FinanceTwitter Money Finance Economy Business Invest News Fri, 16 Nov 2018 19:22:52 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Najib Refused To Enter Dock – A Slap In The Face For Judiciary, Authorities & Mahathir Government Fri, 16 Nov 2018 19:12:49 +0000 Najib son of Razak continues to show he was still the boss, despite being charged at the Session Court today. The defiant crook deliberately refused to enter the “dock” during the case management over his 25 charges of graft and money laundering relating to transactions amounting to RM2.3 billion linked to 1MDB – and there was absolutely nothing anybody could do about it.


Already known as the Kangaroo Court, Judge Azura Alwi did not seem to be interested at exercising her authority to ensure the court receives its fair share of respect. Instead of entering the dock meant for the accused, the disgraced former Prime Minister Najib took a seat on a chair beside the dock instead, even after being asked politely to do so by a police officer on duty.


While the chair is meant for a person being summoned, the dock is for a person being accused. Najib knew it would be a great humiliation to enter the dock, making him the first premier to do so in the nation’s history since independence in 1957. So, he did it on purpose – to test what could the authorities do if he played dumb and refused to enter the dock.

Gopal Sri Ram - Retired Federal Court Judge

Even then, the court policemen were seen doing their job only after deputy public prosecutor Ahmad Akram Gharib – after being informed by lead prosecutor Gopal Sri Ram – gave the instruction to put the accused in the dock. However, armed with his mobile phone, Najib stubbornly remained seated outside the dock, like those defiant Pokémon players sitting on the floor of KLCC shopping mall.


Deputy Public Prosecutor Ahmad Akram Gharib said police could have taken action to force Najib to sit in the dock, but they decided not to stir up a fuss as the proceeding was only for a short period of time. Najib had remained on the chair until the proceedings ended 15 minutes later. Perhaps Najib had wanted to provoke the authorities all along – to create diversion so that his case can be postponed.


Still, the judiciary and the policemen should do their job accordingly without fear because the once invincible and powerful PM Najib Razak is now nothing but a well-known crook. Obviously, Mr. Najib should be punished immediately for contempt of court because he deliberately did it in front of a judge. Najib’s act of disrespectful could result in him being fined or even imprisoned.

Najib Razak - Mock and Insult Judge and Police

A classic example – former lawyer V K Lingam was sentenced to six months’ jail after he was found guilty of contempt of court last year. The question of prosecutors not wanting to stir a fuss should not be used as an excuse to let Najib throws tantrum in the court. What would happen when the crook eventually refuses to enter prison but stubbornly sit on the floor after sentencing?


Najib appears to have started challenging the judiciary system with his latest stunt. The lack of action to discipline the naughty boy would only embolden him to start pulling some bigger drama at a later stage. Although he may look childish, his courage to mock and insult the rule of law is a slap in the face for the judiciary, authorities and Mahathir government.


Like it or not, Najib’s defiance was a result of pussyfooting and double standard displayed by the authorities, especially the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC). While other criminals – former FELDA Chairman Mohd Isa Samad Abdul Samad and even Intelligence Chief Hasanah Abdul Hamid – were made to wear the orange lock-up suit, Najib has been allowed to wear thousand dollars Armani suit.

Hasanah Abdul Hamid – MEIO Spy Director General - Covered Face Being Charged

Not only Najib Razak and his wife Rosmah Mansor were not required to wear the MACC orange suit meant for them, both were also not handcuffed. It is absolutely shameful that the MACC continues to practise double standard by according them VVIP treatment. Even the media and communications adviser to PM Mahathir, Kadir Jasin, was puzzled why Najib was not made to wear the uniform.


Adding insult to injury, the court also granted Najib’s request for his bail to be paid in instalments, setting a very bad precedent for future crooks. Essentially, criminals would ask for instalments too, as if they were purchasing home appliances at Harvey Norman. And now, Najib doesn’t even need to be in the dock. Will the court allows him to sit on the judge’s chair next?


It was a mockery of the court and justice standard when the judge pretended not seeing the shameless Najib making fun of the judiciary. Although it is just a Session Court, Judge Azura Alwi must not be intimidated by crooks like Najib Razak. She should realize the court belongs to her at that moment and she is of the highest authority and nobody can be allowed to mock her chamber.

Judge In Session - Court - Hammer 

The best part was Najib could easily ignore the police force, pretending they didn’t exist at all. It’s laughable that the policemen were so afraid of a crook who had allegedly stolen billions from the national coffers. Is the Royal Malaysia Police so corrupted that they still have great respect for the former prime minister?


Why the court needs the dock and policemen at all if their existence isn’t actually necessary? Heck, why does the court require Najib’s presence at all in the first place if he is allowed to do as he likes? Did the court realize that without Najib in the dock, technically he was absent – a clear case of contempt of court, similar to the former lawyer V K Lingam case?


It’s pretty easy to handle a crook like Najib who thinks very highly of himself. Slap him with charges for contempt of court and immediately send him to jail – without bail. That ought to teach the arrogant narcissist a lesson. There should be no dessert – candy or ice-cream – for the naughty boy. And if he refuses to do as he told, ground him.

Ex-Prime Minister Najib Razak - World Biggest Crook

It was a mistake from the beginning to grant the former premier preferential privileges, unlike other ordinary criminals. Now, the ungrateful Najib has not only disrespected the rule of law, he has also given his middle finger to the judiciary system and the authorities. It was certainly a slap in the face for Mahathir government, whose rule of law has very little meaning to the shameless Najib son of Razak.


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Close To 300 Doctors Reveal Why Overseas Doctors Do Not Come Back – Can Dr Mahathir Fix It? Fri, 16 Nov 2018 14:59:17 +0000 Dr Mahathir Mohamad, the Prime Minister of Malaysia, pledged to fix some problems which prevent or discourage Malaysians abroad from returning home during his visit to Singapore to attend the 33rd Asean Summit. As a medical doctor himself, the premier specifically mentioned complaints by well-qualified doctors who have faced various difficulties.


He reportedly said – “The government of Malaysia must also understand that they should welcome these people back. Unfortunately, sometimes, people who come back aren’t very welcomed. They find Malaysia not too welcoming for them. This will be corrected. I promise this will be corrected by the new government.”


Speaking at a high tea with Malaysians living in Singapore, PM Mahathir said his government is aware that some of those who have migrated do not feel very welcomed, and face several barriers such as stifling bureaucracy and requirements involving the Malay language. However, there are other problems that the 93-year-old premier may not realize.

Mahathir Mohamad - Honorary Doctor of Laws - NUS National University of Singapore

We at “Finance Twitter” received an email from a doctor who would like to share some problems related to the serious brain drains happening in the country. We have been requested to publish the letter, hoping PM Mahathir could fix it, without which it would affect close to 300 doctors. Below is the letter sent by the disillusioned Malaysian doctor:


It was truly heartening to read what our beloved Prime Minister said about welcoming returning professionals especially mentioning doctors in particular (Malay Mail 12 November, 2018 – Malaysia not welcoming returning professionals? We’ll fix that, PM pledges)


Many of these doctors do not come back because the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) refuses to recognise their basic medical degree. Thus, they have decided to settle in other countries which give them the opportunity to practice.

Malaysian Medical Council

Even here in Malaysia, due to the non-recognition of their medical degree, many are left on the sidelines. The MMC, which is an undemocratic statutory body made up of more than 20 appointed seats from the previous administration and having only 10 elected members; claims to speak for all doctors in Malaysia and uphold standards.


The reason many universities which are world famous are left out of the recognition list is due to the fact that the MMC themselves have claimed that they do not have sufficient funds to do the recognition process unless MARA or JPA students are sent to the respective universities.


Thus, universities who clamour for this recognition allow in government sponsored candidates; as then they can overnight double and even triple the capitation fees charged to private paying Malaysians the moment recognition is obtained from MMC. This just opens up the whole question of weather the process was indeed done professionally and meticulously other than being political in nature.

Australian Medical Council AMC

MMC refuses to accept other stringent qualifying exams such as the Australian Medical Council (AMC), PLAB from UK, USMLE from the US and the Canadian Medical Exams. Thus, many doctors who found the system unfavourable in Malaysia passed these exams and started working overseas.


No other reason is given by MMC other than that they only recognise university exams and not council exams. These are archaic rulings that should be dispensed with if indeed what the Prime Minister said is to become a reality.


Having these doctors whom many are now already specialists to sit for a qualifying test (QT) here is indeed not feasible as many have attempted it and found the exams biased with practices such as different role numbers for them compared to the local university students, they made to answer the questions in English while the local chaps answer in BM, no marks given from course work for them, and; negative marking practiced for them and not the local university chaps.

Doctor Housemanship - Pressure

Time and again the MMC under different Health Ministers has rolled out at their university sub-cons; their one-off training before the exams. Till today I count nearly 5 times this has been done. However, they are all engineered to keep the passing rate low in the QT to prove their biased quota system of just passing about 10 – 30% of the doctors.


The Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) President Dr Mohd Namazie Ibrahim in his article titled “The reality about Medicine” in the Star newspaper dated 28th October, 2018 has stated that “house officers may have their training extended if their performance is unsatisfactory and those who fail to complete the training in 3 years will be asked to leave”.


If there is such a stringent training available, why are we wasting time making doctors from unrecognised universities sit for an exam? Everyone in this New Malaysia should be treated equally and allowed to serve as house officers and prove themselves.

Doctor Housemanship - Problems

In the past, doctors who had their universities retrospectively recognised were allowed to practice as house officers. They proved themselves during the housemanship and medical officer years and were registered. There were some of these doctors who had even failed the QT on all 3 attempts. Just because out of some stroke of the pen the date of recognition was predated, they could join the service.


This is not to mention that we had allowed foreign born doctors who were from unrecognised universities to come here and do their specialists course at our local medical universities. What was denied to our own Malaysians from unrecognised universities was allowed for their classmates who were foreigners!


We even employed specialists who were foreigners to work here while their own university mates who were Malaysian couldn’t even start treating patients here in a supervised environment due to their basic degree being unrecognised.

Doctor Housemanship - Malaysia - Problems

There is too much which can be written about this matter. Doctors from unrecognised universities are hard-working doctors whose parents couldn’t afford the high capitation fees but who still went on their own to pursue their dreams and not be affected by any local university quota.


They were not given anything on a silver platter to achieve their degrees which was usually in uncomfortable environments. They didn’t burden the country by taking loans which many refuse to even pay back nowadays. These are the doctors Malaysia should take pride in and welcome with open arms.


We do not have a problem of a surplus of doctors. We still have not met the ideal doctor-patient ratio set by WHO. We have a problem of there not being enough hospitals to train doctors. We now have to move forward and in this New Malaysia, have the situation changed especially by removing Article 12 of the Medical Act regarding unrecognised doctors so all Malaysians are treated equally and allowed to be trained as houseman under the Malaysian sun.

Malaysian Medical Doctor - Graduates

No doctor should be left behind. The mistakes of the past have to be corrected under this new administration. Doctors who are already specialists overseas should also be welcomed as specialists. Only then can the vision of our beloved Prime Minister become a reality.


Disillusioned Malaysian Doctor


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Facebook Lectures Singapore – Here’s Why We Refused To Take Down A Post Linking PM Lee To 1MDB Corruption Fri, 16 Nov 2018 05:16:46 +0000 In the last 6 months from April to September, Facebook reveals that it removed over 1.5 billion fake accounts. That’s up from 1.3 billion accounts it removed in the previous six months. That speaks volumes just how widespread false content and accounts are on the social media platform. Yet, when it comes to Singapore’s request to take down 1 post recently, Facebook refused to.


The Singapore government has been crazily mad and furious after Facebook rejected its request to remove an article by States Times Review linking Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong to the corruption scandal involving 1MDB, the sovereign investment fund of Malaysia. The man behind 1MDB, former Prime Minister Najib Razak, has been slapped with dozens of charges.


It didn’t help that PM Lee and ex-PM Najib were both durian buddies, leading to speculation, perception and accusation that Singapore government helped the crook across the Causeway in corruption and money laundering. Of course, the article posted by alternative news website States Times Review has damaged PM Lee and Singapore’s reputation.

Najib Razak and Lee Hsien Loong - Sharing Durian

So, it’s understandable why Singapore Minister of Law, K Shanmugam, slammed Facebook on Nov 9 for declining to grant a request from the government. As far as the Singapore Government is concerned, everything under the sun that criticizes the leader or the administration is considered “false”, “fake” and “defamatory”.


Frustrated with Facebook’s refusal to play along, the Singapore Ministry of Law said that Facebook cannot be relied upon to filter falsehoods or protect Singapore from a false information campaign, hence, justified that Singapore needs new legislation to combat fake news such as the one published by Alex Tan, the editor of the States Times Review.


The Singapore IMDA (Info-communications Media Development Authority) eventually flexed its muscle – blocking access to the States Times Review website. But the website can still be accessed via VPN or proxies, just to name a few alternative ways. However, the clash between the Singapore and Facebook continues.

Monika Bickert – Facebook Head of Global Policy Management

On Nov 13, Facebook decided to lecture the Singapore Government a thing or two about freedom of speech and what the Lee administration perceives as fake news. In spite of the country’s criticism against Facebook over its handling of the so-called spread of misinformation, the social media giant stood by its policies which have to be “very objective and black-and-white”.


Ms Monika Bickert, vice-president of Facebook’s product policy division, said that under its existing policy, Facebook will remove inaccurate information circulating on its platform only if it leads to voter suppression or poses a threat of imminent violence. She gave her feedback while attending the first-ever forum in Asia-Pacific on Facebook’s community standards in Singapore.


What this means is there are basically three main categories of content that could possibly violate Facebook standards – hate speech, adult nudity, and dangerous individuals and organisations (terrorism propaganda). Obviously the article published by States Times Review cannot be considered as a violation of adult nudity or terrorism propaganda.

User Using Facebook On iPhone

That would leave the article to hate speech. Even then, Facebook’s hate speech is defined as a direct attack on people based on nine protected characteristics, which include national origin, sexual orientation and caste. Therefore, Facebook could not entertain Singapore’s request to bring down the post criticizing – even accusing – PM Lee of corruption.


At the media session, Ms Bickert also reiterated that Facebook does not have a wholesale policy of removing false content because it would be extremely hard to police whether a specific piece of information is true or false. Furthermore, a private company such as Facebook is in no position to determine whether the content is true or otherwise.


More importantly, Facebook’s policies must be fair and impartial in order to produce consistent outcomes across different users in various parts of the world. Ms Bickert further lectured – “We don’t want policies to apply to certain people but not others. We want everybody around the globe to use Facebook and use it safely.”

Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong – 1MDB Corruption - Facebook

In a nutshell, unless articles published on Facebook criticizing or accusing Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has the potential to contribute to imminent violence or physical harm, the social media giant’s 7,500 content reviewers would not give a damn. And the potential of voters inspired by such articles voting against Lee government does not count.


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“Shoe Minister” Maszlee Should Be Fired!! – Here’s Why PM Mahathir Should Take Over As Education Minister Thu, 15 Nov 2018 15:49:14 +0000 Dr. Maszlee Malik was never meant to become the Education Minister of the new government that brought down the previous corrupted Barisan Nasional government. Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad wanted the portfolio for himself. Mahathir was actually the first Education Minister – not Maszlee – of the new Pakatan Harapan Government.


Mahathir, who announced in a press conference on May 17th that he will be taking the Education Ministry portfolio to fix the Malaysia’s outdated education system – gave up the post – after being lectured that he cannot hold any portfolios as it goes against the pledge made by the newly formed Pakatan Harapan Government’s manifesto.


So, after holding the post for only “1-day”, Mahathir appointed Dr. Maszlee Malik the next day on May 18th as the new Education Minister. Not only was Maszlee an accidental Minister of Education, he was extremely lucky for being at the right place at the right time, considering he joined Mahathir’s party – Parti Pribumi BERSATU Malaysia (PPBM) – only on Mar 12th, 2018.

Education Minister Dr Maszlee Malik - Biodata Resume

The inexperienced Maszlee himself did not expect to be given such a vital portfolio. While his credentials are pretty awesome, perhaps it was a huge mistake from the beginning betting on him. He may be a great lecturer and intellectual at the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), but he certainly is a failure as a minister in charge of the Ministry of Education.


Close to 6 months after his appointment, Dr. Maszlee is now known as the “Shoe Minister”, a humiliating recognition after his proposal on July 20 to switch students’ white shoes to black. He dares not discuss about more pressing matters such as the recognition of Unified Examination Certificate (UEC). He was also involved in the controversial IIUM presidency crisis.


Maszlee’s stubbornness in accepting his appointment as IIUM president has taken a heavy toll on him. He should not have had picked a fight with some student groups in the first place. He was condemned for going against Pakatan Harapan’s promise not to appoint politicians to manage universities. His insistence to become the 7th president of IIUM on Sept 5 is beyond comprehension.

Education Minister Dr Maszlee Malik - White Shoes Black Shoes

At best, it gives an impression he loves his presidency at IIUM more than his ministership at Education Ministry. At worst, it gives a perception of his arrogance of power, not to mention his greediness for positions. Either way, he screwed up spectacularly. If Mahathir could give up his Education Ministership quickly after being criticised, why Maszlee could not do the same?


It was only after PPBM President Muhyiddin Yassin issued an “instruction” to Maszlee, after consultation with the Cabinet, that the stubborn minister agreed to relinquish the IIUM president’s post. However, the damage has already been done. Dr. Maszlee has already lost his credibility. He should have made up his mind whether he wanted the IIUM or Ministry of Education –  not both.


The rumours about a Cabinet reshuffle, which PM Mahathir has just shot down today, had been going around which involved booting Maszlee from the Education Ministry due to his incompetency. At the current snail’s pace he is managing and overhauling his ministry, perhaps it’s true that Maszlee is more suitable running a university, and not a ministry.

Mahathir Mohamad - World’s Oldest PM - 1981 to 2003 and 2018 to Current

Maszlee should be fired, and Mahathir should take over the ministry, regardless what other component parties of Pakatan Harapan say. According to a source quoted by The Malaysian Insight news portal, Mahathir’s grand plan to overhaul the country’s entire education system was sparked by a school timetable, which he had asked before he went on his trip to Japan.


Apparently, the 93-year-old prime minister, upon studying the timetable, was upset that a lot of time is allocated for religious studies. The subject came third in terms of time spent after Bahasa Malaysia and English. Mahathir was particularly frustrated that in spite of ample time given to religious studies in school, indiscipline and low ethics remain rampant.


Upon his return from Japan (Nov 9), Mahathir summoned Dr Maszlee Malik. During their one-hour meeting, the premier told him to “overhaul” the school curriculum to produce citizens with good values, including good work ethics and integrity. The PM told him that he has long advocated schools teach high values and ethics from his days as Education Minister between 1974 and 1977.

Malaysia Education System - Screw Up

Hence, during a high tea session with Malaysians living in Singapore on Monday (Nov 12), the same event where Mahathir urged Malaysians staying abroad to return home, he said – “The current education system is bad. It needs to be revolutionised. What they learn (now) is not what they should learn. We need to change the curriculum and timetable and what they learn in school.”


The following day (Nov 13), Education Minister Dr Maszlee announced to all and sundry that his ministry will formulate a new curriculum, expected to be rolled out by the end of 2020 or early 2021. He said it would be implemented in stages and based on the recommendations by the ministry’s Policy Committee and National Education Advisory Council (MPPK).


Maszlee said the new curriculum would ensure that the subjects to be taught in school would not burden the students and teachers. Aside from prepping students for the working world, they would also be exposed to high-level thinking skills which comply with international standards. Prior to implementation, the education ministry, policy committee and MPPK will meet PM Mahathir to get his views.

Mahathir Mohamad - Honorary Doctor of Laws - NUS National University of Singapore

Now, the burning question is how come it was Mahathir – not Maszlee – who actually realized the education system was so problematic that it needs a major overhaul? Amazingly, a 93-year-old prime minister managed to spot the weakness just based on a piece of information – school timetable – when it should be the job of the 43-year-old education minister.


It appears Education Minister Maszlee Malik is as clueless as his predecessors from the previous Barisan Nasional government, unable to reform, let alone revolutionise the country’s screwed-up education system. He doesn’t look like a leader who can lead and drive the minister to the right direction. Perhaps his greatest strength is merely teaching religious studies at college or university.


And since it was Mahathir who actually has proven his ability cracking the formula of overhauling the education system, should not the prime minister be given the difficult task of fixing the problems? After all, it seems only Mahathir is capable of making hard decision, on top of his skillsets in analysis and troubleshooting. Maszlee is too afraid to make unpopular decisions. He should be fired!!

Education Minister Dr Maszlee Malik - IIUM President


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Global University Employability Ranking 2018 – Only Singapore & Japan In Top-10 Among Asia’s Best Uni Thu, 15 Nov 2018 05:48:33 +0000 The result is out for the Global University Employability Ranking 2018. Going to college or university doesn’t guarantee you for the job or career you desire. Hence, many students around the world could not find a job upon graduation. It is definitely a sad moment, not to mention a humiliating situation, to find out that you are not employability despite graduating from a university.


Turns out, choosing the right university can certainly boost your chances of employability. Published exclusively by Times Higher Education, the latest list reveals which universities the recruiters at top companies think are the best at preparing students for the workplace. The survey involved 250 universities from 41 countries around the globe.


As expected, United States dominated the top-10 universities that produce the most employable graduates. The U.S. has taken six universities spots, leaving the remaining four to be shared by the U.K., Germany, Japan and Singapore each. Yes, only two Asia countries made it to the global top-10 – The University of Tokyo and National University of Singapore.

Global University Employability Ranking 2018 - Harvard University Graduates

Leading the chart is Harvard University, follows by California Institute of Technology and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, making the top-3 dominated by United States universities. Britain’s University of Cambridge is No. 4 best university while Stanford University, another American university, took the 5th place.


At sixth place is Technical University of Munich from Germany. The 7th and 8th places went to Princeton University and Yale University – both American institutions. Japan is at ninth place while Singapore’s NUS managed to squeeze in to the final spot in the top-10 Global University Employability Ranking. Here is some information about the top-5 universities:



{ No. 1 } Harvard University

Harvard University is the oldest and arguably the most prestigious college in the United States, with a reputation for admitting and producing highly intelligent and skilled students. Established in 1636, more than 30 heads of state – including eight U.S. presidents – are Harvard alumni and the university also boasts 48 Nobel prizewinners and 48 Pulitzer winners.

Global University Employability Ranking 2018 - Harvard University

Like many schools favoured by employers, Harvard also has a long history of groundbreaking research and innovation. Many students undertake extracurricular activities while studying, from sports activities to entrepreneurial endeavours, which endow them with essential skills to succeed.



{ No 2 } California Institute of Technology

Established in 1891, it’s no surprise that the California Institute of Technology – regarded as one of the best universities in the world – is also a favourite among international employers. Students are admitted on the basis of strong maths, science and engineering skills and interest, which seems to serve them well in their future careers.

Global University Employability Ranking 2018 - California Institute of Technology

Not only do Caltech students learn the fundamentals across a range of science and engineering subjects, they also get to grips with the most innovative tools to address some of society’s most pressing challenges. The student population is tiny compared with other colleges – one of the smallest in the world, with just over 1,000 undergraduates and 1,200 postgraduates.



{ No. 3 } Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Founded in 1861 in response to the increasing industrialization of the United States, MIT students, alumni and faculty members play key roles in entrepreneurial innovations, including developing advanced computer networks, securing venture capital transactions, and biotechnology. The institute is traditionally known for its research and education in the physical sciences and engineering.

Global University Employability Ranking 2018 - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

In addition to its world-leading courses, Massachusetts Institute of Technology also offers career-enhancing programmes for undergraduates, industry leaders and the general public. Many companies have significant involvement with college courses and research, often spanning disciplines and lasting for a number of years.



{ No 4 } University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge is among the world’s best and most elite universities. Its history stretches back to the 13th century, when the university was founded by Oxford scholars taking refuge after conflicts with townspeople. Founded in 1209, this is the only British university that made it to the top-10 most employable graduates in the country.

Global University Employability Ranking 2018 - University of Cambridge

Now, its graduates are globally sought after, valued particularly for their specialist knowledge, gained as a result of personal tuition that is unique to the universities of Oxford and Cambridge in the UK. As of October 2018, 118 Nobel Laureates, 11 Fields Medalists, 6 Turing Award winners and 15 British Prime Ministers have been affiliated with Cambridge.



{ No 5 } Stanford University

With its proximity to Silicon Valley, Stanford University, established in 1891, is a good training ground for students looking to move into the tech industry. Stanford alumni have founded many successful companies, including Google, Nike, Netflix, Hewlett-Packard, Sun Microsystems, Instagram and Charles Schwab.

Global University Employability Ranking 2018 - Stanford University

Stanford’s undergraduate program is one of the top three most selective in the United States by acceptance rate. As of October 2018, 83 Nobel laureates, 27 Turing Award laureates, and 8 Fields Medalists have been affiliated with Stanford as students, alumni, faculty or staff. Stanford is the alma mater of 30 living billionaires and 17 astronauts, and is also one of the leading producers of members of the United States Congress.


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Fake “Tengku” Adnan Finally Arrested – The Self-Proclaimed Aceh Warrior Who Stole Billions Over 97 Land Deals Wed, 14 Nov 2018 15:57:12 +0000 After Malaysia’s 14th general election on May 9, 2018, the joke at coffee shops has been that the easiest way to spot and catch a corrupt politician from the previous Barisan Nasional government is to look at how fat they are. Their level of obesity is the measurement of how much the corrupt officials had stolen and plundered the national treasure.


Coincidently, former Prime Minister Najib Razak and his wife Rosmah Mansor easily won the semi-final round. Former Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi has also joined his boss, as did former Tabung Haji chairman Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim. However, all the corrupted warlords from the previous government are having sleepless nights, hence losing weight fast.


Still, one indisputable warlord stands out as proud as a peacock – Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor. Like self-proclaimed Bugis warrior Najib Razak and Java-migrant Zahid Hamidi, the fake “Tengku” Adnan had proudly proclaimed himself an Aceh warrior. Hmm, does that qualify most of the crooked UMNO leaders as Indonesian immigrants?

Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor - Shocked Expression

Yes, not only Mr. Adnan is the UMNO warlord with two “Tengku” to his name (a title even his colleagues in UMNO laughed at), he also claimed that it was his ancestors who brought Islam to Malaysia. Like his boss Najib, Adnan shamelessly told all and sundry that he possessed the same fighting spirit blood of an Aceh warrior who bravely fought the Dutch hundreds of years ago.


However, Mr. Adnan is now in deep trouble after being arrested by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) today. He needs more than Aceh warrior blood to prove his innocence over dubious land deals involving Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL). He is to be charged tomorrow (Nov 15) for his involvement in the 97 land deals worth RM5.63 billion – covering 273.27-ha (675.27 acres) of DBKL land.


Formerly Federal Territories Minister, Mr. Adnan will be jointly charged with his partner-in-crime – real estate developer Tan Eng Boon, the chairman of ceramic products company Goh Ban Huat Bhd (GBH). Prior to his arrest today, Adnan had admitted to being called in by MACC at least 12 times, and grilled over the 97 doubtful transactions during his tenure as the minister.

Former Kuala Lumpur Mayor - Mohd Amin Nordin Abdul Aziz

Interestingly, the fishy deals were only exposed after the collapse of Barisan Nasional government, suggesting that the land deals were deliberately hidden. Apparently the land purchases took place with the former Kuala Lumpur Mayor (presumably the corrupt Mohd Amin Nordin Abd Aziz whose service ended on Sept 30) listed as the buyer.


Upon the purchase, the ownership of the lands was transferred to Yayasan Wilayah Persekutuan, a foundation chaired by the scumbag Tengku Adnan. Under the pretense of the purchases made by the DBKL mayor, the plots of premium lands were subsequently sold to developers (Tan Eng Boon being one of them) at a price significantly lower than the market value.


In September, the new Federal Territories Ministry has cleared 43 of the 97 questionable land deals reported to the MACC. So far, 14 deals have been terminated while another 15 were renegotiated. Still, with dozens of dubious land deals on the table, Mr. Adnan may break the record of being slapped with the most number of charges tomorrow – more than Zahid’s 45 charges.

DBKL Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur - City Hall

The hanky-panky business deals allegedly had been going on since 2013, the same year Tengku Adnan was appointed by then-PM Najib Razak as the Federal Territories Minister, until the downfall of Barisan Nasional government this year. Mr. Adnan has since claimed that he had handed over land matters to the Prime Minister’s Department, hence he was innocent.


But if Mr. Adnan is innocent, then Paris Hilton and Rosmah Mansor must be a virgin. His “Tengku” title isn’t the only thing he has been faking. A well-known fear monger, he was the same irresponsible UMNO racist who had spread fake news that Christians were using churches to spread lies against the then-Najib government – just before the Barisan Nasional downfall.


Last year, the gluttonous Adnan proudly tweeted a Guinness World Records certificate recognising the achievement of what was supposed to be the “world largest gathering of chefs”. Turns out, the certificate was a fake one. Not only did Adnan fake the certificate, it was also tainted with multiple spelling errors – “achived” when it should be achieved and “Guiness” instead of Guinness.

Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor - Fake Guinness Records

Notorious for his moronic statements, Adnan infamously mocked and insulted the women in 2007 when he said – “All bloggers are liars, they cheat people using all kinds of methods. From my understanding, out of 10,000 unemployed bloggers, 8,000 are women.” A year later, under the clueless Abdullah Badawi leadership, the arrogant Barisan Nasional lost its two-thirds supermajority in the Parliament.


Adnan, arguably the most corrupt Federal Territories Minister during the previous administration, has a laughable excuse not to declare his assets. He argued that he will not declare his assets to the public due to fears he and his family will be targeted by criminals, the clearest sign that he possesses astronomical unexplainable wealth.


Days before the polling day on May 9th, Adnan went ballistic after Mahathir Mohamad revealed the Federal Territories Minister was a thief and had amassed huge number of contracts. In his attempt to whitewash the corruption allegation against him, the crooked Adnan claimed he had been declared as one of the richest people in Malaysia in 1992.

From Left – Tengku Adnan, Zahid Hamidi and Najib Razak

Adnan was also the same guy, as revealed by a Royal Commission of Inquiry, who fixed the appointment of judges after his role in conspiring with Lingam was exposed. Amusingly, the dumb Tengku Adnan screwed up while urging students to appreciate Najib government, when he cited that even “slow learners” had a place to pursue their studies at UiTM.


Of course, Adnan was a strong supporter of Najib Razak. To prove that he was the best lootlicker money can buy, he had claimed 1MDB issue was solved and it was merely a perception that the opposition (now government) had created. Do you know that Tengku Adnan and Najib Razak are neighbours? Perhaps fate will put both individuals next to each other in the Sungai Buloh Prison soon.

Tengku Adnan Hugs Najib Razak


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Sorry Folks, None Of Goldman Sachs Bankers Will Go To Jail – They’re Untouchable White Collar Crooks Tue, 13 Nov 2018 16:55:17 +0000 Attending the 33rd ASEAN Summit, Mahathir Mohamad, the world’s oldest prime minister has been having fun condemning everyone he does not like – including Myanmar’s Aung San Suu Kyi and US President Donald Trump. But the biggest culprit the 93-year-old Prime Minister of Malaysia has criticised was the 149-year-old bank Goldman Sachs.


He said bankers at Goldman Sachs, the American investment bank founded in 1869, had “cheated” the country and must be held accountable for their fishy business deals in relation to 1MDB scandal. Mahathir was, of course, leveraging on the U.S.-DOJ investigation results that says over US$4.5 billion was misappropriated from the 1MDB fund.


Earlier this month, we published why Malaysia should sue Goldman Sachs for their involvement in the corruption and money laundering scandal. Subsequently, Malaysian Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng said the country was seeking a full refund of all the fees paid to Goldman Sachs for raising US$6.5 billion in three bonds sales between 2012 and 2013 for 1MDB (1Malaysia Development Berhad).


Goldman earned almost US$600 million from the three deals – a jaw-dropping amount of close to 10%, far in excess of the normal 1-2 percent fees a bank could expect for helping sell bonds. The fees alone – 5 to 10 times more than usual rate – should have raised the red flags within Goldman compliance department that something fishy was going on, which today has proven to be true.


Essentially, the US$588 million in fees earned made 1MDB the most profitable client in the world for Goldman during those years. After Bloomberg reported that the new government of Malaysia was seeking the full refund, Goldman Sachs shares dropped 7.5% on Monday, crashing the U.S. stock market when Dow Jones tumbled by 602.12 points.


Besides calling Goldman a fraudster, PM Mahathir told the media at the Asean Business and Investment Summit that the rule of law must apply to everyone, including American giant Goldman Sachs. He said – “If the law says that somebody has committed a crime, then he should be accordingly be punished through the process of law. It doesn’t matter who, maybe Goldman Sachs, maybe whoever.”

Mahathir Mohamad - World’s Oldest PM - 1981 to 2003 and 2018 to Current

There are basically two parts to Mahathir’s statement. The premier could be parroting Finance Minister Lim’s earlier statement about the country seeking full refund, hence his pressure on the claims. However, he could also be sending a message to pressure the U.S.-Department of Justice to punish Goldman bankers – sending them to prison.


On Nov 1, the U.S. revealed criminal charges against not only former banker Tim Leissner but also another Goldman Sachs banker, Ng Choon Hwa (Roger Ng), together with Malaysian financier fugitive Jho Low (full-name: Low Taek Jho). Roger Ng has been arrested in Malaysia while his former colleague Tim Leissner pleaded guilty to conspiring to launder money and to violating anti-bribery laws.


Tim Leissner agreed to pay US$43.7 million (£33.6 million; RM182 million). Still, it was a good deal considering he has admitted to enriching himself – acknowledging that more than US$200 million in proceeds from 1MDB bonds flowed into accounts controlled by him and a relative in Hong Kong. This sweet deal raises speculation that Leissner may have agreed to turn witness in the explosive scandal.

Tim Leissner and Wife Kimora Lee Simmons - Goldman Sachs and 1MDB Scandal

The former Goldman bankers – Tim Leissner and Roger Ng – had offered bribes to government officials in Malaysia and Abu Dhabi in order to help the bank win the deal. They then stole and laundered money from the 1MDB sovereign-wealth fund using controlled offshore accounts where the stolen money was funnelled to, as the indictment reveals.


But there was another crook – Andrea Vella – who has been Goldman Sachs partner since 2007. Currently placed on leave over his role in the 1MDB scandal, Mr. Vella, who was demoted last month from his management role, matches the description of “Co-Conspirator #4” in the Justice Department’s filings related to charges unsealed. Clearly Andrea Vella wasn’t the last of his kind.


On Nov 7, Goldman Sachs chief executive officer David Solomon told an interview with Bloomberg TV in Singapore that it was “distressing” to find two former Goldman Sachs bankers went around the bank’s policies and broke the law in their dealings with 1MDB, arguably the largest investigation carried out by the Department of Justice under its anti-kleptocracy program.

Goldman Sachs - Lloyd Blankfein with David Solomon

Mr. Solomon said – “I feel horrible about the fact that people who worked at Goldman Sachs, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s a partner or it’s an entry level employee, would go around our policies and break the law.” Amusingly, he refused to provide assurances that neither he, former CEO Lloyd Blankfein nor any of the senior management team suspected illegality nor compliance breaches in dealings with 1MDB.


It wasn’t hard to understand why Mr. Solomon could not provide such simple assurances. As far back as 2009, three years before the bond sales, the firm’s then-CEO Lloyd Blankfein personally helped forge ties with Malaysia and its new sovereign wealth fund 1MDB at a meeting with the crooked ex-PM Najib Razak together with his partner-in-crime Jho Low at the Four Seasons hotel in New York.


In fact, more than 30 Goldman Sachs executives – including boss David Solomon and his predecessor Lloyd Blankfein – had actually reviewed the Malaysian debt deals that led to criminal charges against two of its former bankers. Heck, even Gary Cohn, the former Goldman president and chief operating officer who joined Trump administration, knew about the dubious deals.

Gary Cohn, Steve Mnuchin and Donald Trump

The burning question is this – will any Goldmanites eventually sent to prison? Besides a full refund, perhaps the frustrated Prime Minister Mahathir wants blood – that the U.S. authorities and judiciary system send to jail all the Goldman scumbags involved in the 1MDB scandal. Unfortunately, it would be a wishful thinking as Goldman Sachs is regarded as a holy institution.


Welcome to American capitalism at its finest. If Mahathir thinks the 1MDB scandal alone could threaten the 149-year-old American investment bank, he should revisit the 2008 subprime crisis again. The financial crisis which hit the United States 10 years ago was caused by corruption in the nation financial system from the beginning.


Barack Obama got into office due to his highly effective “Change” campaign, during which the 2008 great recession hit the country. Obama promised that the era of greed, accounting frauds, irresponsibility and irregularities of Wall Street will be changed – which had turned out to be nothing but empty sloganeering and marketing gimmick.

Inside Job - 2010 - Black and White poster

Adding salt to injury, the same pool of scumbags and crooks whom Obama criticised and blamed for causing the 2008 crisis during his campaign were – surprisingly but not unexpectedly – appointed as top economic advisers in his own administration. Yes, scumbags such as Timothy Geithner, William Dudley, Mark Patterson, Lewis Sachs, Rahm Emanuel, Feldstein, Larry Summers, Ben Bernanke and whatnot. 


News media reported that the U.S. treasury department only used US$700 billion in the big bank bailout during the financial crash in September of 2008. In reality, a jaw-dropping US$16.8 trillion (yes, TRILLION) was used for the bailout, a crisis that Goldman Sachs was involved directly when they bundled terrible subprime mortgages and pushed them down the throats of its clients.


Sure, Goldman Sachs was fined a staggering US$550 million in settlement after they were slapped with a lawsuit from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. But the same firm was also given a cool US$10 billion bailout at the same time. Goldman Sachs only cares how much profit they can make at the expense of their clients, even if it means selling them products that are sure to “blow up” eventually.

Gary Cohn Advising Donald Trump

Even after Obama administration, President Donald Trump continues recruiting former Goldman Sachs employees involved in the 2008 financial crisis – such as current United States Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin and former chief economic advisor Gary Cohn. Yes, even in the U.S., there appears to be one rule for the rich and powerful and another for the rest of ordinary Joes and Janes.


So, if none of Goldman Sachs bankers were sent to prison despite causing the 2008 financial meltdown, does PM Mahathir, and the world for that matter, think it would be any different with the Goldmanites cheating 1MDB sovereign-wealth fund? Get real, it would be a challenge to get a full refund from Goldman Sachs – even with help from the U.S.-DOJ – let alone demanding American smartest white collar crooks sent to jail.


After the 2008 bailout, Goldman Sachs is essentially an American institution that is too big to fail. But what about the criminal charges filed by the U.S. prosecutors against the two former Goldman Sachs bankers. Well, Tim Leissner would turn witness while in a worst case, Roger Ng would most likely be sacrificed – because he isn’t a U.S. citizen. That explains why Roger is fighting his extradition to the U.S.

Goldman Sachs - Crooks Predator

Other Goldman Sachs top executives – including David Solomon and Lloyd Blankfein – would walk away scot free. They are the untouchable white collar crooks. There’s only one reason the U.S. prosecutors are breathing down their necks – to put pressure on the firm in order to get the highest possible fines (possibly in the region of billions). Yes, the scandal will be solved through one word – settlement.


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Mahathir Praises Kuok & Welcomes Chinese Talents – They’re More Patriotic Than Ex-PM Najib & Badass Nazri Tue, 13 Nov 2018 05:31:41 +0000 For as long as one can remember, the previous Barisan Nasional government didn’t care if smart people decided to pack their bags. There were at least 10,000 Malaysians of various ethnic background migrated to Australia in 2016. In June 2014, there were already a staggering 154,000 Malaysia-born in Australia. But Australia wasn’t the only attraction to Malaysian top brains.


More than 300,000 people walk between Malaysia and Singapore every day. Malaysian Chinese made up 37.2% of the population in 1957, when the country achieved independence. However, by 2013, the ethnic Chinese population shrunk to just 24%. The already marginalised and discriminated Chinese population was estimated to drop further to below 20% by 2030.


A study by World Bank in 2011 showed that up till 2010, close to 1-million Malaysian Chinese had emigrated to other countries, with 57% of them moving to Singapore. Malaysia’s loss is Singapore’s gain, as the tiny dot happily welcoming the Malaysian Chinese talents – already moulded and shaped to survive – with open arms. Singapore - Landmark

It wasn’t a joke when Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng (then Penang Chief Minister) said that Singapore will collapse if Malaysia “sabotages” the country by simply enticing the Malaysians working in Singapore back to Malaysia. Some 40% of doctors in Singapore are Malaysians. Do you know Khaw Boon Wan, the Chairman of ruling PAP party and Transport Minister was born in Penang?


The Chinese community, of course, is known to be very enterprising and hard-working thus can survive practically anywhere globally. Throw them into a harsh environment such as Malaysia, where the minority was constantly treated as punching bag, discriminated and intimidated by the racist and corrupted Barisan Nasional regime, and you’re looking at polished diamonds.


Mahathir Mohamad, the world’s oldest prime minister at the advanced age of 93, is on his 2-day official visit to Singapore, during which he will join nine other heads of government for the 33rd ASEAN Summit. He knew all the past mistakes that he had done during his first time serving as prime minister from 1981 to 2003. Well, at least he appears to be sorry for one huge mistake.

Malaysia PM Mahathir Mohamad Visits Singapore PM Lee Hsien Loong

That mistake was not being appreciative of Malaysian talents, especially the ethnic Chinese. During a high-tea with Malaysians living in Singapore at the Shangri-La Hotel, Mahathir has again called on Malaysians abroad to return home to contribute towards the development of the country. In August, he also made the same plea during his 3-day visit to China.


There are about 14,000 Malaysians residing in China, mostly businessmen and students. Obviously, PM Mahathir was targeting Malaysian Chinese when he urged Malaysians abroad to return home while visiting China and Singapore. Unlike his first stint as prime minister where he disregarded top brains, Mahathir now looks quite desperate for the ethnic Chinese overseas to come back.


The fact that he promises to fix obstacles, including the requirements involving the Malay language, goes to show that the new Pakatan Harapan government will be different from the old Barisan Nasional regime. Sacrificing the “supremacy” of Malay language is a sensitive issue which could lead to political suicide for ordinary politicians. But Mahathir is no ordinary politician.

Mahathir Mohamad - Blue Suit

The premier also realizes that the country’s education system is very much screwed up. Hence, he revealed that he had asked Education Minister Masz­lee Malik to overhaul the school curriculum – “The current education system is bad. It needs to be revolutionised. What they learn (now) is not what they should learn. We need to change the curriculum and timetable and what they learn in school.”


Promising to fix Malay language requirement and school curriculum, two of some critical issues affecting the ethnic Chinese professionals overseas from returning home are the clearest sign that Mahathir seriously wants to reverse the decades old issue of brain drains, which unfortunately, he was part of during his administration from 1981 to 2003.


He also praised billionaire Robert Kuok’s contribution to the country. Mahathir said – “Today, Kuok is a very successful international player, but he has not forgotten that he made his first million in Johor. When we asked him to come back to rehabilitate the country, he willingly came back to sit on the Council of Eminent Persons. He has contributed in positive ways and we are grateful to him.”

Robert Kuok Hock Nien

Mahathir’s song of praise for Kuok was a stark difference from the previous Prime Minister Najib Razak and UMNO warlord Nazri Aziz. Before the May 9th general election, Nazri rudely mocked and insulted the Hong Kong-based tycoon as a “coward with no testicles.” Nazri had also demanded billionaire Kuok to surrender his Malaysian citizenship for allegedly supporting the opposition.


The disgraced Najib Razak had condemned Robert Kuok, arguing that despite the Chinaman’s hard work; it was the government who made him the “Sugar King”. Essentially, Kuok must only support the Barisan Nasional government and cannot support, let alone fund the opposition parties. Najib’s attack on Kuok had further disgusted the Chinese community, sending his government packing instead.


Today, Najib Razak and his family members have been slapped, or about to be charged, with dozens of criminal breach of trust (CBT), money laundering and abuse of power. Badass Nazri Aziz, on the other hand, has been busy sucking up to the new government especially PM-in-waiting Anwar Ibrahim – hoping that his family will not suffer the same fate as his former boss Najib.

Billionaire Robert Kuok with Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad

Regardless whether Mahathir has genuinely repented his past mistakes or merely pretending to attract Malaysian Chinese living abroad, the fact remains that the community has never felt more welcomed and appreciated than after the May 9th general election. The country is in a mess after heavily looted, plundered and raped by crooked Najib and his minions.


Therefore, Mahathir needs all the top brains he could get to rejuvenate and make Malaysia a tiger again. More importantly, he needs more Chinese because they have been the most loyal and biggest group of tax payers. Previously, he admitted that 90% of the personal income tax which the government collects is paid by the Chinese, despite them being the minority in the country.


Yes, unlike the minority Chinese, the majority – ethnic Malay – has the option of paying “zakat” as an alternative to income tax. The zakat paid will go to the Islamic cause while the tax the Chinese pay goes to paying the salaries of the 1.6 million civil servants, who happens to be mostly Malays. That’s what the defeated UMNO cybertroopers, propagandists and bloggers are preaching to sabotage the country.

Malaysia PM Mahathir Mohamad Visits Singapore PM Lee Hsien Loong - Guard of Honour

Still, after decades of discrimination, it’s only fair for Malaysians residing overseas – especially the professionals – to adopt a wait-and-see strategy. No doubt this is a chicken-and-egg situation. Mahathir government has to proactively change its unfair and discrimination policies first before confidence can be instilled – that the new Malaysia is indeed a better Malaysia.


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Singapore PM Lee Should Stop Trying To Prove He’s A Big Bully Like His Durian Buddy Najib Mon, 12 Nov 2018 04:02:28 +0000 Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong suggested on Sunday a general election may be called next year. Calling a general election by 2019, more than a year before his government’s mandate ends in January 2021, means something is brewing for the premier who makes S$2.2 million (US$1.6 million; £1.2 million; RM6.7 million) a year.


While the world’s attention is on U.S.-China trade war, countries in the region such as Singapore are not immune to the spill over effect. As the country braces for growing economic uncertainty, PM Lee’s intention to call a snap election is to avoid potential risks. His PAP (People’s Action Party) has ruled Singapore since the republic’s independence in 1965.


Interestingly, Singapore gained its independence from Malaysia, the country that raised global eyebrows about 6 months ago when Barisan Nasional coalition government, also having ruled since the country’s independence in 1957, was kicked out of power in the May 9th general election this year. Although his PAP is unlikely to be overthrown, Mr. Lee has every reason to be concerned.

Monetary Authority of Singapore - Building

Already, Singapore’s central bank – MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore) – has warned that an intensifying trade row between China and the United States is likely to hurt its economy. There were signs of voter discontent among Singaporeans, largely due to wealth disparity. PAP’s worst performance at the poll was in 2011 when 40% of voters turned against it, and it could happen again.


For the first time in 17 years, water prices were raised by 30% under Lee administration. The two phases price hike – first in July 2017 and the second effective July 2018 – affects some 900,000 households in the republic, although they were given some minor subsidies as sweetener. Electricity tariffs for the first 7 months this year alone have risen by a mind-boggling 16.8%.


Public transport fares, including bus and train, would go up by 4.3% starting Dec 29. But the hidden reason why Lee Hsien Loong wanted to call an early poll is none other than GST, scheduled to go up from 7% currently to 9% in the period between 2021 and 2025. The GST was last raised in 2007, when it went up from 5% to 7% – announced by Lee himself, then-Finance Minister.

Singapore Straits Times - Malaysia 2018 Election - Mahathir vs Najib

Somehow, the “good and services tax” has sent shivers down Lee’s spine, for a good reason. His buddy from across the causeway – Najib Razak – stunningly and unexpectedly lost his power as the Prime Minister of Malaysia in the May 9th poll largely due to GST. By hook or by crook, Mr. Lee has to call for an early election next year because to do so in 2020 would be too close for comfort.


Having seen what could happen to his good friend ex-premier Najib, the son of Singapore founder Lee Kuan Yew isn’t taking any chances. So when States Times Review website published an article titled “Lee Hsien Loong Becomes 1MDB’s Key Investigation Target”, the Singapore premier goes ballistic and all hell breaks loose.


The article (published on Nov 5th) apparently alleged that Malaysia (under previous corrupted and scandal-plagued Najib regime) had signed several unfair agreements with Singapore, in exchange for Singapore banks’ assistance in laundering 1MDB (1Malaysia Development Berhad) funds. Such agreements included the Singapore-Malaysia High Speed Rail.

Singapore Lee Hsien Loong Visits Malaysia Mahathir Mohamad

Perhaps what irritated Lee the most was the suggestion by the website founder, Alex Tax, that the PM and the republic may be sanctioned internationally – if found guilty of committing the hanky-panky business deals. And PM Lee definitely “loses face” when Alex wrote that the Singapore government was immediately summoned for questioning in Kuala Lumpur after a new Malaysian government was formed.


Reproduced across the causeway by “The Coverage”, the High Commission of the Republic of Singapore in Malaysia slammed the news article as fake news and clearly libellous. Strangely, the Monetary Authority of Singapore was the one – not Lee Hsien Loong – who filed a report with the Singapore Police Force against the author, claiming the article to be fake and malicious.


Author Alex Tan was actually a member of the Singapore People’s Party who stood in the 2011 General Election in the Ang Mo Kio Group Representation Constituency under the Reform Party banner. He has been living in Sydney, Australia, since March 2015. Refused to take down the article as instructed, Alex instead invited PM Lee to file a case with the Australian authorities.

States Times Review - Alex Tan Zhixiang and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong

Like what disgraced ex-PM Najib Razak had done to websites critical of him when he was in power previously, the Singapore IMDA (Infocomm Media Development Authority) eventually flexed its muscle – blocking access to the States Times Review website. And like the Najib regime, Lee government quickly took advantage of the issue and proposed anti-fake news laws.


Calling it the dictatorship’s favourite legal weapon, Alex Tan said Singapore’s Law Minister K Shanmugam threat of using “criminal defamation” was clearly an intimidation to silence and suppress critics. Criminal defamation carries a 2-year jail term and a fine in Singapore. Instead of refuting the allegations like a true democratic leader, PM Lee chose to abuse all the heavy machineries behind him.


As proven in Malaysia, using anti-aircraft guns to shoot a mosquito is absolutely a dumb move. It would eventually backfire, giving a perception that PM Lee Hsien Loong – often ridiculed on social media as “Mr. Pinky” – has everything to hide. He should calmly debunk allegations published, not shutting and threatening every single critic, as if Singapore is a communist country.

Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong – Mr. Pinky

Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong with US President Donald Trump – Mr. Pinky

But can the Singapore government convincingly prove that the Singapore-Malaysia High Speed Rail was a fair deal? Most of the HSR line – 335 km of it – will be in Malaysia, with the remaining 15 km in Singapore. Yet, when the Mahathir government wanted to cancel the mega project, Malaysia was told the compensation would be as much as RM500 million.


Does that mean if Singapore were to cancel the project, they have to pay proportionately RM11 billion in compensation to Malaysia? It’s a common knowledge that Lee Hsien Loong was Najib Razak’s durian buddy. Therefore, it’s only natural for rumours and speculations to spread – even thrive – when lopsided business deals were being inked between PM Lee and PM Najib.


In fact, the rumours has been spreading as early as 2010 that the Singapore has threatened Najib with photographs of murdered Mongolian model Altantuya Shaariibuu with him together, hence the sealing of lopsided deal over the KTMB Tanjung Pagar that saw Najib agreed to give ways to some very valuable strategic national assets which Malaysia owned in Singapore for almost 100 years.

Najib Razak and Lee Hsien Loong - Sharing Durian

No past Malaysian leaders, except Najib Razak, had agreed to give away large parcels of land in Tanjung Pagar, Bukit Timah, Kranji and Woodlands in exchange for small parcels in Marina South and Ophir-Rochor under the pretext of joint development. That was a staggering 434.26 acres (173.7ha) of land in Singapore owned by KTM but given away generously by Najib.


Did Singapore help Najib in laundering the funds of Malaysian state fund 1MDB, as alleged by Alex Tan? The fact remains that Singapore police only moved in to freeze two Singapore accounts on July 15, 2015 “after” the Wall Street Journal exposed (on July 2, 2015) the money trail involving US$681 million transacted through Tanore Finance, a company in the British Virgin Islands, and Falcon Private Bank in Singapore.


For the next subsequent 6 months since its first action, Singapore government remained silent, until Swiss Attorney-General Michael Lauber’s publicly announced that a criminal investigation into 1MDB had revealed that about US$4 billion appeared to have been misappropriated from Malaysian state companies. Again, it was only “after” the exposure that Singapore was forced to react.

1MDB Scandal - How Najib Becomes A Billionaire and Fund His Wife’s Diamonds

Amusingly, in 2013 alone, the U.S.-Department of Justice’s investigation shows at least US$2.89 billion stolen from 1MDB was laundered through Falcon Private Bank in Singapore. Did the authorities proactively take actions? Nope. But when the scandal finally exposed beyond cover-up, Singapore authorities conveniently claimed that they were aware of “suspicious activities”.


Even then, Singapore had refused to mention Najib Razak’s name in the 1MDB scandal, until Mahathir government finally took the crook to court and slapped him with dozens of charges of criminal breach of trust (CBT), money laundering and abuse of power. Singapore also went bonkers, whining and bitching to Facebook, demanding the tech giant to bring down the so-called fake article.


Perhaps the Singapore government thought they could use the strong-arm tactic to tell Facebook to run their errands, considering the city is home to Facebook’s Asia-Pacific headquarters since 2010. To Lee Hsien Loong’s horror, the Facebook rejected the Singapore request, obviously a humiliating slap in the face of the government who has always gotten its way.

Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and Facebook Mark Zuckerberg

Phil Robertson, Asia’s deputy director of Human Rights Watch, said the Singapore government was engaged in bullying tactics against States Times Review website – “If a story is inaccurate, Singapore should refute it with facts, not shoot the messenger. Actions like these show that when it comes to media freedom, Singapore is no better than repressive regimes like Vietnam or Laos.”


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Does Silly Mahathir Have A Magic Wand Able To Tell Which UMNO MPs Are No Longer Crooks? Sat, 10 Nov 2018 17:46:36 +0000 Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad has announced yesterday (Nov 10) that his government would not offer government posts to Mustapa Mohamed, former International Trade and Industry Minister under previous Najib regime and one of UMNO warlords who had jumped ship from the corrupted and racist Malay nationalist party to Mahathir’s Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM).


That is definitely a piece of good news. However, Mahathir’s announcement could be an “afterthought” decision after huge condemnation from the public, especially on social media. If Mustapa is being offered a position now, not only will the 93-year-old premier be mocked and insulted, but he would certainly be accused of bribing Mustapa with posts to defect.


Still, that doesn’t mean Mahathir will not change his mind later. Already, his decision to welcome Mr. Mustapa into PPBM is a joke. Prior to Mustapa’s admission to his party, the old man had said that UMNO MPs can only join PPBM if they quit UMNO first to be independent MPs, and there will be a cooling off period, not to mention it’s not a guarantee they would be accepted.

Mustapa Mohamed - UMNO Warlord

Mahathir made it sound like PPBM is a very exclusive club. Yet, one month after Mustapa quit UMNO after serving loyally for 40 years, he was accepted by Mahathir with open arms. So, is 1-month the standard period for UMNO MPs, whom most were crooks, to cleanse themselves of past corruptions and sins before they are considered fit for admission to Mahathir’s club?


Subsequently 2 weeks ago, Kadir Jasin, the media and communication adviser in the Prime Minister Office, dropped a bombshell – up to 40 UMNO MPs (Member of Parliament) were ready to jump ship, presumably to Mahathir’s PPBM party. UMNO currently has 48 MPs left, therefore, at least 8 of the MPs are too toxic and dirty to be interviewed to be crews of Mahathir’s ship.


The revelation by Mr. Kadir has raised millions of eyebrows for obvious reason. The idea of accepting UMNO crooks into the new government was already bad enough. And after fighting tooth and nail kicking out the evil UMNO, all Mahathir could think of to rebuild the nation is to welcome all those thieves, crooks and even perverts or rapists back to the new government? Has he gone senile?

Shahidan Kassim – Former Perlis Menteri Besar (Chief Minister)

Yes, it appears perverts or rapists such as Shahidan Kassim would be one of UMNO 40 thieves that Mahathir has no problem accepting. The coffee shop talks have it that with the exception of Zahid Hamidi, Annuar Musa, Nazri Aziz, Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim, Khairy Jama­lud­­din, Tajuddin Rahman and of course, Najib Razak, everyone from UMNO is welcomed.


Actually, the naughty Kadir Jasin was merely testing water when he threw the cat among the pigeons. He deliberately dropped the bombshell because his boss Mahathir wanted to assess the response from UMNO leadership and its 48 MPs. More importantly, Mahathir wanted to see the reaction from PKR President Anwar Ibrahim, or at least his proxies or lieutenants.


Anwar was wise not to take the bait and swallowed the hook, line and sinker. The premier-in-waiting cleverly played down the claims of 40 UMNO MPs jumping ship, saying he has faith in the Pakatan Harapan coalition government. He knew it was a provocation from Mahathir’s camp to see if he would repeat his 1998 stunt – making his move to topple PM Mahathir again.

Anwar Ibrahim and Mahathir Mohamad

After massive public backlash over PPBM’s dumb idea of accepting up to 40 thieves from UMNO, Mahathir’s son – Mukhriz – stepped forward and clarified (or rather damage-control) that only Mustapa Mohamed was welcome to join his daddy’s Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia, but any other UMNO member will have to go through a vetting process.


Mukhriz conveniently justified that there was nothing wrong in accepting the 40 UMNO frogs, simply because there are no laws that restrict MPs from changing parties. Exactly who does Mr. Mukhriz try to hoodwink? Unable to convince the people who were increasingly getting frustrated with the idea of forgiving the UMNO crooks, Mahathir came out with a rather silly excuse.


In his attempt to further justify admission of UMNO MPs into his party to make it the dominant party in the Pakatan Harapan coalition, essentially making the PPBM a new version of UMNO, PM Mahathir said last week that not everyone was “wrong”, adding that some deserved a chance to join the ruling coalition.

Mustapa Receives A Mock Membership Card From Mahathir

Mahathir shrugged off critics who said Mustapa was part of crooked Najib Razak’s Cabinet, and who had concerns that he could be linked to the 1MDB scandal. Mahathir defended Mustapa – “Even when he was in Najib’s Cabinet, he used to come and see me. He was not happy, but he was afraid. A lot of people were afraid. I was also scared of him.”


That was the silliest defence from Mahathir over his recruitment of Mustapa. What good of a senior minister such as Mustapa if he had no courage whatsoever to criticise, or at least comment, about Najib’s looting or plundering of national coffers? Exactly why Mahathir happily accepted someone who had preferred to “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” is beyond comprehension.


Perhaps Mahathir has a very low requirement in his hiring – even a coward is acceptable as long as he never mocked or insulted the old man in the past. Today, he said it was the policy of the Pakatan Harapan government not to offer posts for a certain period of time to any former UMNO leader. But what is this so-called “probation period” before they can hold any posts?

Najib Razak - Raining Money

Mahathir Mohamad said his party will only admit former UMNO members who have proven to have repented. He also said they should eliminate their “cash is king” attitude. After 61 years living like a parasite, is it even possible for the UMNO crooks to repent? Just exactly how the great Mahathir plans to measure and certify that a UMNO member has genuinely repented?


Can the infamous “kerisman” Hishammuddin Hussein, the cousin of crooked Najib Razak, automatically becomes a good guy if he manages to bring Najib’s partner-in-crime Jho Low back from China? After years of brandishing his dagger against non-Muslims, can the racist Hishammuddin be forgiven and allowed to keep all his treasure and fortune accumulated through decades of corruption?


What is Mahathir’s measurement of a “clean” UMNO MP, if such human even exist in the first place in the corrupted party? Considering that Najib and his wife Rosmah could have stolen and stashed over RM100 billion in foreign bank accounts, as alleged by Sarawak Report, will Mahathir therefore accept UMNO MPs who had stolen 1 billion ringgit only (that’s merely 1% as corrupt as Najib)?

Hishammuddin Hussein with Keris

How about UMNO MPs like Ismail Sabri Yaakob, Mahdzir Khalid, Noh Omar, Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor, Azalina Othman, Ahmad Maslan, Anifah Aman or Bung Mokhtar, just to name a few, who were all Najib’s biggest bootlickers and had been supporting the ex-Thief-in-Chief’s 1MDB scandal, before the previous Barisan Nasional government was defeated on May 9th?


Heck, even Hasan Arifin, the disgraced former PAC (Public Accounts Committee) chairman who admitted to deleting parts of the 1MDB report to cover up his boss Najib, might get to enter Mahathir’s club. Mr. Hasan is the same guy who foolishly shot his own foot when he said he was merely “cari makan (earning a living)”, when he disclosed it was not necessary to call PM Najib Razak to testify before the PAC.


Obviously, it was a wishful thinking when Mahathir said his party – PPBM – won’t allow hostile takeover by ex-UMNO members. He should know that all the 40 UMNO thieves are incapable of repentance. All the crooked UMNO MPs, however, are capable of stealing and plundering again if Mahathir naively allows them to abuse the system – riding the PPBM or Pakatan Harapan gravy train.

Pakatan Harapan Gravy Train - Mahathir Mohamad


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