If Anwar-Zahid Leaked Audio Is 100% Genuine, Muhyiddin’s Bribery Audio & Azmin’s Gay Video Are 200% Authentic

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Apr 10 2021
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Former UMNO secretary-general Annuar Musa said he was convinced that the voices of two individuals in a leaked audio recording of a phone conversation are those of Ahmad Zahid Hamidi (UMNO president) and Anwar Ibrahim (PKR president). Claiming that he had listened to the audio clip 10 times, Mr Annuar said – “I am 100% sure that the voices are genuine”.


Has not Annuar Musa heard of something called “deepfake”? How did he know for sure that the audio recording, which was obviously leaked to destroy the prospect of a strategic cooperation between UMNO and PKR, is genuine before even the police could investigate? There are so many applications or software that could mimic anyone’s voice to create a fake conversation.


The parasitic backdoor government of Perikatan Nasional wanted to get rid of Zahid Hamidi so that they could use puppet UMNO’s grassroots and machinery to win the next general election. Likewise, the power-hungry and corrupt UMNO Minister Cluster too wanted their own party’s president to resign because their loyalty is only to positions, power and projects – never to UMNO from the beginning.

Anwar Ibrahim and Zahid Hamidi - 1998

With unlimited government resources, how hard could it be to pay the experts to cook up a phone conversation between Anwar and Zahid? But even if the 4-minute audio clip is genuine, exactly what is the problem with its content? It’s a fact that Anwar was Zahid’s mentor or “Sifu” when a voice resembles that of Zahid was heard thanking the other for being his “teacher”.


It’s also a fact that this year was the first time Anwar was following the UMNO AGM after 20 years since he was sacked from UMNO in 1998 by then-Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, as a voice resembling him in the audio was heard saying. And it’s definitely a fact that every UMNO delegate wants to leave Perikatan ruling government, as the audio clip exposed.


Yet, police reports have been lodged over the leaked audio as if it was a mega-scandal. Silly Annuar has even suggested that Anwar and Zahid take an Islamic oath to deny allegations against them. But what offences or crimes that Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim and UMNO president Zahid Hamidi had committed? Both have denied speaking to each other.

Azmin Ali and Muhyiddin Yassin - Discussing

In fact, even Home Minister Hamzah Zainudin said he could not find any problem with the issues discussed in the audio recording. Are you going to charge them for bragging, plotting, laughing and babbling over something that sounds more like rhetorical than a threat to the national security? Is backdoor Prime Minister Muhyiddin going to charge Anwar and Zahid for plotting to overthrow him?


Well, if Anwar or Zahid can be charged for treason – scheming and plotting to overthrow the backdoor Perikatan Nasional – then Muhyiddin (whose real name is Mahiaddin) too can be charged for not only the same treason offence, but also for offering bribes to UMNO MPs in a political coup to snatch power from the legitimate and democratically voted Pakatan Harapan (PH) government.


Flashback – a voice recording, believed to be the final Bersatu Supreme Council meeting before Muhyiddin pulled out and toppled his own PH government, was leaked in May 2020. In the one-minute audio recording, a voice resembling that of Bersatu (PPBM) president Muhyiddin suggested that UMNO leaders be bribed to join PPBM with promises of positions in the Cabinet and even GLCs (government-linked companies).

Muhyiddin Yassin - I Lover PM - Najib Razak

But the biggest bombshell was Muhyiddin’s willingness – even desperation – to offer positions to the world’s biggest crook when he said – “If they know a new government is going to be formed with UMNO, why not tell them to join us now rather than later? I think if we do that … 10, 20 people … Najib and his gang … and we give them positions … if not ministers, then the chairmen of GLCs.”


So far, Mr. Muhyddin has yet to deny the authentication of the audio clip – suggesting that it is indeed genuine. Perhaps the police should explain why Anwar and Zahid must be investigated despite their denials, but not Muhyiddin despite his silence, which can be interpreted as an admission of guilt. If Anwar and Zahid are guilty of treason, Mahiaddin is definitely guilty of treason and bribery.


In the same breath, if the audio clip can be used as proof to charge Anwar and Zahid, then Senior Minister Azmin Ali definitely should be charged. His leaked “gay sex” video clip is definitely one hell of a proof, where he was caught with his pants down engaging “unnatural sex” at Four Points Sheraton Hotel in Sandakan, Sabah. Heck, even his gay sex partner had admitted to the extraordinary affair.

Sex Video Scandal - Azmin Ali and Muhammad Haziq Abdul Aziz - Photo

In June 2019, just a day after videos of disgraced Azmin were exposed to all and sundry, his gay partner Muhammad Haziq Abdul Aziz dropped an even bigger bombshell. Haziq confessed on Facebook that his sex partner – Economic Affairs Minister Azmin Ali – had tried to force him to lie about the affair which he said had actually begun three years ago.


Mr Haziq told the public – “I am worried that more videos will be leaked, and the luxury you have as a minister is deniability, whereas my future is over. You even have the Prime Minister (Mahathir) pledging his full support before any formal investigation had been done. Only the truth can set me free, as I am concerned for the safety of my family and mine.”


Of course, not only Azmin was never investigated, let alone charged, Haziq too was never charged for defamation – suggesting that both were indeed gay lovers. And gay Azmin was protected largely because Muhyiddin was then the powerful Home Minister, whose jurisdiction included the entire Royal Malaysia Police. Both Azmin and Muhyiddin would later betray the PH government.

Sex Video Scandal - Azmin Ali and Muhammad Haziq Abdul Aziz

In fact, Azmin’s gay sex videos have been authenticated, but laughably the police insisted that the authorities were not able to positively identify the two men shown in the videos that were leaked online. However, if you ask the public, people can positively identify them as Azmin Ali and Muhammad Haziq. After all, did not Haziq himself admit to the gay sex already?


Perhaps someone should remind the genius Annuar Musa to also urge his boss, Prime Minister Muhyiddin, to take an Islamic oath to deny he was the despicable man behind the audio recording. Similarly, errand boy Annuar should watch 10 times the jaw-dropping gay sex videos of Azmin and Haziq to determine the authenticity and actors of the videos.


If Anwar-Zahid’s leaked audio is 100% genuine, then Muhyiddin’s bribery audio and Azmin’s gay videos are 200% authentic. If Anwar and Zahid are guilty of praising and congratulating each other, then Muhyiddin is guiltier for bribing UMNO MPs while Azmin is the guiltiest for performing “sexual intercourse against the order of nature with any man, woman or animal”.

Anwar Ibrahim and Zahid Hamidi

Of course, we know why critics are making a mountain out of a molehill in regards to the Anwar-Zahid’s audio clip. They are extremely afraid that UMNO and PKR, who leads the opposition Pakatan Harapan coalition, have indeed struck a secret strategic cooperation to fight the tag-team PPBM-PAS in the next 15th General Election, as we had published recently (you can read here).


Therefore, the audio recording, which does not contain any element of treachery, corruption or criminal, was deliberately leaked to undermine a powerful force that could annihilate PPBM (Bersatu) in the next election. However, those who are against Zahid working with Anwar should think twice about using the audio to send the UMNO president into early retirement.


If the audio was leaked by none other than the Opposition, the enemies could have foolishly swallowed the hook, line and sinker. The elimination of the clueless Zahid Hamidi may allow UMNO deputy president Mohamad Hasan to temporarily lead the party. If there’s one person who can unite UMNO, that person is arguably Mohamad Hasan, who is seen as relatively clean.

UMNO Deputy President Mohamad Hasan and UMNO President Zahid Hamidi

A united UMNO under a strong and respected leader is bad news for Muhyiddin’s party. While a split and weakened UMNO is vulnerable for an easy backdoor takeover from PPBM or Bersatu, a strong UMNO could mean a repeat of the previous 2018 three-cornered contest in the next election – a scenario which can be beneficial to the Opposition Pakatan Harapan.


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All the monkeys in the gomen and opposition are not known to have exceptional ears (or brains), it is best to submit all the recordings, past and present to machines which will do a better job of determining whether the recordings are genuine or otherwise.

All the contending parties should agree to this, since any machine, including cheap Covid temperature readers will always do better than any monkey from gomen or opposition.

The continuous bickering over whether an audio or video tape is authentic or otherwise is pathetic, infantile, tedious, and unproductive. Worse still, seemingly grown adult resorting to both childish assertions and equally childish denials is conduct unbecoming even in backward Malaysian kampong longkang politics.

Neither those politicians in gomen nor opposition are poor – just pay and hire competent experts to deal with assessing whether any tape is authentic or otherwise, both side can do that, the gomen, or opposition. So why not do just that? Any side can still insist or deny until their fcuking faces are purple whether the tape are genuine or not, but at least the punters can decide for themselves one way or the other, from what the experts say.

But at least we don’t have to totally depend on the word of the fcuking gomen, etc, or that of the fcuking opposition, etc. Not everyone is like a Chua Soi Lek owning up he’s the guy in a video… Everyone should expect the dead ringer in videos to say he’s not the Anwar or Assman Ali, or whoever else.

Every fcuking Malaysian politician should ALWAYS be treated like he’s naturally a fcuking liar and utterly dishonest operator. That’s the absolutely safest way.

Annuar Musa is just another Malaysian politician, meaning he’s just another natural fcuking liar and utterly dishonest and useless political operator.

He’s no reliable ear capable of discerning an audio clip “10 times” or 100 times he would be “100% sure that the voices are genuine”. Like any Malaysian politician, a machine can outdo him in 2 times, 100% better than him plus his whore outfit. Even a retired sniffing dog can hear better with wan ear.

If Annuar Musa is any better, he would be better off financially in the music industry if he cannot cream off the moolah in gomen.

That said, neither Anwar nor Zahid can be trusted either.

Both Anwar and Zahid are snakes all the same, neither known for honesty, political integrity or common decency.

The viper pits of UMNO and the PKR are known and famous breeding grounds of the treacherous and dirtiest of the politically bankrupt and worthless and useless common denominators.

All in the article are yesterday’s garbage that should have been discarded from history a damn long long time ago, their antics, intrigues, and bitchy stories are not wan bit relevant today, who gives the mudder fcukers the flying sh*t whose voice it is or is not!

Wake up, Malaysians! If it is Anwar’s voice, if it is Zahid’s voice, if it is Kermit the Frog’s voice, does it matter if what you get is still the same old same old same sh*t yesterday’s garbage politician?!

What’s the matter with you kiasu loser monkeys, eh?

You can’t get rid of your rotting old junk, have to keep those old worn tyres in your back garden, you think you can still revive them for your hoped for 101 use, or what?!

We don’t need that corrupt ugly old snake Anwar in politics (or anything, including handling nightsoil…)

Any ugly old political fraud monkey will do replacing Anwar.

Dubbed with Anwar’s genuine “fake” voice, of course, Alhamdulilah!

The other genuine “fake” voice waiting to be pronounced just another fcuking corrupt ugly snake can fcuk off back to Java – with his original voice of a fcuking fraud. Ameen!

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