Forget Winter Olympics – Kim Yo Jong Steals The Show, And U.S. News Media Love Her Too

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Feb 13 2018
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Kim Jong-un’s brutality is legendary. From siccing wild dogs on his own uncle to gunning down his enemies with anti-aircraft guns beyond recognition, the North Korean dictator has a trademark of using terrifying but creative methods to kill. But when it comes to his most trusted sister, 30-year-old ponytailed Kim Yo Jong, it’s a totally different story.


As the 2018 Winter Olympics opened in South Korea, it was Dictator Kim’s sister who steals the thunder. Kim Yo Jong was dispatched by his brother to lead North Korea team on a special mission – to charm South Koreans and subsequently the world. And Ms. Kim has done a marvellous job, so much so that she is being called the Ivanka Trump of North Korea.


However, unlike lavish First Daughter Ivanka Trump, people were impressed with First Sister Kim Yo Jong for a different reason. Her lack of bling, plain black outfits, simple purse and barely makeup make Ms. Kim a lovable Korean lady. Even American news media appear to love Kim Yo Jong more than President Donald Trump and other U.S. leaders.


North Korea Kim Yo Jong - 2018 Winter Olympics - Smile Simple

CNN couldn’t hide its excitement and admiration for Kim Jong-un’s sister. ” If ‘diplomatic dance were an event at the Winter Olympics, Kim Jong Un’s younger sister would be favoured to win gold,” – CNN proudly published. Armed with a smile, a handshake and a warm message in South Korea’s presidential guest book, there’s little doubt that she has already won the gold medal.


In her guest book message, Kim Yo Jong wrote – “I hope Pyongyang and Seoul get closer in our people’s hearts and move forward the future of prosperous unification.” To many foreigners, Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, could easily be mistaken as Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea, as both sounds quite similar. Trump administration, however, isn’t impressed with Ms. Kim.


In what appeared to be a tactical move by Kim Jong-un, the world only learned of his sister’s visit at the eleventh hour. As the first member of the North’s ruling dynasty to visit the South since the Korean War ended in 1953, Kim on Saturday made headlines across the globe when she delivered an invitation to South Korean President Moon Jae-in to visit North Korea.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in with North Korean Kim Yo-jong

South Korean President Moon Jae-in with North Korean Kim Yo-jong - Walking Together

The historic meeting between both individuals of the North and South held at Seoul’s presidential palace is seen as more important than U.S. President Trump’s visit to South Korea recently. This could be the beginning of unification between both countries, a process which doesn’t gel very well with America since their influence over South Korea could be diluted.


Their father – Kim Jong Il – is believed to have 7 children from 4 women. But only Kim Jong Un and Kim Yo Jong have the same mother, Ko Yong Hui, hence the close relationship and extraordinary trust between them. With very few people Jong Un can trust, Yo Jong is one of them and is perhaps the most influential person in the dictator’s life.


In fact, Kim Jong Un trusted his sister so much that he entrusted her to briefly took charge of the country while he was reportedly ill with gout or diabetes in late 2014. As Kim’s personal representative to South Korea, the impact of Ms. Kim cannot be underestimated. CNN reveals that South Koreans have begun warming up – even admiring – the simple and down to earth Kim Yo Jong.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in with North Korean Kim Yo-jong - Shaking Hands 2

Given sufficient time and opportunity, Yo Jong could become a powerful propaganda tool to pressure pro-American South Korea leaders to at least explore the possibility of a Korea unification. Well, at least CNN has started the ball-rolling with positive coverage about Ms. Kim, something which the U.S. mainstream media doesn’t even give to President Trump.


“Kim Yo Jong is the perfect counterpart to this. And it also is a signal that North Korea is not this crazy, weird former Cold War state – but it too has young women that are capable and are the future leadership,” – wrote CNN. Similarly, the New York Times, Washington Post, ABC and Reuters have all positive coverage on the North Korean’s princess.


New York Times tweeted – “Without a word, only flashing smiles, Kim Jong-un’s sister outflanked Vice President Mike Pence in diplomacy.” However, not everyone was impressed that American liberal mainstream media gave glowing headlines and endorsements of Kim Jong Un regime. Many think that the songs of praise for the hermit kingdom has gotten out of hand.

North Korea Kim Yo Jong outflanked US Vice President Mike Pence

Articles from Washington Post and BBC that compared Kim to Ivanka Trump were vilified for similar reasons. But like it or not, Kim and Ivanka do have something in common. Both ladies got their powerful jobs – as First Sister and First Daughter – because their brother and daddy is the most powerful man in their own countries.


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