Gaming Through the Current Political Climate

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Apr 08 2017
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The past few years have been an interesting ride for Americans. Once the campaigns for the 2016 presidential election began, it was only a matter of time until statistics and specific tactics were able to uncover how divided the nation truly is. While it can be a bit overwhelming to turn on the news these days, there are a couple of ways to relieve some stress during these tense times. For example, it can be interesting to drift backward to those campaign days and relive all of the chaos in a fun way with a game like Electoral.Io.


Electroal.Io is a very interesting and engaging game designed by Redwerk. The game focuses on the absolute madness that comes along with campaigning to become president. Though it might be far behind the nation at this point, going back to the days when there were still some options can be a nice way to get your head centered.

Game - Democratic vs Republican - Select

The Concept

The concept of this game is quite straightforward. You select which party you want to play as to begin. Once you’ve made your choice, you are given your avatar. Players who choose the Democratic Party will receive a small blue sphere to control and those who select the Republican Party will similarly receive a red sphere. You begin as a small sphere, the only defining attribute being your color, on a map of the United States of America. If location services are on when you play this game it will spawn your avatar in the state where you are located.


To control your sphere, you simply point your mouse in the direction that you would like it to go. As you move around the map of America, you will notice that there are little bubbles everywhere with different symbols on them. These represent various things that you want to gain while campaigning like money and likes from social media posts. Your goal is to collect as many of these bubbles as you roll around America. As you collect more, your little sphere will begin to grow.

Electoral Game - Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump

The Competition

The game becomes challenging when you realize that other players are also competing against you to grab these bubbles. When a member of the opposite party has a sphere that is bigger than yours, you will be absorbed into their sphere and have to begin again from the start. This edge can be frustrating and exhilarating. You could be doing great, collecting as many bubbles as possible, only to get “eaten” by a bigger sphere that comes along. Still, you are also able to dominate the board and absorb your competition by becoming bigger throughout the game.


The more bubbles and competitors that you absorb, the larger your sphere becomes. The map begins to shrink as you grow, making it easier to eat up all your competition. It is important to note that there are traps set all over the map. These traps are stationary spheres representing various scandals both parties had to go through during the campaign. If your sphere comes in contact with these traps, you will lose some of your size. A clever strategy during this game is lingering near these traps and leading larger players into them while they’re trying to absorb you.

Electoral Game - iPad screenshot

Stress Relief

Electoral.Io might seem simple in design but it packs a fun punch. When you are controlling your little sphere across the continental United States, you most likely will feel a sense of catharsis. Most people play as their preferred political party, which means they are tasked with the challenge of eating all of their opposition. Whether you sided with the current administration or not during the campaign, there is little doubt that you will not experience a bit of glee as you beat your foes and become stronger and larger with each win.


The campaign trail might be over for now but there are helpful ways to relive all that was stirred up during the process. Take a look at this game if you’re interested. The desktop version is quite accessible but there are also versions available for iOS and Android users. The game is free on any of these platforms. Playing this can be a great way to waste some time and feel a bit of relief in some extremely dizzying times.

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