Arrested!! – Here’s The Face Of The Savage MRT Robber Who Brutally Attacked A Defenceless Woman

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Feb 19 2019
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The brutality of a robber who attacked a defenceless woman in a lift at the Taman Mutiara Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) station in Cheras District, Kuala Lumpur, was so savage that Member of Parliament Lim Lip Eng offered a RM10,000 (US$2,445; £1,895) bounty. A 57-second closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera recording of the incident has gone viral.


The violent assault on the woman on Valentine Day (Feb 14) prompted the Kuala Lumpur police to set up a 200-strong task force to apprehend the criminal. And thanks to the urgency of the case, the 26-year-old male suspect has finally been arrested. Although his identity is not revealed by the authorities, the social media has published the information about the suspect.


The suspect has been identified as Thinathayaalan A/L (son of) Gunasegan (bearing identification number 930728-14-5781). He was apparently arrested in Taman Cheras at 8.10pm yesterday (Feb 18) by a Serious Crimes Investigation Department (D9) team from the Cheras district police headquarters.

Brutal MRT Robber - Thinathayaalan Gunasegan

Prior to his arrest, the police have confirmed that the despicable suspect had actually robbed a 24-hour convenience store near the MRT station at about 6.30am, some 15 minutes before robbing the victim in the lift last Thursday. It is not immediately known if anyone has claimed the bounty, but it would have been money well spent in bringing the brutal robber to justice.


A CCTV recording shows the woman entering the lift, followed by the man. As the disturbing recording reveals, the moment the lift doors close, the man lands a powerful right hook on the side of the woman’s head, which caused her to fall to the ground instantly. The man then punched her repeatedly as she remained on the ground, and even dragged her across the floor of the lift.


The brutal robber then grabbed her handbag and while the woman desperately attempts to hold on to it, the man furiously delivered more punches and kicks to the woman. The lift doors then open at one of the station’s floors. The man pins the woman to the side of the elevator, pausing momentarily so as not to attract attention while waiting for the doors to close again.

Brutal MRT Robber In Lift - Thinathayaalan Gunasegan

Brutal MRT Robber Screenshot - Thinathayaalan Gunasegan

As the doors shut, the man savagely kicks and punches the woman several more times, and even beats her with her own bag. The victim practically has surrendered but as she attempts to stand, the robber wasted no time and rained kicks and punches on her again. As he ransacks her belonging, the woman appears to beg to man to return her handbag.


When the lift doors open at another floor, the man drops the bag after having taken out the woman’s wallet and charges out of the elevator. Astonishingly, after being beaten like a boxer’s punching bag, the woman managed to slowly walk out of the lift. The 48-year-old woman reportedly suffered multiple injuries, including bruises on her forehead.


The woman also lost her identity card, bank cards and RM400 in the incident. The shock incident has raised the questions about the security measures (or rather the lack of it) being put in place by Prasarana Malaysia Berhad, the 100% government-owned company set up to own and manage assets of multi-modal public transport operator Malaysia, including the MRT.

Brutal MRT Robberr - Cheras Taman Mutiara Mass Rapid Transit MRT Station

MRT Train

As expected, the company sprang into action only after someone had gotten hurt, announcing that recordings inside lifts are now displayed directly to staff on duty as an extra precautionary measure following the robbery. In addition, Prasarana also said it has increased the number of the Special Action Taskforce (SAT) members in hotspot areas.


However, it’s anyone’s guess how long Prasarana’s so-called “stepped up” security will be in place before everything goes back to its “don’t care” level. The case is being investigated under Section 394 of the Penal Code for voluntarily causing hurt in a robbery, which provides for a jail term of up to 20 years, fine and whipping upon conviction.


It would be interesting to see if the violent robber will be punished speedily and accordingly. It’s also safe to presume the man was probably on drugs, judging on how he had robbed a 24-hour convenience store just minutes before he strikes the woman. This man must be sent to maximum jail term – and the maximum number of 24 strokes of whipping – to send a message.



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Congrat to PDRM for the fast action to catch this animal and a severe punishment need to be serve to send the message to other pariah gangsters and thief’s as we have rule of law. however million and billion ringgits thieves are still laughing and loitering with body guards and the law had not been served. apart to PDRM , pls wake up and make sure all walk of peoples in Malaysia know’s the severity if law’s are breached not sleeping and talk cock after the damage are done. Security are not only for the Rich , Royals and Famous but the priority should be given to the public who serves the rice bowl on table for those above with their hard earned tax paid money. It’s a laughing stock a group of enforcement teams goes to Turkey , but i suggest learn from the red dot which is very near to us on how the enforcement are done and how public’s feel save to live freely rather then having private security for every housing areas at our own bills.

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