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Celcom Launches iPhone 4 – Sexy Plans vs Maxis & DIGI

Celcom, the oldest mobile communications company in Malaysia and claims to have the widest and most extensive coverage nationwide with dual-band GSM (900/1800 MHz) coverage of 97% of Malaysian population, has finally announced its Apple iPhone 4 offering today. Its CEO Shazalli Ramly who claimed that Celcom Axiata has over 2 million (about 20% of […]

... written on Apr 23 2011

Facebook’s New Campus In Menlo Park (Photos)

Facebook is about to move its headquarters from Palo Alto to Menlo Park, a 57-acre campus about 30 miles south of San Francisco. The campus was formerly occupied by Sun Microsystems until it was bought over by Oracle Corp last year. With headcount growth of about 50% a year, it was hope the new site […]

... written on Apr 06 2011

Japan Nuclear Crisis Stabilizes, Libya In Focus (Photos)

Billionaire investor Warren Buffett was absolutely right when he said Japan’s devastating earthquake is the kind of extraordinary event that creates a buying opportunity for shares in Japanese companies. It’s no brainer that the earthquake and the nuclear catastrophe was a temporary setback unless of course the whole Japan island was totally wipe out. Furthermore, […]

... written on Mar 22 2011

Japan’s Chernobyl – Greed For Profits Above Safety?

A cloud of white smoke rose above Japan’s earthquake-damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant Wednesday. The cloud of smoke came from the No. 3 reactor and presumed to have been vapour from a spent-fuel storage pool at the reactor. Immediately officials asked workers at the plant to evacuate after the smoke or vapour rose above the […]

... written on Mar 17 2011

Nuclear Fears Rips Global Stocks, Ain’t Over Yet

Stocks around the globe dropped like a stone at the start of trading on news that dangerous levels of radiation are leaking from a crippled nuclear plant in Japan after a magnitude-9 earthquake followed by tsunami. In a situation where you’re uncertain about the impact of the nuclear crisis especially when it come from the […]

... written on Mar 16 2011

Japan Tsunami’s Greatest Problem – Nuclear Meltdown

U.S. Geological Survey said the reading was 8.9 but the Japanese officials raised their estimate Sunday of the quake’s magnitude to 9.0. Either way, it’s the strongest and the worst that hit Japan in 140 years. Just when you thought the uprising in the Middle East particularly Libya would have kept you occupied, the Japan’s […]

... written on Mar 14 2011

Mad Dog Gaddafi to Spook Oil Prices Up North

Prepare for higher oil price because the “mad dog” is running wild. Dictator Muammar Gaddafi has launched a shocking war against his own people, killing at least hundreds and probably thousands in attacks by warplanes and foreign mercenaries. Reports of 400 dead, mystery Libyan jets landing in Malta, military retreating to their compounds and whatnot has […]

... written on Feb 23 2011

Obama Dinner – Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg are VVIP

Apple CEO Steve Jobs decided there was no way he was going to miss the private dinner and most likely his last with President Obama, if indeed a report by The National Enquirer that Steve Jobs may have just six weeks to live is true. The US tech get-together dinner was held with the aim […]

... written on Feb 21 2011

Marcos, Mubarak & Mahathir – Who’s The Richest Man?

The mounting pressure from 18 days of historic protests finally drove Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak from office, after 30-years as his nation’s iron-fisted ruler. But the dictator should not shed a single drop of tear because the fortune he amassed is more than enough to finance his retirement comfortably. It would be nice and jaw-dropping […]

... written on Feb 14 2011

Another Mega-Merger, Deutsche Boerse to Acquire NYSE

Germany’s Deutsche Boerse AG, the company that owns and runs Frankfurt stock exchange, could soon take over the American’s New York Stock Exchange. NYSE Euronext Inc., which also operates exchanges in Europe, said it is in “advanced discussions” about a possible merger with Deutsche Boerse. The merger would create the world’s largest trading powerhouse with […]

... written on Feb 10 2011

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