Six more months of good time before Election?

Now that the Muslim festival, Hari Raya Aidilfitri, has entered its third or final day before the stock market re-open tomorrow, the shift has been on the sustainability of the bull which could see the charges gaining momentum towards the year-end window dressing. After that you have the Chinese Lun [...]

Would you like to make 100 percent Trading Stocks?

Vincent Tan’s Berjaya Corporation Berhad (KLSE: BJCORP, stock-code 3395) has attracted punters and speculators for the last 2 weeks with great interest. The stock price more than doubled since end of September 2007 when the stock breached the resistance level of RM0.52 confidently and never look b [...]

Inflation Risks – Stock Market split on Feds next move

Now you know which position is the most powerful in the global economy. Although you might not command the same salary or wages as those of CEO that rewards you with millions in stocks option, basically everyone is at your mercy, if you’re the U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman. It’s funny that the o [...]

If only Malaysia has leaders half of Lee’s Intelligence

This is what you call a world-class leader, a person who can debate and argue with perfect common sense. What surprises me was how this 84-year-old Singapore former premier Lee Kuan Yew keep up-todate information using IT-technology and I bet he bring along his own PDA where-ever he goes. If only Ma [...]

Malaysia 2008 Budget’s Poll Result

After about a month since Malaysia Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi announced the 2008 Budget, the result of the poll is finally out. You’re one of the voters who contributed to the end result of “What do you think of the Malaysia 2008 Budget?” and generally it reflects the opinion of the cyber- [...]

GOOGLE ready to blast off into the space of $700

I was watching two screens in front of me yesterday with different feeling. On one screen I was monitoring the stocks movement of Google Inc. - smiling from left to right. On the other screen I was watching with mixed-feeling the model-like so-claimed Malaysian first astronaut (or tourist) sitting a [...]

Malaysian first Astronaut? Not sure, but will he urinate

When the news broke in late 2006 that Malaysia's first astronaut will do what no one in space has done before: play traditional Malay children's games ("batu seremban'' or "five stones'') without gravity, spin traditional Malay tops in space, do batik painting and making “teh tarik”, it created [...]

Syed Mokhtar only interested in RM597 million

After months of speculation, the low-profile Syed Mokhtar AlBukhary finally announced the plan to split its plantation and sugar refining business from the group to focus on its hotel and property businesses. The re-organization involves Tradewinds Corportion Berhad (KLSE: TWSCORP, stock-code 4804) [...]

Minutes revealed more Rate Cuts at the doorstep

Curse, condemn, criticize, slam or burn the flag as much as you like but it appears United States is perhaps the most democratic country you’ve ever seen, for the time being. At least the investors and people get to study the “minutes” of Federal Reserve’s meeting and I can’t possibly thin [...]

GOOGLE's stock price zoomed above $600 finally

Google Inc.'s stock price sailed past $600 for the first time Monday, extending a monthlong rally propelled by the lofty expectations surrounding the Internet search leader's upcoming third-quarter earnings report, espected to be released on Oct 18.The Mountain View-based company's shares traded as [...]


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