Celebrating 100-Year-Old – How Coca-Cola Bottle Got Its Sexy Shape

This year marks approximately 100-year Coca-Cola got into its shape. No, we’re not talking about how long Coke was in the market. It was invented more than 100-year ago in 1886 by John Pemberton, and subsequently bought by businessman Asa Griggs Candler. Of course, Mr Asa made crazy truckloads of fortune selling Coca-Cola. Surprisingly, Coca-Cola […]

... written on Mar 09 2015

Are These The Reasons Why You Don’t Want Kids?

While kids can definitely be pretty adorable at times, there are other instances when children can be downright dreadful. Could this be one of the reasons why families are seeing a decline in number of kids, as compared to their previous generation? Sure, it’s technology world now, not the ancient agrarian society that required battalions of kids […]

... written on Mar 05 2015

Revealed!! – Billionaire Warren Buffett’s Youthful Secret

Karpal Singh dies aged 74, while Nik Aziz dies at 84. Lee Kuan Yew is now 91-years-old but he’s very ill, and if one cares to look at a photo dated April 2014 between him and Sultan of Brunei, one cannot help but to express concern about a very thin Singapore’s first prime minister. It […]

... written on Feb 26 2015

This Country Is So Badly Hit By Oil Prices That Having Sex Is Impossible

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when Venezuela is mentioned? Well, Miss Universe, of course. Pageants are such a serious business that it’s part of Venezuelan lives. But there’s something much bigger and serious than beautiful women in Venezuela – OIL. For the past many months, people have been talking about how low […]

... written on Feb 06 2015

Don’t Look Down On Cockroaches – They Have Personality

The next time a cockroach running around on the same table you’re having your meal, think twice about smacking it to pieces. Believe it or not, they’re better than human, especially those scumbag hypocrite politicians. Sure, cockroaches may be dirty and ugly, and may be one of the most despicable creatures on planet Earth. But […]

... written on Feb 05 2015

Oldtown Fiasco – Ismail Sabri Screws Invisible Man, Not Wonder Woman

Superman was kinda bored so he just started flying around looking for something to do. He’s flying over Wonder Woman’s house and sees her bedroom window is open, with the gorgeous girl lying on her bed naked. He thinks to himself “I’m faster than a speeding bullet, I could fly down there, take care of […]

... written on Feb 04 2015

BOOM!! RON95 Cheapest Since 2008 Recession, But Nothing Else’s Cheaper

Thanks to America and Saudi Arabia, Malaysians especially the Chinese have something to cheer during the coming Chinese New Year festival this month. Effective February 1, prices for fuel have been reduced by 21 sen to RM1.70 a litre (RON 95), 11 sen to RM2.00 a litre (RON 97) and 23 sen to RM1.70 a […]

... written on Feb 02 2015

Here Comes Wireless Charging To Starbucks UK, And Soon Europe & Asia

Last year, a study done by smartphone case maker mophie in UK has revealed something amazing, although not surprising. Nearly half of Britons can only remember three telephone numbers because they are so reliant on storing information on their mobile phone. The research also showed that 92% of British people would feel stressed if their […]

... written on Jan 21 2015

Free Remedy – But Would You Apply Pee On Your Face, Or Even Drink It?

As disgusting as it may sound, the use of urine (that’s right, your own pee) for various health, healing and even cosmetic purposes dated back to thousands of years ago by several ancient cultures such as China, India and Egypt. Could that be the reason why Cleopatra was one of ancient most beautiful woman? Before […]

... written on Jan 20 2015

Swiss Tsunami – Reasons Why Zurich Gave Up On Euro

Swiss-made watches have become more expensive over night. Swatch watch group which sells brands such as Omega, Tissot, Longiness and Calvin Klein was trembling at the sudden change of event. So did Richemont, which owns Cartier, Chloé and Montblanc. Shares of Swatch Group tumbled 15% while Richemont was down 14%. If you happen to collect […]

... written on Jan 18 2015

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