Nuclear Plants – Balancing Corruptions And Risks

Sometimes it’s super dangerous to have politicians who couldn’t care less about human lives as long as they can make some millions (through corruption) at their backyards. It’s one thing that your country couldn’t generate enough power to need demands but it’s another thing if you’re toying with the idea of nuclear plants when you’ve […]

... written on Apr 05 2011

Senile Old Man Talks Crap Because Of Revolution?

First, the old man claimed he has been mistaken as the bad guy for launching the infamous “Operasi Lalang” – crackdown using Internal Security Act (ISA) in 1987 which saw 106 people, mostly opposition politicians, arrested. The old dictator, Mahathir Mohamad, conveniently blames the police over the crackdown. He’s the good guy and it was […]

... written on Feb 19 2011

Marcos, Mubarak & Mahathir – Who’s The Richest Man?

The mounting pressure from 18 days of historic protests finally drove Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak from office, after 30-years as his nation’s iron-fisted ruler. But the dictator should not shed a single drop of tear because the fortune he amassed is more than enough to finance his retirement comfortably. It would be nice and jaw-dropping […]

... written on Feb 14 2011

Corruption Can Become Day-Light Robbery If …

Singapore economy was reportedly to have expanded by a whopping 14.7% against Ministry of Trade and Industry’s (MTI) growth forecast of 15%, making the country the fastest-growing economy in the world after Qatar, according to IMF (International Monetary Fund). While Singapore is enjoying vibrant economic growth, its nearest neighbour Malaysia is struggling to keep the […]

... written on Jan 03 2011

ETP – Wishful Thinking Against Reality Hidden from You

Malaysia’s economy is set to skyrocket to a super-impressive level in just another 10-year, thanks to an economic road map involving investments of about US$444 billion (RM1.3 trillion) to power the country towards becoming a high income economy by 2020, provided you believe this is not another Mother of all Slogans gimmick to create feel-good […]

... written on Sep 23 2010

The Return of Daim Zainuddin’s Monopoly Game

If there’s an award for the best dressed wolf in sheep’s skin, you can be sure of only one winner – Tun Daim Zainuddin. The former finance minister is perhaps the politician former Prime Minister Mahathir least has to worry simply because Daim was not an ambitious politician. Daim loves money and young women more […]

... written on Sep 20 2010

Mahathir May Have Finally Met His True Rival, Rosmah

Former Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohamad may kick his own self for not taking a total exit from the politics. The country was cheering after 22-year rule under Mahathir, who is often called a dictator by his critics, announced his exit. He was and still is a master politician who has beaten many of his […]

... written on Sep 13 2010

Chicken Out of RPK Interview – HARDtalk or SOFTtalk?

Launched in 1997, HARDtalk is the hard-hitting flagship news programme which is broadcast four days a week (Monday to Thursday) on BBC World News and BBC News Channel. The reason why the programme was so “HARD” is the fact that the programme is almost No-Holds-Barred in the sense that the interviewer will grill the interviewee […]

... written on Sep 02 2010

Ling Liong Sik’s Latest Movie and Paul’s Prediction

Top story of the month was indeed about former Transport Minister and president of MCA (Malaysian Chinese Association) Ling Liong Sik being charged in relation to the country’s biggest scandal – PKFZ’s RM12 billion Scandal. Retired former Prime Minister Mahathir together with Ling Liong Sik and Samy Vellu (who still hold on to power in […]

... written on Aug 03 2010

Najib’s Down-Fall – Faster than Abdullah Badawi?

Judging from the missing jet engines scandal to the latest “Allah” issue, it seems Najib’s administration may be short-lived – shorter than former PM Abdullah Badawi. You may not like Badawi’s administration because, well, there was no administration in the first place *grin* simply because the country was on auto-pilot while the pilot was dozing […]

... written on Jan 25 2010

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