Expert Ways To Make Your Clients Take You Seriously

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Apr 24 2020
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If you want to be successful in a corporate world or have your business thrive in the marketplace, the first step you’ll take is to gain potential clients. Indeed you’ve got the leadership skills, unique business marketing strategy but aside from those you have to learn the expert ways how to earn your clients’ trust so they’ll take you seriously along with your business perspectives. You can increase your credibility with the right confidence, knowledge and people skills. To be successful in any field, engaging in the below habits will definitely help you to achieve your goal.

Establish Good First Impression

Establish a Good First Impression

If you’re meeting your client for the first time, a good first impression is important. It has a significant impact on their perception of how professional you are. Present yourself well by dressing appropriately. Make sure to look professional and authoritative. In a corporate world, always think that each minute is a valuable time especially to your clients. This is also applicable to your existing clients, make sure you display punctuality all the time.


It’s not necessary to show up at least an hour early, but you have to give a few extra minutes for yourself to get settled and ready, especially if you will be doing some presentation. When they step into the room, you don’t want them to witness how you rush to set up your laptop and other technology involved to proceed with your discussion. Punctuality works in every situation, if you are reporting to work, company events or just a simple lunch with your superiors.


Maximize the Use of Technology

Show them that you are comfortable using new technologies that are on-trend. Try to avoid using an old phone and laptops. Show them that you are good at investing in technology which would help your company prosper especially by using automated systems when doing business transactions. For instance, how to bill your clients and tracking the transactions in the most efficient way.


Invoicing could be frustrating and problematic in so many factors but you can use a template to bill your clients which is a convenient way and makes the tedious job a lot easier. Demonstrate to them that you are doing business in modern technology and not in the conventional way which is time inefficient.

Maximise Use of Technology

Up to Date Knowledge

Be ready before you engage yourself in any meeting discussion. It is vital to show to clients that you understand their needs and that is the reason why you are in front of them with your business proposal. Ensure that you display knowledge of the current company issues, relevant technologies and developments made.


Equip yourself first, do some research about their business and in-depth understanding of the clients’ expectations. From the company’s core values up to their website to know exactly what they need and how you can deliver. Anticipate questions and clarifications along the discussion and be ready with your structure on how you can better explain your points.


Aside from the tips mentioned, it would be beneficial to know about the current news. Try to keep up with international and national issues beforehand. This may not be brought up upon discussion but just in case the topic will be mentioned by one of the clients or a boss, you will be glad and confident on how to respond. This will give them the impression that you are a well-read individual with factual information.


Be Confident and Remain Humble 

If you are naturally confident no matter what situation, you’re lucky to have this as most of us work hard to have it. Demonstrating confidence is an asset that influences others to also believe in your beliefs. Practice good posture and not to be intimidated with unexpected questions. Be mindful of your body language during this time, as you may do some action that contradicts your confidence that you’re trying to establish.


If you already have a good practice of your natural confidence, be mindful also of your attitude by not demonstrating arrogance in any point of discussion. There is nothing wrong with showing how prepared you are, how competent you are in your field but never brag about it. Don’t avoid small talks but learn to balance humility as this is important to establish mutual respect.


Remember that you will be judged by your clients from the time that they first encounter your business, from the moment when you shake hands up to your last word mentioned in the meeting. Be consistent in displaying the behavior mentioned above at all times. Maintain a professional approach even if the discussion will not end up the way you anticipated.

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“Indeed you’ve got the leadership skills, unique business marketing strategy but aside from those you have to learn the expert ways how to earn your clients’ trust so they’ll take you seriously along with your business perspectives. You can increase your credibility with the right confidence, knowledge and people skills.”

Mahathir had not one single one of the qualities or requirements, how do you explain how he managed to start and run(down) all the huge mega expensive projects he did?

Every project he was involved with was a huge gigantic expensive fcuking incredible unbelievable failure!

Mahathir’s favourite “child” Proton only became alive and well only after the Chinese became its parent. Till our Chinese bomoh uncles came and performed magic, Mahathir “own” child was in the ITU on permanent life support!

Even his simplest project of a bakery was fcuking properly cursed with abject and appalling failure.

Of course, Mahathir, with lack of political and personal maturity, and lack of morality, and maybe any business acumen or basic sense blamed others and circumstances for his trademark death touch at any enterprise.

Yet the Jinxed One at business (etc), and a failure junkie is worshipped by not too few.

Is it because Malaysians are just plain dumb blind “hero” worshipping nodding sheep?

Is it because Mahathir is otherwise quite a capable devious snake of a fakir conman, some see as only a glorified roti canai flipping artist, others see as the great mythical Snake God of some mythology? He is so “divine” (or devious?) that even staunch Christians and Muslims worship him! He is listened to like the other snake at the Garden of Eden!

Is it a combination of both the evil of the Snake – and dumb fcuking sheep, that grotesque corruption and failure of huge enterprises can happen, indeed thrive so well in Malaysia?

Would the advice in your article be of some use to fathom, figure out why sound advice, good business practice is of absolutely no use or consequence or consideration when it comes to making money (for some) in Malaysia, the magic ingredients only absolute evil, abominable corruption – and fcuking unbelievable dumb blind nodding sheep?

And never mind sound business advice, never mind MBAs, never mind business business schools, never mind old Robert Kuok, Lim Goh Tong, and all those with their hard work and business acumen fables, without access through corrupt practices, any “success” is a big load of flying bollocks!

Mahathir, nor Daim, nor many others of Malaysian “success” yarns are particularly talented, yet they are filthy rich. They can’t all or any be following decent sound honest business advice to become wealthy.

The only plausible explanations is gross unadulterated rampant shameless corruption, perhaps enabled by dumb blind or willing nodding sheep.

And/or the help of Satan.

So other than being struggling honest livelihood for few, is there actually a place for those trusting of playing by the book, or dependent on good honest otherwise sound advice only workable wherever there is common decency, honest gomen, honest society, honest folks?

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