A Crime To Parody 1MDB – Is This Malaysia Or North Korea?

Instead of taking it with a pinch of salt or having a great laugh, Najib administration has gone bonkers. There’s little doubt that Malaysia have many great talents. If only they’re in Hollywood, their films would bring in billions of dollars in profits. Getting sick and tired of endless corruptions, scandals, skyrocket cost of living, […]

... written on Jul 09 2015

Coward!! – Self-Proclaimed “Warrior” Najib Hiding At “Nothing To Hide” Forum

Bollywood storylines were, and still are awesome and predictable. Typically, you would have a hero, in his attempt to impress a chick, beat hundreds of bad guys and suffer no scratch. Heck, the hero and his newly acquired chick could even run, sing, jump, dance and whatnot after the fight, not to mention instantaneous shifts of […]

... written on Jun 05 2015

Beware!! Facebook Can Tell If You’re A “Narcissist” Or “Insecure”

Do you post about your relationship often on Facebook? If the answer is “yes”, then you’re suffering from a sickness known as “low self-esteem”. Do you like to post about your achievements? Then you’re a boastful “narcissist” crazy for attention. This was the results revealed after a new study done by Brunel University. The research […]

... written on May 24 2015

Look At These 28 Cool Perks, And How Much Google Pays For Them

Graduates are basically fighting tooth and nail to get into giant tech companies, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Adobe or Google. Understandably, cool perks on top of six-figure annual salary means these companies would get nothing but the best brains money can buy. In fact, offering their employees the coolest perks is a mandatory […]

... written on Apr 08 2015

Genius Hadi, It’s Game Over – Go Get Your Final Paycheck

With less than a week before GST officially kicks in, and makes every Joe and Jane poorer by 6% every time they buy something, people are still distracted by “Hudud Law” – a primitive and discriminative law Kelantan PAS government wants to implement. Actually, this law will never get to see the light of day. […]

... written on Mar 25 2015

1MDB Scandal – Najib Bites Off More Than He Can Chew

With the present crackdown on corruption in China by president Xi Jinping, the Great Wall is losing its shine as the most corrupt country in the world. Soon, a new nation will emerge to take over from the Chinese. For decades Malaysia has been trailing behind China, without much success, for the trophy. Malaysians have […]

... written on Feb 27 2015

Defiant Hebdo Reveals Muhammad On First Cover Of “Je Suis Charlie”

Many Americans have took the trouble on social media assuring the French people that the U.S. fully supports France in the aftermath of the terror attacks, and they were extremely ashamed with their lame duck President Barack Obama for not showing up at Sunday’s rally but lazing at home watching a National Football League game […]

... written on Jan 13 2015

Bring Back DOS-Games Childhood Memory – Here’s How To Play For Free

Depending on your age, you may or may not know the world of DOS games. It was the early age of computer where the Intel Pentium was not even born yet. You were bombarded with technology such as Intel 80286 (or simply Intel-286) and Intel 80386 (or simply Intel-386). Computers were rarely shipped with memory […]

... written on Jan 06 2015

Looks Like Rosmah, Shops Like Rosmah … But Could She Be Rosmah?

In December 2006, Johor state was hit by severe floods. The then-PM Abdullah Badawi couldn’t care less but hurriedly flew out of the country en route to Perth, Australia. The mission – to open the “Puteri Nasi Kandar” restaurant co-owned by brother Ibrahim Ahmad Badawi. During that crisis, Abdullah put his deputy PM, Najib Razak, […]

... written on Jan 06 2015

Another Copycat Product – Xiaomi Macbook Air?

Pablo Picasso once said “good artists copy, great artists steal”. The Spanish artist’s famous quote was re-used by Steve Jobs in 1996, when the Apple Inc. supremo was frustrated with his company’s intellectual property being stolen repetitively. In fact, Apple has sued a lot of companies for allegedly copying or stealing its IP over the […]

... written on Dec 30 2014

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