Is An Online DBA Worth The Investment?

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Nov 09 2021
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Have you reached all of your business career goals so far and are now thinking about taking it even further? Whether you want to get higher up into the top level of management in your current place of employment or hope to start your own successful business in the future, one of the best ways to ensure that you are ready to do this is to get an advanced business degree such as a DBA.


Although there are several well-respected, prestigious, and useful qualifications to consider when it comes to investing in education to take your business career to the next level, getting a doctorate is often considered to be one of the highest, if not the highest level of education that you can achieve in any subject. Here are some of the main reasons why investing in a DBA degree is worth considering.


Improve Your Resume and Stand Out

Today, MBA graduates are in higher demand than ever, and due to the wide range of online MBA programs available, there’s more competition than ever before. If you have an MBA, you might have noticed that this qualification is no longer helping you stand out as a job applicant or be as eligible for promotions as it once did since more and more business professionals are taking this route to better their careers. If your main goal with improving your education is to improve your resume and stand out in the candidate pool for employment and promotion opportunities, a doctor of business administration from Aston University is a step up from an MBA that can help you stand out from the crowd.


Continue Working While Studying

Getting a DBA is a much more accessible endeavour today than it once was, with flexible online programs available. These courses make it possible for you to study from home and work to a schedule that is suitable for you, rather than being required to turn up for class at set times. As a result, you can get your DBA while working full-time, without the need to take a career break to further your education.

Degree Business Administration

Expand Your Professional Network

As an established business professional, you are probably already quite aware that who you know is just as important as what you know what it comes to your career. The relationships that you build with other people are just as crucial as the knowledge and skills that you build while studying for an advanced business degree.


Getting a DBA online will not only provide you with a chance to become an expert in your chosen field, but it is also a great way to connect with other advanced business professionals from around the country and even from other parts of the world to expand your network. Today, online degree programs are much more social than they used to be, and thanks to virtual communication tools, getting to know your fellow students when studying online is easier than ever.

Become an Expert in Your Chosen Field

The process of studying for a DBA allows you to focus on an area of business that interests you the most, giving you the opportunity to become an expert in your chosen field and fine-tune your skills and abilities when it comes to an aspect of business that you are the most interested in. If you’re interested in becoming a consultant or another type of expert in a certain business field, the DBA allows you to take your knowledge to the next level and get to a point where you are professionally ready to offer expert advice to other business professionals or even teach MBA students.


Boost Your Confidence

When it comes to your career, the more self-confidence you have, the better. When you know that you have a prestigious qualification and a high level of knowledge and expertise, you will certainly experience the confidence boost that you need to help you get ahead in your career. While a DBA might not be a cure-all solution for any self-confidence issues that you may have dealt with in regard to your career, it will provide you with some peace of mind when it comes to your resume and professional achievements. The process of getting a DBA allows you to seriously get to know your stuff and take your hard and soft skills to the next level, which will naturally help you feel more confident in your professional life.


Enjoy Great Earning Potential

If you’re driven by earning more money and want to find more opportunities to achieve financial freedom in your life, getting a DBA can be a worthy investment with a high return. Improved salaries tend to be a natural result of further education, and with a DBA, you can go a step further than the already prestigious MBA to get a foot in the door at some of the most lucrative and highly-paid positions. While your salary increase might not happen the moment that you graduate, getting a DBA on your resume will certainly qualify you to apply for lots of positions with a very high earning potential or maximise your income by providing you with extra skills and expertise to start your very own successful business.


Enjoy More Opportunities

Getting a DBA can be one of the best ways to facilitate change in your business career and make yourself eligible for new, exciting opportunities that may not have been previously available to you. If you are currently working in a certain industry or field and have qualifications that are specific to that field, a DBA can be an ideal qualification to work towards if you want to broaden your knowledge and expertise and learn more about other aspects of business that you might be interested in moving into in the future. If you are running your own business currently, getting a DBA can make it easier for you to find new business opportunities including partnership opportunities, investors, and more.

A doctor of business administration degree can be a great way to take your career even further than an MBA and get into some of the most lucrative positions available.

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