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New Bull Run – Already Started or Another 10-Years?

How long can the current rally last? That is a multi-billion-dollars question everyone would like to know. Boy! It’s not easy being either a bull or a bear. Damn the bull when the market tumbles and damn the bear when the market skyrockets. Many fundamentalists claimed they are not affected or rather they don’t care […]

... written on Aug 23 2009

Get the Facts Right and You’ll Know What to Do Next

Uh oh! It seems the rally got stuck in the mud. Analysts who screamed at the top of the voice that the bull is out for revenge didn’t seem to get it. You just got to filter out such analysts because they could help to burn a big hold in your pocket. At this moment […]

... written on Aug 17 2009

Thank Goodness the Jobs Report was Great – What Now?

Not everybody dare to declare this year will be a great year despite the fact that Dow Jones Industrial Average has been sending many stock traders smiling from ear to ear. They may dare to say that the worst is over (unless huge bubble such as credit card debt burst) but still they’re not putting […]

... written on Aug 08 2009

Are you convinced the Bull was a suckers Rally?

Do you need to be a certified chartist or scientist to tell what the resistance levels are for either Kuala Lumpur Composite Index (KLCI) or Dow Jones Industrial Average? If you’re still clueless why the recent spike in the stock markets then go figure, will ya? The only difference between current global recession and the […]

... written on Jun 23 2009

Najib Rosmah Sdn Bhd – LKY came with Hammer and Nails?

Singapore Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew last visited Malaysia in 1989. The architect of the current modern Singapore has never step onto the soil since then, at least officially, due to obvious reason – former Malaysia Prime Minister, Mahathir, won’t allow it. And now that Najib Razak has become the sixth prime minister, Lee Kuan […]

... written on Jun 16 2009

Foreign Funds My Foot! Learn from Genting Singapore

CIMB Investment Bank Berhad claimed that foreign investors returned in droves bringing in their hot money as if they have no where else to park their money. The funny part is CIMB can only target the KLCI to reach 1,060 points by year-end, another 20 points from today’s index of 1,040. Why not 1,200 or […]

... written on May 28 2009

Even if the Worst is Over, So What?

General Motors Corp. (NYSE: GM, stock) announced that only a small fraction of the holders of its $27 billion in bonds agreed to swap their debt for a 10 percent equity share of a recapitalized GM. Without at least 90% of GM’s unsecured debt bondholders agreeable to the swap-plan, GM has no other choice but […]

... written on May 27 2009

McDonald, Fast Food that is Recession-Proof

Not many moons ago I wrote that the no-brainer or average-Joes yardstick to measure if the economy was getting bad was to look at how Starbucks’ (Nasdaq: SBUX, stock) business was doing. Furthermore at about RM10 a cup of coffee it’s considered a luxury, at least to the majority of the men on the street […]

... written on May 17 2009

Chopping Board for Stubborn Punters and Gamblers

Speculators and punters are at the crossroads now. Stock market has arrived at the traffic light – would it pause before continue its journey to the north or would it make a U-turn and go south? It’s freaking fun to see the look on the face of the speculators or punters now. If the so-called […]

... written on May 14 2009

Stress Test a Hoax? Another Wave of Banking Tsunami?

Something is not right here although I hope I’m wrong. Not many months ago the stock market happily plunged with a single bad news although there were dozen of good news accompanied it. Now a single good news plus dozens of bad news is enough to send the stock market to the moon. Everything was […]

... written on May 09 2009

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