be an interesting week, especially with the FOMC meeting on Tuesday, 18th Sept 2007. Given the damage done and the meltdown in subprime lending, the expectation is extremely high from investors for Fed to cut interest rate.to help support the U.S. economic growth, which has indirect e [...]

BBC HardTalk too Hard & Hot for Malaysian Syed Albar

I was driving when I received a SMS from a number unknown to me; the content was quite lengthy so I just left it as it is. Upon reaching my destination I reached for my mobile to have a serious look and there it was a message to watch tonight’s “show” at 10:30pm (Malaysia time) on Astro Channe [...]

Oil price hike – Badawi’s greatest Economic Challenge

Human nature has it that once something is given it’s hard to take it back later. So, when the Malaysian government tried to win the hearts of millions of voters by way of subsidies little did the leader realize one day the same tactic will backfires. It was argued that the subsidies were necessar [...]

FinanceTwitter's Article picked up by Wall Street Journal

The Labor Department reported claims for unemployment benefits rose by 4,000 last week to 319,000, the sixth increase in seven weeks, but less than the 325,000 claims analysts expected. As of writing, the Dow rose 155 points (12:22pm EST) to 13,446 while the Standard & Poor's 500 index rose 14.4 [...]

Reasons Why Oil Price might spikes to $90 and beyond

Former Malaysia premier Mahathir once urged the Islamic countries to control their own destiny and at the same time show the true color of Muslim’s power to the western countries, particularly United States. The silver bullet was of course the huge reserve of oil which coincidently happens to be s [...]

Possible Tsunami after 8.4 magnitude earthquake

CNN reported that at least three people are dead in Sumatra as a result of an 8.4-magnitude earthquake that shook buildings across Indonesia and sparked widespread panic earlier today. A small tsunami was detected in Padang, on Sumatra - several hundred miles northeast of the epicenter, measured abo [...]


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