It’s Wise to Claim your RM625 Rebate Soonest Possible

As I was renewing my road-tax and insurance today, I noticed that the staffs were busy chatting and explaining to their customers about the hottest news of the day – claiming the RM625 cash rebate for cars below 2000cc. Indeed it was the busiest day in the history of local post offices nationwide. [...]

AAPL stock down, Jobs’s health problem? Just a bug

After Google offer the oxygen tank to Yahoo Inc. in order to cut off Microsoft from acquiring the latter, Yahoo is like a drug addict who has nowhere else to go but back to Google for the fix. Now that Microsoft is off from the deal, Yahoo is firefighting at its own backyard – rebellion among its [...]

No further fuel hike for 2008 yet nobody rejoicing?

Wall Street tumbled more than 200 points to its lowest close since mid-March thanks to surging oil prices which was traded as high as $138.30 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange. The culprit – U.S. Energy Department data Wednesday showed that gasoline supplies grew last week but that crud [...]

Dare to catch falling knife Genting now? It could be cheaper

The talks of selling off its power assets to concentrate and rebrand Genting Group (KLSE: GENTING, stock-code 3182) as the pure casino player has been going around for some time. Singapore would be Genting’s new flagship in its plan to hedge its current hilltop Genting Highland, what more with the [...]

Sime Darby Mini-Crisis, Two Fired and Three to Resign

Less than four months into a five-year term, South Korean President’s approval ratings have plunged to new lows with opposition politicians threatening to boycott Parliament. Everything started when Lee decided to remove restrictions on U.S. beef which sparked widespread protests over food safety. [...]

It’s 3G iPhone with GPS and $200 cheaper but old model

Steve Jobs unveils the new iPhone - $200 cheaper with 3G and GPS minus the videoconferencing. The rumors of a newer iPhone model also failed to materialize. The 16GB and 8GB model now will only cost you $299 and $199 respectively which will go on sale July 11 2008. This is enough to thrill smartphon [...]

Not sure where to park your money? Follow Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki is the name synonym with personal-finance and has attracted millions of followers. His flagship product was definitely “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” book that has taken the world by storm. His other books titled “Rich Dad's CASHFLOW Quadrant” and “Rich Dad's Guide to Investing” wa [...]

Still steamy hot with fuel hike? Why not kick Badawi’s arse?

Don’t you hate Monday? It’s not end of the month so there’s no reason to celebrate. If you didn’t manage to squeeze some drops into your tank last week, chances are you already felt the pain of pouring extra 40 percent for the fuel by now. But seriously do you think this time around people w [...]

Windfall Tax – why Discriminate and Petronas not in?

Windfall Tax is not something new but neither was it started from the Jurassic Age. It so happened that certain industry suddenly experienced extraordinary profits and the mouth-watering government came with an ingenious idea to levy such companies under the name of windfall tax. The classic example [...]

Al Capone of Broadcom, he did it in the wrong country

There was a saying that two Malaysian could not outsmart one Singaporean; four Singaporean could not outsmart one Hongkies (Hong Kong) and four Hongkies could not outsmart one Chinese (China). I’m not sure about Chinese against American or Jewish though and please, there’s no racial element in t [...]


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