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7 Things about Investing Stocks in October You Should Know

August was a bad month while September was rather jolly good for stocks. S&P500 closed the month of September 2010 with a 9% gain. In fact this September was the best September for the U.S. stocks in more than 70 years (since 1939). The gain in September more than makes up for the 4.75% August […]

... written on Oct 02 2010

5 Reasons Why Apple Stock Crash After Opening

One of the best but rare ways to make extraordinary money trading stocks intra-day is to monitor and grab the opportunity the moment a mini crash happens beyond what appears to be normal market behaviour. Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL, stock) stock did just that briefly after the opening bell – lost about RM16 bucks to […]

... written on Sep 29 2010

Top 20 Stocks with Good Dividend Yield

Federal Reserve chief Alan Greenspan was right when he said the “most effective” economic stimulus is rising stock prices, instead of government spending. The stock market is indeed a barometer of how the average-Joes feel. But the stock market bull has to be as genuine as possible, meaning the so-called index rising was not due […]

... written on Sep 27 2010

The Return of Daim Zainuddin’s Monopoly Game

If there’s an award for the best dressed wolf in sheep’s skin, you can be sure of only one winner – Tun Daim Zainuddin. The former finance minister is perhaps the politician former Prime Minister Mahathir least has to worry simply because Daim was not an ambitious politician. Daim loves money and young women more […]

... written on Sep 20 2010

RIM Beat Forecasts, BlackBerry is Not Dead Yet

Research In Motion Limited (Nasdaq: RIMM, stock), the maker of BlackBerry smartphones, reported second-quarter results on Thursday that topped forecasts, immediately sending the stock price as much as 6.5% higher during after-hours trading. The stronger than expected profit, shipments and revenue came as a surprise for investors who have more or less concluded the BlackBerry […]

... written on Sep 17 2010

Gartner’s Prediction on Mobile OS Top Market Shares

Just after Hewlett-Packard Co. (NYSE: HPQ, stock) fired its CEO Mark Hurd who was later welcomed by Oracle Corp. (Nasdaq: ORCL, stock) CEO Larry Ellison as co-president and board member, Nokia Corp (NYSE: NOK, stock) axed its CEO and replaced it with Stephen Elop, a 46-year-old Canadian, who resigned as Microsoft Corp.’s Business division president […]

... written on Sep 11 2010

Mark Hurd Joins Oracle – President Now, CEO Later?

A month after he resigned from Hewlett-Packard Co. (NYSE: HPQ, stock) following a sexual harassment investigation, former HP CEO Mark Hurd found himself a new job – as the co-president and board member of Oracle Corp., the world’s second biggest software company behind Microsoft Corp. One of Oracle’s two presidents, Charles Phillips, a former captain […]

... written on Sep 08 2010

Apple Special Event 1st Sept – iPod, iTunes, iPad and iTV

Apple has called a press conference (or rather Special Event) on Wednesday, September 1st in San Francisco 10:00 a.m PST. Not only Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL, stock) die-hard fans are waiting anxiously for this event but stock analysts and speculators are equally excited about this event as any extraordinary positive announcement would push up the […]

... written on Sep 01 2010

Singapore is Counting Chips of Profit from IRs

Singaporeans would be “prudent” to let foreigners do the gambling at the casinos in the two new integrated resorts (IRs) as such a move will be a “sure-win” situation, as taxes levied on gambling would boost government coffers, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said yesterday at the National Day Rally. Yeah, maybe PM Lee should […]

... written on Aug 31 2010

8 Facts US Economy Recovery is still Going Nowhere

The way U.S. big boys are managing (or rather firefighting) the economy is pretty amusing though. President Obama is clueless on how to drive the country out of recession while the CEOs are finding scapegoat blaming Obama squarely for the weak economy and Bernanke is literally saying “Don’t worry, we have some tools or options […]

... written on Aug 28 2010

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