5 Industries That Benefit The Most From Same-Day Delivery

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Feb 21 2021
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As an entrepreneur, having to choose what services your business should offer is often overwhelming. There are so many options that you may not know what to include and what to exclude. Nowadays, businesses can offer live chats, webcam consultations, 24/7 customer service, or same-day deliveries.


The coronavirus pandemic has definitely shifted attitudes in regard to consumer behaviors. The e-commerce sector is definitely booming as a result of the health crisis; however, online stores aren’t the only industries that could highly benefit from same-day delivery. Here are just a few types of businesses that could propel their sales and exceed customer expectations by offering same-day delivery.



Flowers are an appropriate gift for almost any occasion, however, we rarely remember to actually go and visit the florists in the first place. As the world becomes more international, it is not rare for someone in another country to send their loved one flowers, even if they are miles away. The online flower business has recently grown to unparalleled heights and same-day delivery is essential for this type of company to succeed.


Law Firms

Like accountancy firms, law firms are dependent on delivering results within a confined period of time. Law firms are constantly receiving high volumes of important documents such as court orders, wills, or contracts. Attorneys work with strict deadlines and court dates, so making sure all documents arrive on time and safely is of the essence. This is so important that it could even make or break a case.

Coronavirus - Courier Service

Restaurants and Supermarkets

Delivery services for supermarkets and restaurants witnessed exceptional growth in the last year due to the coronavirus pandemic. Not only were people reluctant to go to the busy supermarkets, but many restaurants were forced to close due to the pandemic. However, this didn’t stop customers from wanting to access the same products and services that they were used to.


Meal Prep Business

So many people lead busy and hectic lifestyles, that they don’t find time to make their own healthy meals. The meal prep industry has been growing year by year and it shows no signs of slowing down. If your customers are on a strict diet, they will demand same day delivery. If you can’t offer this as a meal prep business, you may lose out on potential customers.


Pharmaceutical Industry

This is another industry that depends on time-sensitive delivery. Many pharmaceutical products need to reach their customers with an added sense of urgency because this could be a matter of life or death. Life-saving drugs need to be administered and delivered with immediacy; therefore, this industry also reaps the benefits of same-day delivery.


Many of the aforementioned businesses depend on same-day delivery in order to succeed. If you are the owner of a business similar to those that we have mentioned, it is definitely worthwhile that you consider offering this service. Most of these products are time-sensitive and customers will need them to be delivered reliably and quickly.

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Anybody would benefit from any delivery service as long as it is not our so-called PosLaju.

PosLaju has always been an atrocious so-called “service”. Post rarely arrive on time, tracking is not reliable, and complaints get nowhere and very rarely even get answered. Same for phone calls, they never get attended to, you wonder if it is not just monkeys running the crap outfit, it could even be fcuking dead monkeys too!

Until there is evolution for our monkeys, both those politician monkeys, useless management monkeys, or those in the workforce, there’s no point talking about any kind of service so long as there is no civilised kind of work culture, sense of self pride, honour, pride in service, minimal sense of responsibility. Malaysia had got none of these, starting with our political monkeys, there’s the rot, how can the other monkeys be inspired?

The private sector is not much different, how can there be if the national culture is one of work-shirking, incompetence, lack of initiative, unbelievable laziness, irresponsible attitude, mad love for holidays in a country already having excessive holidays.

One of the reasons why we lack much foreign investment is we have hardly the work culture that would impress and give the confidence for foreign investors used to decent workforce and decent infrastructure – we do have some infrastructure – but running and running that is left to crap gomen, crap management – and crap workforce.

Recently, PosLaju appeared at my gate, then sped off before I could come out. I then had a sms asking me to collect the post. Attempts to reach a live monkey at PosLaju got nowhere. Asking around as I did many times over recent years, I was given a pretty appalling rundown of PosLaju, another fine example of yet another outfit our monkeys can’t operate!

Not only critical industries need a good service, any industry, any business, and the public need that too. A good delivery service be that same day or even within a short time is not impossible to run – but like most services for our monkeys, it is!

And our fcuked up monkeys still have the four cheeks to say “Malaysiaboleh”!

There are monkeys and there are monkeys.

But what we have are Malaysians, Alhamdulilah!

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