Bored with railroads, Warren found his new toy

Months after playing with his trains, world’s second riches man Warren Buffett somehow got bored with the toys. The Oracle of Omaha continues to sell Norfolk Southern Corp. (NYSE: NSC, stock), Union Pacific Corp. (NYSE: UNP, stock). His empire Berkshire Hathaway announced it has only 4.5 million s [...]

Telenor reduced stake to 49% in compliance

After announced it would give away RM700 million (in exchange for 10-year period of right for 3G license) to loss-making Time DotCom so that Time can nurse its wound,’s parent company, Norway's Telenor ASA (OSL: TEL) said it has made a gain of 2.6 bln nkr on the sale of a 10.2 percent sta [...]

Bail-Out with a piece of paper worth RM700 million

Malaysia never fails to amuse me when comes to corporate bail out. Not so long ago you have PKFZ scandal but the magic word “soft-loan” solved the controversy. And now, you’ve the white-knight saves the day by bailing out Time DotCom in disguise of an “alliance”. So now you know t [...]

Limit Order Triggered Scalp position on PCLN

This is not the first time but just get prepare for it because I’m going to curse myself again. Yeah, everyone did it because the stock market has the tendency to make a fool out of you when you least expect it. So please don’t try this at home because it’s not something healthy to do. Now her [...]

Google is giving away US10 million to developers

All right, the technical rebound is finally here but it’s still too early to see if it can last but at least the 13,000 mark (DJIA) is putting some fights with the bear instead of letting it ripping off the skin of it. This week is the expiration week and as usual the volatility is building again. [...]

Broom Award for the Information Minister please

Do you know which news hit the “Most Viewed” of the day from theStar? It’s the “Broom Award” presented by Selangor Khir Toyo to two government agencies for failing to collect assessment above the 50% mark required for 2006. It might sound insulting but in fact it could probably be the most [...]

Next on Middle East’s shopping list – MAHSING

After invading the territory of Putrajaya Perdana (KLSE: PPEDANA, stock-code 5117) and Loh & Loh Corp Berhad (KLSE: LOH&LOH, stock-code 7706), it appears the appetite from Middle Eastern is getting bigger and it was reported that a consortium from the oil-rich states is eyeing a strategic st [...]

DIGI to Bail-Out Time DotCom via Share-Swap?

Both Telenor’s Berhad (DIGI : stock-code 6947) and loss-making Time DotCom Berhad (TIMECOM : stock-code 5031) were suspended from trading today, Monday, and rumors quickly spread again that is buying into Time DotCom on a share-swap. The last trading price of was RM23.60 [...]

Bursa should get more mature, take the Quantum Leap

Nobody knows when the current temporary bearish sentiment will last. What we know is the U.S. sub-prime or housing bubble has burst and now is the time for financial companies to report the extent of the damages caused by it. Gauging from the initial reports, it seems the damage is quite serious but [...]

Payday Loan is getting easier and even free

Remember those days when the parents would be extra proud that their daughters found their other half working under the bank’s payroll? It was the moment to cherish simply because the job was said to be one of the safest of all. It was like striking a gold-mine and you can be sure your daughter wi [...]


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