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Oil Prices In Free Fall Despite OPEC Supply Cuts – Here’s Why It Could Get Worse

Oil prices’ free fall has temporarily stopped – after Saudi Arabia hinted that the OPEC cartel would let its production cut stays for a while. Nevertheless, there has been chaos and panic among oil producing countries in recent days. In just 3 days (Thursday to Monday), the crude oil plunged from above US$70 to below […]

... written on Jun 04 2019

The “Cowgate” Scandal Is Back – It Ain’t Over Until The Crooked Family Of Shahrizat Returns RM250 Million … And Jailed

The NFCorp began in 2006 when AISB (Agro-based Industry contracted Agroscience Industries Sdn Bhd) was contracted by the Ministry of Agriculture to develop an integrated livestock farming and beef production facility. The objective was to boost and achieve nation’s beef self-sufficiency. AISB then set up NFCorp (National Feedlot Corporation), which was awarded the project on […]

... written on Jun 04 2019

As Trump Uses Tariffs To Fight Immigration War With Mexico, China Raises Doubts About U.S.’ Trustworthiness

Donald Trump believes strongly that “tariff” is his most powerful weapon against China, and other countries for that matter, for refusing to kowtow to the supremacy of America. The weaponization of tariffs was used to the extreme on Chinese goods. When Beijing refused to surrender, the U.S. blacklisted Huawei in an attempt to kill the […]

... written on Jun 02 2019

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