Why Proton Needs Rebranding as Europestar for China?

Proton Holdings Bhd (KLSE: PROTON, stock-code 5304) today inked an agreement with China's Jinhua Youngman Automobile Manufacturing Co Ltd to sell 30,000 units of its GEN.2 for a period of 20 months, rebranded the Europestar, in China. It was reported that Youngman will eventually develop a new range [...]

Malaysia’s ENRON – Bravo to SC but What About Others?

In following up with the Malaysia’s Enron case, the Securities Commission has finally charged three key executives of Transmile Group Berhad (KLSE: TRANMIL, stock-code 7000) namely the founder and former CEO Gan Boon Aun, 46, together with ex-chief financial officer (CFO) Lo Chok Ping, 38, and ex- [...]

Middle-East Invading Southeast Asia for Biofuels

If I read it right as reported by BusinessTimes, after the failure in securing Malaysian financial institutions in the form of banks (which is a rare commodity), super cash-rich Middle-East giants are set to buy whatever company that makes money in the world, including Southeast Asia at this moment. [...]

Britain’s Super-Casino in Cold Storage?

Could there be a U-Turn on the super-casino planned earlier by former British Prime Minister Tony Blair who had originally envisioned over 20 Las Vegas-style casinos, but that number was cut back to eight, and then finally just one?It seems British Prime Minister Gordon Brown backed away from UK pla [...]

Cheaper and Smaller iPhone Nano on 4Q-2007?

Could Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL, stock) be gearing for the release of second generation lower-cost iPhone based on the popular iPod nano? At least JP Morgan believes so, and it’s sooner than you can guess – possibly fourth quarter of 2007. Kevin Chang, a JP Morgan analyst based in Taiwan, cited p [...]

SwissCash Scam – SC a Little Too Slow & Too Late

Report from BusinessTimes called it a milestone against investment scams when it quoted the Malaysian Securities Commission has obtained a worldwide Mareva injunction against persons involved in the Swisscash investment scam preventing them from disposing of assets in and outside Malaysia. The SC al [...]

CHTT – Chattem to Open my Earning Season

Healthcare products, toiletries and dietary supplements manufacturer Chattem, Inc. (Chattem) (Nasdaq: CHTT, stock) is set to announce its’ earning tomorrow, July 10th, 2007, before market open. The Company's products target niche market segments and are among the market leaders in their respective [...]

The New 7 Wonders of the World on 07.07.07

The New 7 Wonders of the World has been announced during the Official Declaration ceremony in Lisbon, Portugal on Saturday, July 7, 2007 – 07.07.07. And I think this round of winners make more sense as they represent the great past history of mankinds. The Great Wall of China, Rome’s Colosseum, [...]

Earnings Season Next Monday – Good Result Expected

The time is here and if the following report makes it through, you can make nice money trading option or investing stocks. Stocks could rise next week if the first round of quarterly earnings yield could injects optimism about results for the period. Alcoa Inc., the world's largest aluminum company, [...]

Why MAXIS Group CEO Resigned?

Are you surprise with the departure announcement of Maxis Communications Bhd group CEO, Datuk Jamaludin Ibrahim, by the end of July 2007? I’m not, and the reason which I think contribute to the quit-letter is strongly related to the privatization. He will nevertheless continue to serve on the boar [...]


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