Apple iPod Nano a TimeBomb, check your gadget

You've heard about how cell-phone and laptop batteries explode like C4 and used by terrorist as weapon for their suicide mission *just kidding*. But it did explode in a smaller scale though. And just when everyone thought Apple’s products have the highest quality, something disturbing has been rep [...]
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Stocks to remain volatile, political landscape is instable

Stocks research firms (government officials are still stunned by Abdullah Badawi’s worst defeat in the history of the National Front since 1969) were scrambling to positively assure the investors that Monday’s 130 points plunge, the worst one day drop ever in the country’s stock market, was a [...]
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General Election’s effect on local Stock Market

Malaysia’s 12th General Election has ended but not without shocking and heart-breaking results. In other countries such as Italy, U.S. or Germany such result would have been considered normal but in Malaysia, such results are abnormal. It can be equate to people revolution against a 50-year-old go [...]
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BN lost 5 states and two third Majority – Badawi resigns?

Something was obviously troubling the Election Commission chairman Abdul Rashid during the much awaited announcement from him early this morning. The lenses of camera were zooming on him but he was not ready. At one point the visibly upset Abdul Rashid was seen angrily showing finger signs to someon [...]
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DAP captures Penang, PAS captures Kedah and more!

The date is 8th Mar 2008 and the time is 9:30 pm local time. Abdullah Badawi’s coalition party, National Front or popularly known as Barisan National, is suffering the biggest setback in the history of Malaysia politic. The landscape is changing and the Prime Minister (oops, he’s not yet officia [...]
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Best time to deny BN two third Majority, Fact or Myth?

In less than 24 hours eligible Malaysian will become the “decision maker” of their own destiny – to vote their candidates and parties in the 12th General Election. This is the only chance to make things right after most of them screwed up big time four years ago when the slogan of empty promis [...]
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Oil prices going for the $130 jackpot, are you ready?

In Sept 2007 I wrote the reasons why oil prices might spikes to $90 and beyond. But if you were reading that piece of article back then you might screamed FinanceTwitter has gone crazy. With current oil prices above $102 a barrel (in fact it traded close to record $104 on Tuesday trading) you might [...]
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Dow up, KLCI down; Dow down, KLCI down even more?

In the past whenever the Prime Minister announced the dissolution of Parliament, the stocks would experience sudden spike as if it were given Viagra. Political-linked stocks would be thumping their chests as the stocks became hot-commodities. This time around the 12th general election fails to show [...]
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Contamination – Dead votes & soldiers’ Double votes?

The over 90 percent seats won by previous ruling government (I mentioned previous because there’s no government as the Parliament has been dissolved) was in fact could be explained in layman term. It was basically a protest vote against former premier Mahathir Mohamad’s racial discrimination and [...]
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Apple Stock – 6 Reasons you should pay attention now

Once I was betting that Apple Inc. could climb above $200 a share without much difficulty considering the marvelous people, products and innovation this company has in its pocket. It did breaches above $200 a share but for a very short period before lost about 40 percent of its market capitalization [...]
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