Chinese Charms!! – Trump Praised China For Taking Advantage Of U.S.

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Nov 10 2017
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Majority of Americans don’t like their own president. But the Arabs love the U.S. president. And the Chinese love Donald Trump even more. After his visit to Saudi Arabia, Japan and South Korea, Beijing has found the formula of chemistry to charm President Donald Trump before he steps on his foot in China, the third stop of his 12-day Asia tour.


There’s only one way to get a person like Donald Trump on your side – make him feel like an Emperor, something he could only dream in his own country. Even better, give him news coverage that his own country’s liberal mainstream media refuse to provide. Imagine a communist propaganda outlet such as China’s Global Times praising Trump while criticising American media for “fake reports.”


Japan had served him his favourite beef steak while South Korea had presented him some 360-year-old soy sauce. However, all that pale in comparison to what China had prepared for President Donald Trump – a rare dinner in the Forbidden City – the first U.S. President to be given a state dinner inside the country’s most famed imperial palace.

President Donald Trump and Melania Visit China Forbidden City

He is given, what no other world leaders have had ever get, a “state visit-plus” treatment which would make President Xi Jinping’s April meeting at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida look like a kindergarten. The VVIP+ treatment involved the shutdown of the Forbidden City so that the Trump could have the whole World Heritage Site to himself and wife Melania.


Heck, it has been heavily custom-made so much so that the visit doesn’t look like an official visit anymore but rather a “personal visit” between Mr. Trump and Mr. Xi. But who can deny the extraordinary chemistry between Donald Trump and Xi Jinping when the U.S. president brought along 3 generations of Trump family to meet “Grandpa Xi” and “Grandma Peng”?


Yes, she might be only 6 years old, but Arabella Kushner played her diplomatic role perfectly again, helping to ease whatever issues between two of the world’s most powerful men. As Trump and Xi drank tea at the century-old Bao Yun Lou, a former library building in the Forbidden City in Beijing, the U.S. president unleashed a video of his grand-daughter to the Chinese president.



Arabella, the eldest child of Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, started her charm with a greeting to the Chinese Communist Party’s most powerful couple – “Hello, Grandpa Xi. Hello, Grandma Peng.” The little ambassador who started learning Mandarin from her Chinese nanny when she was just 16 months old then sang and recited ancient Chinese poetry.


When the video clip circulated on social media, Chinese netizens love the Trump’s grand-daughter so much some actually hope she would marry into a Chinese family. It appears that both the Chinese and American presidents were trying to outmatch each other – who could win the charming contest. Obviously, the Chinese charms work fabulously.


By aligning the Middle Kingdom with President Trump against the American liberal mainstream media, an institution which Trump has frequently criticized due to biased reporting and “fake news”, President Xi Jinping has already won half the battle. The Chinese have done such a fantastic job charming the U.S. president that Trump has turned the table against his own people.

President Donald Trump and Melania Visit China - Greeting on Tarmac

President Donald Trump said in Beijing on Thursday he will work to address unfair practices from the Chinese that have led to a mismatch of benefits from U.S.-China trade. Surprisingly, unlike his earlier combative rhetoric against the Chinese, he did not blame Beijing at all for having been able to get away with those practices.


He said, to everyone’s astonishment – “I don’t blame China. After all, who can blame a country for being able to take advantage of another country for the benefit of its citizens? I give China great credit.” Instead, President Trump openly put the blame squarely on “past administrations for allowing this out-of-control trade deficit to take place and to grow.”


To make it easier for Trump to claim credits, President Xi promises that China will be more open and transparent to foreign companies, including those from the United States. U.S. companies are also welcome to take part in China’s “Belt and Road” initiative. The take-home gifts include business deals in excess of US$250 billion, more than what Trump had gotten from Saudi Arabia.

President Donald Trump and Melania Visit China - Meets Opera Performers

Walking away victorious, the Commerce Department revealed the list of the 37 major deals signed between U.S. and Chinese companies during Trump’s visit to China. Companies such as Boeing, Caterpillar, General Electric, Qualcomm, Dow Chemical and Goldman Sachs were among American corporations laughing all their way to the bank with business deals.


China also promised to buy more U.S. beef, barley and dairy products, including cheese, after dropping a 14-year ban on U.S. beef imports this year. Realizing agriculture trade has been a bright spot in U.S.-China relations under Trump’s administration, Beijing also agreed to buy more U.S. soybeans in future. That would make U.S. farmers appreciate their own president.


The unusual amount of pomp and business deals – deliberately done – is part of China’s efforts to flatter Trump and gloss over American criticisms on trade and the continued development of the nuclear program in its neighbour North Korea. Xi wanted Trump to realize that a win-win situation can be easily achieved as long as the U.S. does not flash the bully cards.

China Visit - President Donald Trump and President Xi Jinping

More importantly, Xi Jinping sees Donald Trump as a potential best friend China can have in the White House because he hasn’t used the issue of human rights to make trouble for China. In a time when his Republicans and even U.S. Intelligence Community declare war on his administration, Trump doesn’t need too much convincing that the Chinese are always there for him, even if fellow Americans despise him


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