Condo Management Can’t Force Covid-19 Tests – Clueless “Turtle Egg” Minister Sabri Could Start Social Unrest

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Jan 30 2021
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In less than 24 hours, Senior Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob has made a spectacular U-turn from his initial green light to management boards of apartments and condominium to demand tenants to prove they are free of Covid-19. After being criticised for his incompetency and silly decision, he claims his statement was not a policy announcement.


Mr. Sabri, one of the silliest and most clueless ministers in the backdoor government of Muhyiddin Yassin, was widely reported as having said that the management office of apartments and condominiums are permitted to force tenants to take Coronavirus swab tests. If the tenants refuse or fail to do so, they can be stopped from entering their units, said the minister.


Apparently, Sabri gave his approval during a press conference yesterday (Thursday, 28 Jan) when asked by reporters about such rules being imposed by several residential building managements. He said – “Yes, this is to protect the health of the residents. The apartment or condominium management is allowed to make such a rule. So we do not stop them.”

Senior Minister Turtle Egg Ismail Sabri

Curiously, while the Turtle Egg Sabri acknowledged the National Security Council (NSC) does not have any policy to make it compulsory for anyone to take a Covid-19 test before entering a flat, condominium or apartment, he also said at the same time that the building management has the right to issue orders for a mandatory Coronavirus test.


In short, it is a grey area – no man’s land – where both parties can argue until the cow comes home. But instead of offering an advice that complies with law, the incompetent minister has suggested the management committee breaks the law. Sabri appeared to “encourage” both the management office and tenants fight over the matter like the Wild West gunfighters.


Yes, when residents, tenants or owners of a condominium or apartment are suddenly disallowed to enter their own homes for whatever reasons, chances are very high angry people will raise their voice and fists will eventually fly. Either the minister was clueless and did not know what he was talking about, or he deliberately wanted to create public chaos as part of a hidden agenda.

Coronavirus - Apartment and Condo Residents - Test Covid-19

The job of a property management company, or committee members of Joint Management Bodies (JMB), are managing the property (such as apartments), not challenging tenants’ rights. Their responsibilities include ensuring the property is not reduced to a state of disrepair, maintenance of account and sinking fund, forming a new committee through the AGM and insuring property against damage.


The management committee must ensure consistency in compliance of by-laws and house rules, not to mention providing equal treatment to all owners and residents. Clearly, there is no law which is legally passed under the Strata Management Act or rules in the JMB or Management Corporation that empower them to compel residents to take a Covid-19 test.


So, what grass has Sabri been smoking lately? Did he realise a management committee can be sued since it is a corporate body? Even if a tenant refuses to pay maintenance charges, the most the management committee can do is to sue the tenant in court or seize property such as televisions or rice cookers to be auctioned off to settle the outstanding charges.

Coronavirus - Malaysia Swab Test

Even that would be a lengthy legal process. Still, the management committee cannot prevent tenants or owners from entering their own property. Perhaps Sabri, after consuming too much turtle eggs, was hallucinating that a condominium or apartment was a hotel where the management can stop tourists or guests from checking in.


Living like a king in a castle, obviously ministers like Ismail Sabri Yaakob had no idea about the hardship of ordinary folks on the ground. Already struggles to put food on the table thanks to salary cuts or unemployment, exactly who would foot the bill to test residents for Covid-19 as suggested by the clueless minister? Of course, we know the government’s dirty tricks.


By passing the ball to management boards of condominium or apartment to test every tenant or resident for Coronavirus, the backdoor Perikatan Nasional government hopes the people will help solve one of the most critical problems – mass testing of the pandemic. Prime Minister Muhyiddin fails to fix the problem, therefore, he wanted to pass the buck to the people.

Muhyiddin Yassin - Backdoor Government

However, when the senior minister was cornered after being grilled by opposition lawmakers Hannah Yeoh and Fahmi Fadzil, he conveniently claimed that his earlier statement was not a policy announcement. Heck, he even spins and twists that the residents or tenants whom he targeted less than 24 hours earlier are foreigners – not local residents.


Caught with his pants down for the screw-up, Sabri shamelessly played the racial card – wildly and falsely accusing the opposition MPs of trying to protect non-Malaysians instead of citizens. But it was never about foreigners or locals. It was the silly idea of empowering the management committee to do screening and testing for Covid-19, while the moronic government lazily sits on its hands.


But even if he was misunderstood, which is not simply because all the government-controlled news media consistently reported apartment and condominium tenants being targeted, why should the senior minister discriminate against foreigners? Close to 80% of Covid-19 new cases involved Malaysians. Hence, Senior Minister Sabri’s attempt to spin does not make sense.

Coronavirus - Malaysia People Wearing Mask

Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin has done a splendid job surrounding himself with morons like Ismail Sabri Yaakob, the same man who mooted “Low Yat 2” to empowering Malay vendors after mini racial riots at IT Mall Low Yat in 2015. Until today, he still had no idea that setting up a MARA Digital Mall in retaliation, instead of punishing the Malay thief is the silliest thing to do.


Thanks to Mr Sabri, Mara Digital Mall Kuantan was closed in 2018 while Mara Digital Mall Johor ceased operations in 2019. The best part was both malls were closed down within just 3 months. Even the Kuala Lumpur outlet, despite its location in the heart of the city, has been struggling for years. Instead of selling gadgets and IT equipments, vendors were reduced to selling “kerepek” (chips).


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