Obama Sanctions Russia, Putin Retaliates With A Duck & A Word “Lame”

All Obama has wanted to do for the remaining days before leaving the White House was to play golf. But his Democrats comrade Hillary Clinton’s stunning losses is proving to be a bitter pill to swallow, even until today. The president is under tremendous pressure from his party to do something, anything so that somebody, […]

... written on Dec 30 2016

Saudi Insulted (Again) Because German Defence Minister Refuses To Wear Hijab

Saudi Arabia has a huge problem with regards to women. Women’s rights in the kingdom are very limited. Saudi women are nothing but sex object to their men. They still can’t drive a car, the only country on planet Earth with such a ban. Of course, interaction with men isn’t allowed so there’s a separate […]

... written on Dec 16 2016

The Secret Behind The Making Of A Presidential Phone Call

President-elect Donald Trump has spoken to dozens of world leaders since his stunning victory in the 2016 Presidential Election. Among Asian leaders, he has spoken to Chinese President Xi Jinping, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe, Korean President Park Geun-hye and the Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte.   But it was his call to Taiwanese President Tsai […]

... written on Dec 05 2016

Sorry UMNO Folks, Here’re 12 Differences Between Donald Trump And Najib Razak

Suddenly every single UMNO member and supporter sings like a canary – praising and worshipping Donald Trump as if he is Allah. Trump’s stunning victory has indeed made him very popular, so much so that the President-elect is now more popular in Muslim countries than in his own country, the United States. That’s absolutely amusing!! […]

... written on Dec 01 2016

New York Times Admits Anti-Trump Bias, Now Promises To “Report Honestly”

New York Times (NYT) was one of many so-called liberal media who took side and aligned with Democrats presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Like CNN, which was mocked and joked as Clinton News Network, NYT was so anti-Trump that the media company has made it a “policy” to be bias when reports about Donald Trump during […]

... written on Nov 14 2016

Now Saudi Prince Alwaleed Makes A U-Turn And Kisses Trump’s Butt

Because the Republican now controls both House and Senate, it makes Donald Trump not only the 45th President of the United States but also a “very powerful” president. For that reason alone, world leaders, including those who have been mocking and joking about Trump, have no choice but to start making a U-turn and suck […]

... written on Nov 10 2016

The Hunt For 3 Golds Ended With None – Winning A Battle But Losing A War

Some say it was the jinx of Najib and wife Rosmah which had denied the country of its first-ever gold medal in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. Auntie Rosy and PM Najib should not have had sent letters and messages of congratulation to Malaysian badminton players before the game ends. As a result, the badminton […]

... written on Aug 22 2016

Day-1 Of Chaos – Clinton In Trouble As Supporters Boo & Fight Each Other

Trump was formally nominated for president at a chaotic Republican convention in Cleveland last week. Fellow Republican Ted Cruz who lost to him took to the stage but sensationally refused to endorse Donald Trump. Cruz said toward the end of his speech – “Don’t stay home in November. Stand and speak and vote your conscience.” […]

... written on Jul 26 2016

Turkey Coup D’état – Here’s Why President Erdogan Could Have Staged The Drama

European Union appears to be crumbling after Brexit. People have been blaming Brexiteers for the collapsing British Pound. Actually, they should worry more about the Euro than the British currency. Without UK, the EU will not be the same again. As radical Islamic terrorists get bolder in terrorizing EU, it’s a matter of time before […]

... written on Jul 17 2016

Revealed!! – Young Workers Work Only 50% & Waste 50% On Social Media

Are you a business owner who employs a battalion of staffs or workers? More importantly, do you, as a boss, believe that young workers produce higher productivity than older workers and in a process which you didn’t even realise, have practiced age discrimination against your older workers who had fought for your empire during the […]

... written on Jun 01 2016

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