Nurul’s Facebook Live Sexual Harassment – It’s All About Religion Extremism

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May 28 2018
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Nurul Izzah, the lovely daughter of prime minister-in-waiting Anwar Ibrahim, was sexually harassed by a caller in a “Facebook Live” talk show. In the show hosted by radio DJ Faizal Ismail and celebrity host Fara Fauzana, a caller – identified himself as “Azrul” – said Ms Nurul should take better care with her dressing – pointing out that he could see her underwear and breasts.


Initially, host Faizal actually thanked the caller for his “advice”. Now, the DJ claimed he could not hear the caller when he allowed the remark and agreed with it. He said – “I couldn’t hear clearly the details of what the caller said and could not give an accurate and appropriate response. And when I heard the playback, I realised and we apologised to her immediately.”


Since then, tons of women including Member of Parliaments such as Hannah Yeoh, Maria Chin Abdullah have condemned the despicable act of the caller, and are calling for a Gender Equality Act to be enacted. On Twitter, Nurul Izzah agreed with Malaysians for suggesting that a Sexual Harassment Act is needed.

Nurul Izzah with DJ Faizal Ismail - Before Facebook Live Talk Show

While new laws are nice to have to punish such offenders, it will not solve the structural problem. And that structural problem has everything to do with religion extremism. Like it or not, there’s still one thing that the new government of Pakatan Harapan has not shown the courage to do – dismantling or at least reform institutions well known for its religion bigotry and extremism.


Mahathir administration has bravely abolished GST (goods and services tax), fixed the fuel price, fired some little Napoleons and dragged ex-PM Najib Razak to be questioned over his 1MDB corruption and money laundering. It has also shut down agencies such as SPAD, JASA, JKKKP, Pemandu and whatnot. Heck, it has even appointed an ethnic-Chinese as the country’s finance minister.


But the new government hasn’t got the gut to reform institutions related to Islam such as the notorious JAKIM (Department of Islamic Development Malaysia). For preaching Islamic extremism and hatred against other religion in the country, the new government has been quite generous with JAKIM by doing nothing, despite the fact that the department was allocated RM1.03 billion in Budget 2018.

Nurul Izzah - Wearing Shirt And Headskarf

The fact that “Azrul” could manoeuvre and scan Nurul for her underwear and breasts, despite her wearing conservatively and a headscarf speaks volumes about the pervert mentality of a group of Malaysian Muslims such as Azrul thanks to Saudi Arabia’s greatest export to Malaysia – Wahhabism and Salafism.


If one cares to look back during the 1970s where the legendary P. Ramlee ruled the land, Muslim women had exposed more assets than Nurul Izzah. Cleavage was normal back then but you don’t see predators like “Azrul” squatting on the street mouth-watering like hungry wolves. It appears that the more a Muslim lady covers herself, the more a Muslim man get excited nowadays.


There was a pattern which linked over-conservative Muslims with violence and sex. In 2016, in order to fish for Chinese votes, the Islamist party PAS revealed the shocking formula if the Chinese do not wish to see their daughters, sisters, wives get sexually harassed. That formula was for them to vote for “Hudud” because the ancient law would supposedly put an end to the sexual harassment.

Agogo Disco Bars in Thailand

Amusingly in Kelantan, a state under PAS government, they recorded the highest number of cases for AIDS in Malaysia since 2008. In 2001, the ratio of HIV positive men to women was 10:1 but by 2013, the ratio skyrocketed to 4:1. And it happened even after the local authorities in Kelantan enforced pseudo hudud codes through its by-laws which govern attire, gender segregation.


The state of Kelantan, where 94% of its population are Malay-Muslims, also holds the record for the highest number of reported rape cases in the country despite the fact that most Kelantan women are already dressing conservatively. This proves that religion extremism, as practiced by Kelantan PAS government, contributes directly to sex-related diseases and problems.


Kelantan is the country’s sex and AIDS city. And the fact that PAS has not only maintained their grip on the state but successfully captured Terengganu in the recent general election is a disturbing trend. PAS captured 17% of the votes, which translates to 2,051,188 voters. Assuming most of them were Malays, that’s a lot of conservative Muslims who could be radicalised by PAS.

Shabudin Yahaya - Member of Parliament for Tasek Gelugor - OK For Rapist

However, PAS wasn’t alone in promoting religion extremism. The defeated UMNO too adopted narrow-minded religion practice. Last year, Shabudin Yahaya, a MP of the then-ruling Barisan Nasional coalition, believed that there was “nothing wrong” with child marriages. In order to avoid prosecution, apparently rapists were encouraged to marry their victims.


Zaman Khan, a former prison department director-general, once asked a (Muslim) father why he had raped his own daughter. The man simply replied – “As a father, I had planted the seed before my child was born. Thus I am rightfully the person to taste the fruit before anybody else.” Now, throw in religion extremism and Nurul should not be shocked why she was sexually harassed by “Azrul.”


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What do you expect from PAS, their party is a cult.

Seriously well-written intellectual article. We need more media companies like this in Malaysia with journalistic values of rationality, being thoughtful, insightful, logical, and consistent. I hope more Malaysians can stumble upon this website and, in the process, spread it by word to other people. Religious extremism is really retarded. I’ve never seen any good coming from it and I believe it won’t see its day of being “good” to us collectively. It only undermines our societal development as a whole.

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