15 Successful, Rich and Famous People – Their Humble First Jobs

We tend to admire and wish how we were born with a silver spoon, just like how lucky Paris Hilton was. While rich background certainly helps, it’s not the only way to the top. Some of the world’s one percent wealthiest people started out dirt poor. And the reason why they’re still the wealthiest today […]

... written on Jul 04 2014

Malaysian Najib Administration Protecting Diplomat Rapist? Here’s The Suspect List

How do you get away scot-free with crimes, if it involves burglary or even rape, in another country? To invoke diplomatic immunity, of course. That was how a Malaysian diplomat to New Zealand did last month. The diplomat who refused to give a DNA sample, has since returned home to Malaysia safely.   New Zealand police […]

... written on Jul 01 2014

50 Cool Signatures Of World’s Rich & Famous People

Your signature is unique and central to your identity. Signature is such a powerful symbol representing your life that some fortune tellers would tell you to change your signature style if you want to gain success or fame.  One of the most awesome signatures was of John Hancock – the “k” in his signature on […]

... written on Jun 28 2014

Adios England? Only The Queen Can Save The Team

Roads were empty while thousands of pubs were filled to brim. It was a do or die match for England against Uruguay, a team that England have never beaten before at the World Cup. While England was hoping Rooney could score, or at least make himself useful, Uruguay was delighted that Luis Suarez returned to […]

... written on Jun 20 2014

Adios Spain! Blame Najib Because He’s The Culprit

Spain is toast, out, history, kaput. The defending champion of 2010 FIFA World Cup and 2012 Euro Cup is out in the very first round of the present 2014 FIFA World Cup. Who could have predict that? It was a humiliating display when the Spanish team lost 0-2 to Chile, after lost 1-5 to Holland […]

... written on Jun 19 2014

Meet “Frozen” Princess Elsa Look-Alike: Anna Carlson

Frozen, the 2013 3D computer animated musical fantasy-comedy film produced by Walt Disney was a commercial success. It made over US$1.2 billion worldwide, with more than US$400 came from United States and Canada alone. It ranks as the highest-grossing animated film of all time, the fifth highest-grossing film of all time, and the highest-grossing film of 2013.   Now, […]

... written on Jun 15 2014

2014 FIFA World Cup – The Worst Opening Ceremony?

Is 2014 FIFA World Cup opening ceremony the worst ever in the history? Unfortuantely, many think so after yesterday’s kick-off at the Corinthians Arena, Sao Paulo, Brazil. First, you could hardly listen to what Jennifer Lopez was singing, thanks to the superb sound system (can someone sack the manager please). The sound quality was so […]

... written on Jun 13 2014

UMNO vs Sultan – The Rush For Goldmine Johor Land

Beside being crowned as the world’s most expensive city, Singapore is also a top financial hub, trading port, tourism, tax haven, and has the world’s highest percentage of millionaires. The country which already has 21 billionaires is expected to have 4,878 people with US$30 million or more in assets by 2023, according to Knight Frank […]

... written on Jun 10 2014

Why DAP Lost Teluk Intan? What Has Gone Wrong?

In most by-elections, the “unofficial results” from the government’s (read: BN, Barisan Nasional) camp normally would be final. So, when the unofficial results of Teluk Intan by-election shows BN candidate Mah Siew Keong won with a razor-thin majority of 238 votes, it was game over for DAP and PR (Pakatan Rakyat) for that matter. Congratz […]

... written on Jun 01 2014

The Beauty vs The Expired – My Money On Dyana

Teluk Intan, formerly known as Teluk Anson, is set for an interesting fight between two individuals this 27th May. This small town, popularly known as “Anson” by Perakians  is also known for its legendary “Chee Cheung Fun” (steamed rice roll filled with dark brown aromatic shallots and dried shrimps served with pickled green chillies). There […]

... written on May 20 2014

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