China Shutting Down Internet In Hong Kong? No Problem – FireChat To The Rescue

Ahead of Hong Kong’s national holiday tomorrow, Wednesday, there’re still thousands of Hong Kongers on the street; camping and sleeping in the middle of the road. Here’s the problem – Hong Kong is ready for democracy but China isn’t. And Beijing’s stone age mentality is such that Hong Kong is another mischievous kid, just like […]

... written on Oct 01 2014

Flight MH17 Shot Down – Malaysian Leaderships Put To Test, Again (Photo)

Just when everyone thought the missing Malaysian flight MH370 in Mar-2014 was the worst air disaster in the country, little did we expect another bigger and worse disaster was waiting to explode in slightly 4-months away. Today, it is confirmed that Malaysian flight MH17 was shot down which killed all 298 people including 15 crew […]

... written on Jul 18 2014

Obama’s Hanging With The Wrong Crowd – Najib Praises Terrorists While His Boy Hails Hitler

Argentina made it to the 2014 FIFA World Cup final, thanks to the team’s goolkeeper Sergio Romero, stopping two penalties and sending the only South American representative to a 4-2 victory. This is perhaps the best results we can hope for – Europe’s Germany againsts South America’s Argentina. It would be too boring to have […]

... written on Jul 10 2014

25 Famous Logos With Secret Hidden Messages

Why corporations spend huge amount of money in advertising? The answer is to sell their products, of course. And to do that, it depends very much on the company’s logo. The logo, to certain extend, represents company’s brand. Without a logo, you’re basically no difference from selling your products at flea market or “pasar malam” […]

... written on Jun 23 2014

2014 FIFA World Cup – Here’re 8 High-Tech Concepts You May Not Know

Argentina has just beaten Bosnia Herzegovina 2-1 minutes ago. There’s no doubt that Argentina will emerge top in this group, thanks to her luck having easy preys – Iran, Nigeria and Bosnia. And if other teams couldn’t control Lionel Messi, we’re afraid Argentina could qualify for the final meeting Brazil (*grin*). Of course it’s too […]

... written on Jun 16 2014

Did Anwar’s Tweet Change the Course of History?

At the current age of 87, former premier Mahathir is running out of time. He needs to position his son, Mukhriz Mahathir, at least as UMNO deputy president before he kicks the bucket. He deliberately lobbied two of his “budak suruhan” (boy-servants), Ibrahim Ali and Zulkifli Nordin, to be fielded as candidates in the 13th […]

... written on May 10 2013

Listen-Listen-Listen Fiasco – When Animals Were Insulted

Two persons expressed their opinions against the present Malaysian federal government. One got suspended while the other was bullied. The one who got suspended was the chief economist of Bank Islam – Azrul Anwar Ahmad – after his presentation at the Regional Outlook Forum in Singapore, which amongst others stated that one of the most […]

... written on Jan 15 2013

The Hidden Messages That You May Not Know

It’s been two weeks since the stunning 250,000 people brave the burning sun demanding for clean elections during Bersih 3.0 rally. Interestingly the topic is still selling like hot potatoes. Actually the rally is still hot news simply because both government and opposition wouldn’t want it to die a natural death. Understandably both sides are […]

... written on May 14 2012

How Did Some Great Companies Get Their Cool Names?

Entrepreneurs and founders have a common problem during their company setup – what shall be their company’s name? It would be a challenge especially during current internet age because the domain name you desire may not be available. From product concept to their pet name, that’s how some of these successful companies get their name. […]

... written on Jul 13 2011

Anonymous Hackers, Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn You

Operation Malaysia – that’s the code to all hackers within “Anonymous” hacker group interested in hacking Malaysian Government portal. The good news – the hackers were kind-hearted enough to give ample time (operation to be launched at 7:30am GMT Wed or 3:30am Thur Malaysia time) for the Government of Malaysia to prepare for the invasion. […]

... written on Jun 15 2011

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