Do you have US$1.3 Billion? Then you’re in the list

It appears the stake has increased if you plan to squeeze yourself into the glamorous Forbes 400 Richest Americans. Just like playing poker at the gambling table, the stake has been raised to $1.3 Billion if you wish to see your name within the list. The new threshold meant 82 of America's billionai [...]

Vincent Tan banking on new name to strikes Fortune

When the Chinese talk about feng shui, they have a holistic view and approach to it and one of the most famous saying is “first is Destiny, second is Luck, third is Feng Shui, fourth is Virtue and fifth is Knowledge”. That’s the importance in ascending order to the Chinese. But at the same tim [...]

The tale of pay TV business, ASTRO and NBC

Don’t you hate it that despite paying for the programs on monthly basis, you’re still getting bombarded with advertisements? To make matter worse Astro All Asia Network Plc (KLSE: ASTRO, stock-code 5076) which monopolize the pay-TV sector is forcing more advertisements to its subscribers. You mi [...]

FinanceTwitter’s another article picked up by CNN Business

After FinanceTwitter’s article on “Reasons Why Oil Price might spikes to $90 and beyond” was picked up by Wall Street Journal, I was alerted via email by one of the readers that another of FinanceTwitter’s article was highlighted by another heavyweight financial portal, I couldn’t [...]

Rate Cut’s effect – high Oil Prices and weaker Dollar

You won people - you got your interest rate cut after months of chanting, so much so that U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke admitted defeat and cut the funds rate by a whopping 50 basis points. But really, can the current new rate of 4.75 percent (from previous 5.25%) help the ailing housin [...]

Bernanke admitted defeat and Released the Pressure

If you do not know yet, the announcement is already all over the financial news portal. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke and his central bank colleagues admitted defeat and lowered the interest rate to 4.75 percent, a half point cut from 5.25%, pressured by the political and economy built up ov [...]

Old couple getting Thoof about preference

Just how on earth do you pronounce “Thoof” and most important of all what does this word means? If you check the word against thesaurus, it’s a dead-end. If you split the word to “The” and “Hoof” it’s a dead-end as well. In a nut shell, no one really knows the meaning behind Thoof br [...]

Gas Price to increase but IPPs remains unaffected

As expected, oil prices climbed to a fresh high with the light sweet crude for October delivery rose as high as $81.18 a barrel in Asian electronic trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange, before retreating slightly to $81.04, midmorning in Singapore. Basically the stocks markets across the glob [...]

The Mortgage’s plague spread into Britain from U.S.

It was a rare sight though it happened before but those were during the recession period. Sometimes you watched it during some television dramas but in actual fact it’s a rare occasion. What I’m talking about is the panicky depositors showed up in drove to withdraw their savings from financial i [...]

Reasons why U.S. rate cut is a Bad Idea

By far you’ve heard and read why everyone was and is still chanting for the Fed to cut its key rate from the current 5.25% to 5% or even 4.75%, if Bernanke is serious in wanting to make the investors “happy”. The investors are threatening (sort of) to boycott the stock markets by not participa [...]


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