Tale of a Producer that runs out of Stock

Just what could be the problem with Malaysia’s fifth Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi’s administration? He got the highest votes from the public during his first election since taken over from former premier Mahathir but it appears he’s screwing it up pretty fast. Hold on! It was not only the vo [...]
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Red all over Wall Street due to Unemployment Data

Weaker job growth and a rise in the unemployment rate enabled Wall Street to take the 3-digit plunge again Friday. The Dow fell 256.54 (1.96 percent) to 12,800.18, below the psychological 13,000 points while the Standard & Poor's 500 index declined 35.53 (2.46 percent) to 1,411.63. Meanwhile The [...]
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The Composite Index, Plantation Stocks and the Wolf

Who would have thought that the traditional boring plantation stocks will be the sector that jump-starts the New Year 2008 with a bang? People would most likely put their bet on financial, property or even oil and gas companies to be the hero entering the new calendar. But the crude palm oil (CPO) p [...]
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Baidu mourning while Google and Apple near support

While Baidu.com, Inc. (Nasdaq: BIDU, stock), the Chinese search engine that often said to be Chinese version of Google, lost their Chief Financial Officer, Shawn Wang, who died in an accident in China, its stock is still mourning. With the next support at $350 the stock could see further downtrend [...]
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Oil prices at $100 a barrel on third day of New Year 2008

Fuel prices touched the frightening level of $100 a barrel before eased Thursday. Light, sweet crude for February delivery fell 38 cents to $99.24 a barrel in Asian electronic trading but not before rose $4.02 to $100 a barrel Wednesday, only to slipped back below $100 to a record $99.62 – up $3.6 [...]
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Chua Soi Lek’s Sex DVDs, Cuckoo ends his Career

The first political casualty from the ruling government starts the second day of the New Year 2008 today when Malaysian Health Minister cum MCA vice president, Dr Chua Soi Lek, announced his resignation (or sacked by his own boss?) one day after he refused to do so. Chua Soi Lek’s sex DVDs scandal [...]
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What a day to start the New Year – Sex DVDs anyone?

What a day to start the first day of the New Year 2008. And if you’re living in the land of a nation called Malaysia, you should be proud of the great abundant of stories that never fail to amuse you. While everyone was celebrating the New Year with great fireworks, you have groups of Mat Rempit ( [...]
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Mission Accomplished – 100% Profit with Vincent Tan?

StockTube first blogged about Vincent Tan’s stocks in Oct 2006 when Berjaya Capital Berhad was still a listed company. Then Berjaya Corporation Berhad (KLSE: BJCORP, stock-code 3395), formerly known as Berjaya Group Berhad together with its Irredeemable Convertible Loan Stocks, ICULS (2005/2015) B [...]
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Malaysian Astronaut Project Poll Result

Not many hours left before we welcome yet another new year and bid farewell to the year 2007. The holiday mood should have started since the middle of Dec 2007 when most of you are clearing your annual leaves and probably will see your colleagues again in 2008. Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange is set to [...]
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How to TT, Wire or Fund your US Trading Account?

Globalization seems to be the magic bullet which is slowly but surely taking its effect on everyone including the world of stocks investing. When I first started FinanceTwitter about slightly more than a year ago, I wasn’t too sure if I should write about the hidden opportunity in investing not on [...]
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