Here’s Why President Obama Could Be The Man Behind FBI’s Bombshell On Clinton

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Nov 02 2016
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FBI found 650,000 emails on a laptop that they believe was used by former Congressman Anthony Weiner and his estranged wife Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s most trusted aide. And metadata (data that describes other data) shows thousands of those messages could have been sent to or from the private server that Mrs. Clinton used while she was Secretary of State.


Due to the massive amount of emails, FBI would not be able to tell whether those messages are work-related from the time Ms. Abedin served with Mrs. Clinton at the State Department, until the 2016 Presidential Election is over on November 8. Hence the chicken-and-egg situation bugging the FBI before Director James Comey decides to tell all and sundry.

FBI Director James Comey - Hillary Clinton Email Scandal

If those 650,000 emails were merely duplicates already reviewed by the FBI, then re-opening the email investigation would be unfair to Clinton. However, if new emails or evidence existed within the messages, eventually James Comey would be made the scapegoat and could be impeached for incompetency, treason and whatnot – if he chooses to keep quiet.


Chances are the FBI is more than confident that the newly found treasure contains emails that had escaped their eyes. FBI could have easily used the metadata to do a simple comparison between “source and target” to produce a rough estimation of the number of emails that Hillary Clinton had not surrendered during the first round of investigations.


If there are classified information not known to the FBI during their initial investigations, which had since closed with no further action except with a slap on the wrist back in July, then Hillary Clinton or Huma Abedin or both could be looking at 20 years in jail for charges of obstruction of justice – altered, destroyed or concealed any emails that should have been turned over to the FBI.


Panicked, Hillary Clinton has chosen to declare war on FBI Director James Comey – a childish move. By blaming FBI for doing its jobs, it only goes to show Clinton has everything to hide, giving Trump free bullets boasting how he was right all along that she was indeed the “Crooked Clinton” who should be sent to prison.


Hillary talks as if it was Donald Trump or James Comey who has planted the 650,000 emails on the laptop. In reality, it was the pervert Anthony Weiner, the same guy Clinton had endorsed as the Romeo for Huma Abedin as life partner, who couldn’t keep his gun inside his pants who is throwing both Clinton and Abedin in hot soup now.


Like the 1972 Watergate scandal cover-up that took down Richard Nixon, it appears the Email scandal that Hillary Clinton is trying to cover-up could not only bring her down, but potentially send her to prison. But knowing how powerful she is and how corrupt the U.S. political system is, Clinton might get a presidential pardon instead.


To make the scandal goes away, Huma Abedin, rumoured to be Hillary Clinton’s lesbian lover, might need to be sacrificed. Abedin swore under oath that she had turned over all devices with State Department emails on them, which was part of her June testimony in the lawsuit filed by Judicial Watch. Obviously, she didn’t and could be slapped with perjury charges.


Instead of attacking the FBI, has Clinton given a thought that it could be Obama who has set her up? After the bombshell, instead of throwing support behind her, White House has defended Comey instead. President Obama “doesn’t believe Director Comey is trying to influence the outcome of an election,” – White House press secretary Josh Earnest said.


If Comey could be instructed by Attorney General Loretta Lynch and President Barack Obama not to recommend criminal charges against Hillary Clinton for her use of email while serving as Secretary of State back in July, why can’t the FBI director be persuaded to at least postpone the reopening of the email case “after” the election on November 8?


Sure, James Comey could be saving his arse by throwing the cat among the pigeons. But why should he worry about his job since Hillary Clinton will surely become the first woman president? Almost all Republican and Democratic politicians, mainstream media, Hollywood celebrities and bookies believe Clinton will win. And when she does, Comey and Lynch’s jobs are guaranteed.


After all, Comey can hide under the so-called “long-standing Justice Department policies and tradition” of not taking unnecessary action close in time to Election Day that might influence an election’s outcome. Unless, of course, Comey has President Barack Obama’s support before he sends the email to the Congress and releases a memo to his agents.


Despite public hugs and kisses, Hillary Clinton “hates” Barack Obama for defeating her in the 2008 Presidential Election. Emails leaked by D.C. Leaks reveals that wealthy equity investor Jeffrey Leeds told former Secretary of State Colin Powell in an email last March that Hillary Clinton couldn’t forgive Obama for “kicking her arse in 2008”.


Besides Hillary, Bill Clinton actually thinks very lowly of the “incompetent” Barack Obama. Bill also made a racist remark directed at Obama when he told Ted Kennedy – “A few years ago, this guy would have been getting us coffee.” And Obama knew the Clintons hate his presidency more than anyone else.


Dramatically, Michelle Obama hates Hillary Clinton and is largely unhappy with her position as First Lady. Michelle has apparently refused to invite Hillary and former President Bill Clinton over to the White House for dinner due to built up animosity over the 2008 primary election between then-Senator Obama and Hillary.


Hillary realized that while Obama possesses tons of rotten policies, he was still very popular. She cleverly aligned herself with Obama’s “first black president” legacy while avoiding his rotten and lame duck policies. Obama, in returns, deliberately delayed Vice President Joe Biden’s decision about whether to run for the presidency or otherwise.


Obama dislikes Trump but he hates the Clintons even more. Hillary is manipulating, cynical, and nasty, not to mention her instinctively defensive and dictatorship. Coincidently, not many Democrats actually like Hillary Clinton. The last thing Obama wants is to see such woman occupy White House.


One has to remember that Anthony Weiner was caught sexting with a 15-year-old girl on September 21 and by early October, New York-based FBI officials notified Andrew McCabe, the bureau’s second-in-command, that they had discovered emails from the accounts of Huma Abedin among the 650,000 emails on Weiner’s laptop.


The burning question is why did the FBI Director James Comey take close to a month to decide about writing to Congressman, his department and subsequently the public? There’s only one explanation – President Barack Obama has deliberately delayed until the eleventh hour to unleash the bombshell, so that Hillary Clinton’s campaign could be sabotaged.


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