Media Blackout!! – 1,000 Mobs Attacked German Police, Homeless, Kids & Oldest Church

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Jan 04 2017
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In order to prevent a repeat of the attacks in Cologne last year where 1,000+ Arab and North African migrants launched a mass robbery, molest, rape and sexual assault, Cologne Police President Jürgen Mathies had deployed 1,500 police – roughly 10 times the number last year – backed up by hundreds of volunteers and public order officials, during the 2017 New Year Eve.


The plan works like a charm. But it worked probably because the police in Cologne have detained hundreds of men “seemingly of African descent” as part of its preventive operations. The men, suspected of agitators who had been linked to the 2016 attack were detained at two main railway stations. They were questioned and escorted to trains heading out of the city.


Despite restraining at least 1,200 “Nafris” (an abbreviation for North Africans), the police still logged 2 sexual assaults, 6 thefts and arrested 29 people. However, not everyone was impressed with the efficiency of the new police chief in stopping another possible mass robbery, molest, rape and sexual assault on the New Year Eve.


Simone Peter, leader of the Green Party, described it as “derogatory” and claimed the police had acted illegally by racially profiling people attending the festivities. Peter’s party colleague, Volker Beck, said that arresting people based on ethnicity and not on concrete suspicion of a crime would constitute a breach of the UN’s anti-racism convention.


Cologne Police President Jürgen Mathies admitted his officers had specifically targeted men who appeared to be North African to undergo checks, but defended their actions. He explained – “I reject this negative criticism. Our experiences, from last New Year’s Eve and previous raids that took place, showed we needed to check those people.”


But majority of the people, including newspaper commentary, were in favour of the police actions. Westfalen Blatt wrote – “The high number of clearly aggressive young men, mainly from North Africa, who once again descended on Cologne is scary,” The Rheinische Post said that the police “did only one thing – their duty”.


Politicians such as Simone Peter and Chancellor Angela Merkel should take comfort that Cologne’s police had arrested a 38-year old Syrian migrant after they received an intelligence report that he was planning a terror attack that night. The migrant reportedly had been previously arrested for having a connection in terror financing crimes.


Other cities, however, weren’t as fortunate as Cologne this round. At least 14 women, aged between 18 and 26, were victims of sexual assault in Hamburg, despite more than 500 extra officers were put on patrol. Three Syrians, three Iraqis, two Afghans, one Eritrean and a German were among those accused of grabbing women’s crotches, groping their bottoms and putting their hands up their skirts.


While Cologne was fortunate to be able to avoid a repeat of the 2016 sex attacks by 1,000+ mobs, it was Dortmund’s turn at the receiving end on 2017 New Year Eve when 1,000 mobs started attacking a group of homeless people outside the city’s main train station. And just like the Cologne attacks last year, the police was trying to cover-up the Dortmund attacks.


By 11:30pm, after being overwhelmed by a “large number of young men from North Africa” in Dortmund, the police announced they required “further reinforcement of officers”. At midnight, Ruhr Nachrichten reported that a crowd of “at least 1,000 young men” began throwing fireworks into crowds of visitors, which also included families with children.


When confronted by police and ordered repeatedly to stop, the mobs turned their fireworks at police instead, and all hell breaks loose. A video posted by a Ruhr Nachrichten reporter shows a group of men chanting “Allahu Akhbar” around the flag of al-Qaeda and Islamic State collaborators – the “Free Syrian Army”.


One of the rockets launched by the aggressive mobs struck a wooden lattice on the façade of the 800-year-old St. Reinold church – setting it on fire. The city’s fire brigade – already standing by because of the earlier disturbances – extinguished the blaze before it could do serious damage. The rocket-firer – identified as a Syrian was arrested and taken into custody.


At least 25 other persons were injured during the incident, some seriously. However, police reported that the festivities were “quiet” and “normal.” After covering-up the Cologne Rapefugee crisis last year, Angela Merkel administration quietly ordered that all surveillance video of the attacks be kept under wraps in the Dortmund attack. Well done Chancellor Merkel!!



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