Forget Kim’s Missiles – Trump’s Fish Feeding Stunt Sends Netizens Ballistic

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Nov 07 2017
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Donald Trump kicked off his 12-day tour of Asia in what appears to be the longest trip to the region by an American president since 1991 – when George H.W. Bush was in charge of the Oval Office. Flying from Hawaii, his first stop is Japan, before visiting South Korea, China, Vietnam and the Philippines. In Tokyo, Trump enjoyed a round of golf and a steak dinner with Abe.


Accompanied by their wives, they had dinner at Ginza Ukai Tei, a restaurant known for teppanyaki. The guests were served a “special menu” that included grilled Hokkaido scallop, the restaurant’s “best quality” steak and a chocolate sundae. Share price of Ukai Co., which operates the upmarket restaurant chain, surged as much as 7.3% on Monday.


Both leaders also had their hamburgers inside the clubhouse at Kasumigaseki Country Club. Trump hopes to be able to divert attention through his high-level diplomacy. But before he could restart his war or mouth with North Korea Kim Jong-un, liberal mainstream media has found a powerful news that is more important than nuclear war – animal cruelty.

Ginza Ukai Tei Tokyo Restaurant - Beef Steak

Liberal news media such as CNN has selectively aired footage showing how Trump ignorantly overfeed some precious koi carp, as if the U.S. president was trying to kill those lovely fishes. Apparently U.S. President Donald Trump and the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe were supposed to do the fish feeding photo op together.


Standing beside a pond brimming with colourful koi in the Akasaka Palace in Tokyo, Trump was reportedly began spooning out fish food before appearing to lose patience and emptying his wooden containers with a shake. Two photos had emerged on Twitter – first, he used a spoon to feed koi fish from a box. Second, he dumps all the fish food into the pond at once.


The 2 photos instantly became a hit and the sensational drama has even won Trump as a person without patience, suggesting that the U.S. president is a dangerous man who could launch nuclear missiles against anyone he dislikes. After all, if he could misjudge the fishes’ appetite, what are the chances that he wouldn’t misjudge Kim Jong-un – and start Nuclear War 1?

Asia Trip - Trumo Feeds Japanese Carp Fishes - Dumping Food

Suddenly, social network users and liberal mainstream media become experts overnight and condemn Trump’s overfeeding drama. They accused Trump of trying to make the fish sick, not to mention the excessive amounts of waste that strains the limits of what can be biologically reduced, which could result in a decline of water quality.


As it turned out, it was Shinzo Abe who first emptied his container into the pond, follows by Donald Trump. The only difference was Abe spooned his fish contribution out gracefully before tossing the very little remaining of it while Trump just stuck out his box of yummy fish food and turned it over. The mission was to empty the wooden box. But perhaps presentation counts and Trump was blamed.


Trump critics and liberals concluded that judging by how screwed up the U.S. president was at feeding the Japanese carp, Obama who had fed them better is proclaimed the better leader. Memes were also created to deliver a message that President Trump was a moron for dumping all the food onto the fish at one go.

Asia Trip - Trumo Feeds Japanese Carp Fishes - Koi Carp Calling Trump Moron

Some joked that Trump deliberately refused to feed the fish properly until Japanese automakers start making their cars in the U.S. Earlier, the U.S. president bitched about the trade imbalance between both nations and called for “free, fair, and reciprocal” trade. And he wants Japan to build more cars on American soil, although the Japanese already have huge factories in the U.S.


Regardless, Japanese Finance Minister Taro Aso said on Tuesday that Japan would not enter a bilateral free trade agreement (FTA) with the United States to resolve the two countries’ trade imbalance. Hence, if Trump’s dumping of the entire box of fish food was indeed deliberately done as a sign of protest, it didn’t work.


Others simply hope and pray that Donald Trump could at least exercise greater control over American nuclear arsenal than he does with a box of fish food. But hey, Trump didn’t win the White House by following the rules of the game. He won it using unconventional method. Even if Abe had not dumped his fish pellets first, can you blame Trump for being the first president to do so?

Nuclear War Poker Game - Donald Trump vs Kim Jong-un


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