With Trump’s Support, Saudi Crown Prince Is Ready For A War With Iran

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Nov 08 2017
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Prince Mohammed bin Salman, a 32-year-old son of King Salman, is a very ambitious young man. But at the same time, he’s also a very dangerous young man. His 81-year-old father desperately needs to abdicate the throne, rumoured to be in the next couple of months. The king can’t die without first officially handing over the power to his son, as it would lead to self-destruction of the monarchy.


The sudden purge in the House of Saud – 11 princes, 4 ministers and tens of former ministers – under the pretext of cleaning the kingdom of corruption and money laundering has empowered the crown prince with unlimited power. Now all the enemies who could jeopardise his reach for the throne are being imprisoned in the “5-star Ritz Carlton Hotel”.


Until the crown prince is officially crowned as King Mohammed, it’s hard to see how the royal prisoners could be freed. But the kingdom’s crown prince would not have had dared making his move without the support and blessing from the United States. President Trump didn’t condemn the purging drama as an abuse of human rights, something which Barack Obama would have done.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman - Smiling

Instead, Trump praised the Saudi’s so-called corruption purge, saying those targeted by Crown Prince Mohammed deserve it because they have been “milking” the kingdom for years. Frankly, his enemies should have seen this coming, at least since early of this year. But when you’re among 15,000 of pampered princes and princesses, intelligence is a rare commodity.


Early of the year, while still deputy crown prince, the young son of King Salman paid a visit to President Trump. Fortunately to Mohammed bin Salman, he didn’t laughed and insulted Trump about his chances to the White House, unlike arrogant billionaire Prince Alwaleed, who happens to be the nephew of King Salman but nevertheless became one of “5-star” prisoners today.


During that meeting in March of this year, the then-Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed and the newly crowned 45th President of the United States – Donald Trump – publicly declared Iran as major security threat in the Middle East. That was arguably the first step toward a friendship between President Donald Trump and the future-King Mohammed.

Saudi King Salman Sucking Up to US President Trump

Prince Mohammed didn’t visit President Trump empty-handed, mind you. He came bearing gift – military sales deal of about US$110 billion – effective immediately – plus another US$350 billion over the next 10 years, which Trump would happily sign when he flew to Saudi Arabia 2 months later in May. The importance of Trump’s visit was indescribable.


Even the ailing King Salman, armed with his walking stick, was made to wait at the airport tarmac to receive President Trump. Like a Christmas tree, the king insisted the U.S. president must be decorated with the gold King Abdulaziz medal, claiming that the 4-month old Trump administration be honoured for “his quest to enhance security and stability in the region and around the world.”


That second step was pre-planned by the Saudi prince to gain Trump’s blessing to crack down on terrorism in the Middle East. Of course, it was merely smoke-screen since everyone knows that Saudi Arabia is still the undisputed sponsor and supplier of extremism and terrorism not only in the region, but also on planet Earth.

Qatar Flag on a Boat - City of Qatar Background 

The real objective was to drag Trump administration into a bigger conflict against Qatar, who was then leaning toward Iran. The Saudi prince skilfully tricked the clueless Trump into thinking his public endorsement was rhetoric about fighting terrorism, when in fact it was to launch a military invasion on Qatar, as exposed later by Bloomberg in September.


So, a month after Trump’s victorious visit to Saudi, the prince executed his third step in June – unfriended Qatar – severing diplomatic ties as well as suspending air, land, and sea travel to and from the tiny but rich kingdom. Fortunately, the U.S. Intelligence got hold of the invasion plan and alerted Trump who then intervened and persuaded Saudi and its Gulf allies against it.


As it turned out, the culprit behind the Saudi-Qatar crisis was none other than United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.). And it was the U.S. Intelligence who revealed to the Washington Post that they have independent corroboration that a cyber-attack which leads to the hack of Qatari state media was orchestrated by the U.A.E., an ally of Saudi who joined the boycott of Qatar’s allegedly terrorism.

The Gang of Four - Middle East - UAE, Saudi, Egypt, Bahrain

As the youngest minister of defence in the world, Mohammed bin Salman was subsequently appointed by his father as the new Crown Prince in June 2017, days after he successfully isolated Qatar from the circle of Sunni-Islam nations. Effectively, Muhammad bin Nayef, a nephew of King Salman, was stripped of his Crown Prince-ship and relieved of all positions by royal decree on 21st June.


After the fourth step manoeuvring his way to the throne, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman secretly visited Israel – supposedly the biggest enemy of Islam, or at least that’s what 1.6 billion Sunni Muslims were misled to believe – to discuss Iran and other potential cooperative measures. The private and unexpected visit, however, was leaked and the furious prince denied it.


Crown Prince Mohammed’s step five of visiting Israel goes to prove that Shia-Muslim Iran is a bigger enemy than Jewish Israel, as opposed to propagandas Saudi has been drumming for decades. Perhaps it’s true after all what Kuwait has been saying – that “Israel is not our enemy“. The latest crackdown of princes is nothing but essential sixth step to guarantee his throne.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Visits Israel

But the crown prince’s seventh and subsequent steps could be more dangerous than ever. With the exception of Obama administration, the U.S. and Iran have been in a state of cold war for almost 40 years. Still, that dwarfs the centuries-old Sunni-Shia civil war for Islamic supremacy. With Trump’s loud support behind Crown Prince Mohammed, it’s the golden opportunity to wipe out Iran – once and for all.


The Saudi prince knew that Iran is more powerful than Saudi – militarily. However, what his kingdom has is more cash and control of the Islamic holy sites of Mecca and Medina. Like herding cattle, Saudi could declare war on Iran tomorrow and the rest of Sunni-Muslim nations would come fighting, at least that’s what the prince believes.


Thanks to Trump’s burning hatred towards Obama, Washington is more than willing to punish Tehran after Obama stupidly ended many economic sanctions and release up to US$150 billion in frozen assets back to the Iranians. Taking advantage of the situation, it’s hard to see why the young and ambitious prince would not proceed to a more dangerous adventure.

Nuclear Deal - Cartoon Iran Nuclear Compliance Meter

Coincidently, Houthi militants in Yemen, the same rebels whom the Crown Prince Mohammed had poured billions of dollars to fight but lost, had suddenly launched ballistic missiles but were intercepted as they headed to the Saudi capital Riyadh. As expected, Saudi quickly blames its regional arch-rival Iran for supplying the Houthi militias the missiles.


After declaring a war against Yemen-Iran, the power-hungry Saudi prince took it upon himself to declare another war – against Lebanon. Saudi Gulf Affairs Minister Thamer al-Sabhan said the Lebanese government would “be dealt with as a government declaring war on Saudi Arabia.” Did the Saudi prince deliberately rock the boat in the Gulf to push up crude oil prices?


Already, theories have it that Saudi was behind the shooting of missiles from Yemen and then intercepted it, making it looks as if Iran was behind the attack in order to justify a direct war with Iran. No matter what’s the silly tactics, Crown Prince Mohammed can’t go to war against Iran without U.S. military’s direct involvement. If the Saudis couldn’t beat the Houthi rebels, they certainly can’t beat the Iranians.


The question is – will Trump, already very hungry for a war to divert attention from his Russian-Gate scandal, go for a full-blown war with Iran knowing full well it was a trick from the Saudi prince? A Saudi-Iran war could, obviously, spark World War 3 because Russia, an ally of Iran, is not expected to sit still with popcorns and Cokes. And there’s always China who has business interest in Iran to protect.


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