The re-badging and new breed of Proton-volution X?

Ford Motor Co. has declared it does not need rescue money as it claimed its cash-flow is alright. General Motors Corp. and Chrysler LLC however threaten bankruptcy is inevitable if their demand of US$15 billion is not given by early 2009. The question was would the top management from both ailing GM [...]

Bukit Antarabangsa & Highland Towers – It’s Corruption

The Highland Towers tragedy in 1993 that killed about 48 innocent lives including former Deputy Prime Minister Musa Hitam’s son was almost forgotten until now. If you remembered correctly when the Highland Towers tragedy occurred about 15-years ago the nation was not prepared to handle it and most [...]

Only half a Million Job Losses, for now

Jobs, retrenchment, bonus, layoff and money could easily become the coffee-shop most talked-about subject these days. Popular radio channels suddenly found new topic of discussion and it was not surprise that many unfortunate victims of economic crisis called in to release their tension and seek adv [...]

Here’s 10 cents for you beggar, I’ll take 50 cents myself

Malaysians are a bunch of hard-to-please people judging from their cold shoulder over the RM0.10 a liter cut in petrol price effective today, Wednesday 3rd Dec 2008. There were no cheers wherever you go. The kind and generous government has since cut the petrol prices for the sixth time to reduce pe [...]

Dividend Yield Stocks (Part 3) – Carlsberg Brewery

We’re not going to debate or argue whether the time is ripe to scoop some stocks at the current level because obviously different people have different risk appetite. Fund managers couldn’t help but to fill their portfolios with some battered shares with only one reason – they can’t afford t [...]

Take your pick – Yoga, Beer, Jobless or Corruption

Ever since the Sept 16 deadline to form the new government expired without any mojo de-facto opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim has been extremely quiet. The excitement died as fast as the political blogs mushroomed right after the 8th Mar 2008 general election. All you heard thereafter were some stupi [...]

Bailout of bankers is bad but Maika’s bailout is pure Stupid

At last Malaysia’s Central Bank cut its interest rate to 3.25 percent from 3.50 percent after stubbornly stay at that level for more than two years since Apr 2006. Just like U.S. Federal Reserve once the cut started more cuts are in the pipeline as it signals economic problems. The rate cut should [...]

Fast Scalp on Apple as good news don’t stay long

Looks like the Dow Jones is having a small party after the government agreed to inject $20 billion to bailout the once mighty Citigroup Inc. (NYSE: C, stock). The government doesn’t have a choice really, and Citigroup was damn sure that help was on its way. You can’t let such a massive monster c [...]

When is the Right time to buy Stocks? Ask yourself

There were two young chaps talking about the current stock market after they finished their meals at a hawker center the other day. As much as I hoped for, it appears the price of foods never goes down and chances are it won’t no matter how much the fuel price drops. So stop believe those propagan [...]

What goes up must come down? Not necessarily

Sometimes it pays to be negative provided you know what you’re pessimistic about. Sir Isaac Newton’s discovery of gravity after got bonked by an apple gave birth to the “What goes up must come down” wisdom to many stock investors. I wonder if stock markets were invented much earlier in 1687 [...]


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