Worst Accident in history – All Signs point to PutraJaya

Please allow FinanceTwitter to stop blogging about making money investing stocks and option trading for some minutes as a small way to extend our condolences to the families in the “worst ever” road accident in the history of Malaysia in which 20 people were killed while nine others injured.As u [...]

Married-Deal – A Defect in Stock Transaction

What had happened last Friday was indeed an amazing but the Malaysian authorities should put in a better framework to prevent it from happening again. Everyone was wondering what actually happen when the big block of Transmile Group Berhad (KLSE: TRANMIL, stock-code 7000) shares changed hands at RM1 [...]

The right way to tackle current Subprime Crisis

The decision by Asian central banks in refraining from joining U.S. and European counterparts in pumping additional cash into their markets should be lauded and would be the correct measure to tackle the current subprime mortgage crisis in the United States. Central banks in South Korea, the Philipp [...]

Expect more Volatility and Zig-Zag Trading Pattern

The market's anxiety over shrinking credit remains and will continue to haunt the investors this week, and even if stocks manage gains after weeks of volatility, no one will trust (including FinanceTwitter) that they'll stick – reported AP. There will be no fresh start on Wall Street Monday when t [...]

More Signs General Election is Nearing

Everyone who at least reads news in one type of media or another, be it internet, newspaper, TV or just radio can tell you the General Election is around the corner. This time it’s almost a sure bet, judging from the 360 degrees turn the way news were presented to the audience (you dude). And if y [...]

Minister making Goblok Statement on Economy

Malaysian should be proud to have a great leader especially when the country is in such a strong foundation that any shakeout from the global giant U.S.’s economy would not affect Malaysia in any way. If you don’t believe me, you just got to listen to what the Second Finance Minister Nor Mohamed [...]

Another round of drop – Red Alert for Asia on Friday

I hope you’re still sitting on the fence watching the stocks take its course. Wall Street fell sharply again Thursday after a French bank said it was freezing three funds that invested in U.S. subprime mortgages because it was unable to properly value their assets. As of 1:15 p.m. trading time, th [...]

Raja Petra’s Wife tight-lipped – What’s Next?

After failing to get anything out from Raja Petra in a 8-hour questioning session, the Malaysian police turned their target to his wife although there’re no specific reasons as to why she was involved. The war between bloggers and government peaks when the prominent Malaysian political blogger Raj [...]

President Reassures Stock Investors

It’s rare to have a president talk about stock market, especially from the President of the United States of America, unless the stock market is really ill. But President Bush did it yesterday, reassuring the stock investors that the markets will work their way through the turmoil safely and achie [...]

A case of Little Crime overshadows Big Crime

So, Megan Media Holdings Bhd (KLSE: MEGAN, stock-code 7101) executive chairman Datuk Mohd Adam Che Harun knew the worms are crawling out from the can and he decided to dispose in lightning speed a total of 6.26 million warrants of the company between April 25 and May 4, before the accounting irregul [...]


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