Najib-Nazri War Of Words – Even Amongst Crooks, Despicable Serial Liar Najib Has Zero Honor

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Jul 16 2019
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The return of former Prime Minister Najib Razak to his party – UMNO – is certainly great news for Mahathir administration. After all, it was the former president of UMNO who had stunningly brought down his own government, enabling the then-opposition Pakatan Harapan coalition wrests over the government after 61 years under the rule of the UMNO-led Barisan Nasional coalition.


DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang should stop telling all and sundry, thus the secret, that the appointment of Najib as Barisan Nasional (BN) chief adviser is a recipe for self-destruction. But how could Mr. Lim hide his excitement when not one, but two biggest crooks – Najib and his deputy Zahid Hamidi – made a comeback to the same party they were responsible for its loss in the first place.


Of course, pro-UMNO ignorant supporters would like to think that the tag-team of Najib and Zahid must be a lethal combination, judging by the interest shown by Mr. Lim. Actually, the DAP supremo has nothing better to do but to provoke and keep the 1MDB scandal alive. It’s certainly a blessing that as the people started to get sick and tired of 1MDB, Najib returns – re-igniting UMNO’s humiliating defeat.

Zahid Hamidi and Najib Razak - Solemn

Mr. Najib’s return has caused a dilemma within UMNO supporters. When Zahid Hamidi took his garden leave after being slapped with record 87 criminal charges, there was a sigh of relief within the party. Without Zahid and Najib, who resigned as UMNO president after leading the party to its first loss since independence in 1957, hardcore supporters thought the party had finally been cleansed.


Under the leadership of UMNO acting president Mohamed Hasan, a warlord seen as a less corrupt leader, party members was motivated with 3 consecutive by-election victories. However, the return of the crooks, especially Najib whose comeback can be considered as shrouded in secrecy, has changed the landscape within the opposition parties.


Even PAS President Hadi Awang, whom was gifted with RM90 million bribes by his buddy Najib Razak to leave now-defunct opposition Pakatan Rakyat coalition, has been speechless over the sudden promotion of Najib as Barisan chief adviser. Mr. Hadi has not made any statements or remarks welcoming the toxic former leader who is currently facing 42 criminal charges.

From Left – Tengku Adnan, Zahid Hamidi and Najib Razak

Najib’s appointment on July 9 was made in utmost secrecy because even Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, UMNO Council of Advisors, was caught with his pants down over the former’s appointment. Similarly, two UMNO influential warlords, Khairy Jamaluddin and Nazri Aziz, were horrified with the return of their former boss. In fact, not many UMNO top guns have come out openly to welcome Najib.


It’s one thing to leverage on Najib’s highly successful “Malu Apa Bossku (Why The Shame, Boss)” marketing campaign to help UMNO whenever the need arises. But it’s another thing altogether to grant the crook with backdoor entrance into the party again. Besides plotting with UMNO President Zahid and Treasurer Tengku Adnan to strip and plunder UMNO assets, there isn’t much compelling reason for Najib’s return.


UMNO Supreme Council Tajuddin Abdul Rahman claimed the Najib’s appointment could help attract young voters, especially when voting age is lowered to 18, only to be rubbished by both Khairy and Nazri. If young Malays could be hoodwinked so easily, exactly why didn’t Najib lower the voting age when he was the prime minister, despite the urge by opposition to do so back then?

Nazri Aziz and Khairy Jamaluddin

The biggest show of rebellion over Najib’s new role as BN was sparked when Najib and Nazri engaged in a war of words, something unimaginable before the 14th General Election last May. Facing criticism from once loyal Nazri, the shocked Najib went nuclear and conveniently accused his former lapdog of being almost fully responsible for the BN’s defeat.


Yes, the spectacular fireworks were unleashed as Najib tries to throw Nazri under the bus for rejecting his return. But Nazri isn’t a warlord you can command him to bend over without rewarding him with the best bone in town. Now without power and on track to be thrown into prison, Mr. Najib is absolutely powerless and cannot control Mr. Nazri.


But it’s more than just a war of words between two strong men of UMNO. It’s about the code of honour amongst crooks. And it appears that Najib has none whatsoever when the former PM said that Nazri was amongst the reasons ethnic Chinese did not vote for MCA, a Chinese-based party which was supposed – but failed – to deliver the community’s votes for BN coalition.

Robert Kuok Hock Nien

Serial liar Najib said Nazri’s criticism against billionaire Robert Kuok had offended the Chinese community, resulting in the community not voting for MCA. In truth, Nazri, arguably Najib’s top mad dog, was unleashed just a day after Najib raised eyebrows when he targeted Robert Kuok in a speech, claiming that the government had provided him with the key to become the “Sugar King”.


Prior to the Nazri’s attacks on the Malaysian’s richest man, Tajuddin Abdul Rahman, another UMNO-Malay racist and thug had warned Kuok not to forget his roots. In case Najib had forgotten, it was him back in February 2018 who talked as if Kuok became super-rich overnight because the government gave the Chinaman a winning lottery ticket.


Then-PM Najib argued that because the government gave Kuok the concession to trade sugar in the country, Kuok must forever be grateful and support UMNO. It was silly to argue that Kuok became super rich due to the license granted. Of course Kuok needed a license to operate his business otherwise it would be illegal, would it not?

Billionaire Robert Kuok with China President Xi Jinping

As Najib and Nazri were busy attacking Kuok, they had forgotten that the tycoon was also the man instrumental in setting up of MISC (Malaysian International Shipping Corporation), Bank Bumiputera and even PERNAS (National Corporation). Of course, when MISC and Bank Bumiputerafell into the hands of parasites like UMNO-Malays, they either went bust or needed massive bailout.


Robert Kuok had begun his trading business years before the dawn of the NEP (New Economic Policy) era. He made his fortune by creating a niche in sugar and flour refinery, trading and hotels. The government did nothing but watch and collect taxes. And Najib’s shameless father had the cheek to demand free shares – first 20%, follows by another 20% – from Kuok’s MISC.


The last straw that broke the camel’s back was when Nazri challenged the 94-year-old billionaire Kuok to contest in the 14th general election. Mr. Nazri, known for this thuggery and poor upbringing, had also called the Hong Kong-based tycoon a “coward with no testicles.” He later demanded Kuok to surrender his Malaysian citizenship.

Najib Razak – Unexpectedly Lost 2018 General Election

Did Najib reprimand or at least distant himself from Nazri’s rude remarks? Nope, he didn’t because it was he who unleashed Nazri to attack Kuok for allegedly sponsoring opposition DAP in the 14th General Election. Similarly, Najib’s top-paid fake news blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK), the owner of the Malaysia Today portal, was in the same bandwagon accusing and insulting Kuok.


It would take a pledge from billionaire Robert Kuok to take legal action against online blog Malaysia Today in March 2018 that the notorious RPK obediently removed 3 articles it had published against Kuok. Thanks to close relationship between Kuok and President Xi Jinping, Najib had also curiously gone silent over Kuok trying to overthrow his government.


Make no mistake about it. Both Najib and Nazri were corrupt scumbags. But between both crooks, Nazri appeared to be a more honourable scumbag who deserves some respect. Heck, Nazri should be given a medal for loyally defending Najib in the past. But that’s water under the bridge now. Nazri now knows the real despicable and selfish Najib, who would not think twice about backstabbing his own generals.

Nazri Aziz Lectures Najib Razak

In retaliation, Mr. Nazri lectured Mr. Najib that MCA only won 15 Parliamentary seats in the 2008 general election, down from the 37 seats it held previously. The party saw its Parliamentary seats plunged to 7 seats in the 2013 general election, and won only 1 seat last May. This proved that Nazri’s rude remarks made against Robert Kuok was not the sole reason MCA suffered humiliating defeat.


Perhaps Najib should challenge Nazri to a no holds barred debate over who is responsible for the attacks on the respected billionaire Robert Kuok, the attacks cooked by the Najib regime to drive racial conflicts between the Chinese and Malays, but which ultimately backfired spectacularly. More importantly, Najib has admitted indirectly that Chinese votes are crucial to win the next general election.


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