Simply No Match! – English Hooligans Hunted & Attacked By Russian “Ultras”

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Jun 12 2016
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When one talks about football hooliganism, one cannot but link it to England. After all, the football violence can be traced back to 14th-century England whereby King Edward II personally banned football in 1314. Football hooliganism in England was such an embarrassing affair that even Britons were condemning their own people.


In reality, football hooliganism is nothing but provocation, vandalism and intimidation by football gangs. They’re not genuine football fans but merely sore losers. It doesn’t matter if the football matches were domestic or international. After some round of beers, they would start intimidating and physically attacking supporters of other teams.

EURO 2016 Hooliganism - England Hooligans Throwing Glass Bottles At French Riot Police

EURO 2016 Hooliganism - An Injured England Hooligan being Detained by Police

On Saturday night, the British football hooligans finally met their match and turned Marseille into a war zone when they clashed with another battalion of hooligans – Russian Ultra Hooligans. The Euro 2016 match between England and Russia ended with a 1-1 draw. The England-Russia game was one of five classified as “high-risk” for hooliganism by tournament organisers.


“Russia fans with black balaclavas attacking England fans in the stadium.” – tweeted a Daily Star reporter. Another said: – “There’s this group of Russians who are proper mental. They threw everything at us – chairs, bottles – and they slashed us with knives. A third travelling fan said: – “There’s literally an army of Russian fans marching over the hill towards the English supporters.”

EURO 2016 Hooliganism - An England Hooligan (Tattoo) Shows Off in Front of His Mates

EURO 2016 Hooliganism - Russian Supporters Attack A British Supporter in Stadium

However, former England striker Gary Lineker laid some of the blame on fans from his own country, calling them an “embarrassment”. “You can talk about police provocation, or other fans causing trouble, but it only seems to happen where the English go.” – he said. Gerard Channoux, 71, who lives in an apartment nearby, added: – “The English are the same. Drink and sun is a cocktail for them.”


About 25,000 England so-called fans and 12,000 Russians had descended on the city for Saturday evening’s game. But the British football hooligans were no match for Russian version of hooligans. There were claims in French newspapers that about a dozen hooligans from Paris gang – Boulogne Boys – had joined with Russian “Ultras” in a surprise attack on the English.

EURO 2016 Hooliganism - The Russian Ultra Hooligans

EURO 2016 Hooliganism - Paris Gang Boulogne Boys – Joined Forces With Russian Ultras

Interestingly, the clashes have revived bitter memories of days of bloody fighting in the same city of Marseille between England hooligans, Tunisia fans and locals of North African origin during the World Cup in 1998. Then, hundreds of England fans were involved in violent beach-front clashes with locals prompting a headline in a local paper: “Go home hooligans!”


Who are those Russian “Ultra” hooligans who had sent the infamous British hooligans running for their lives? Apparently, they belong to gangs of Hitler-loving Russian football hooligans, such as rival clubs Moscow’s Spartak and CSKA, who have vowed – 4 months ago in February – to join forces to turn England’s Euro 2016 campaign into a bloodbath.

EURO 2016 Hooliganism - Run For Your Life! – Chaos As England Fans Being Attacked

EURO 2016 Hooliganism - CLASH and RIOT – British Fans VS Russian Fans

“We are hard men, many from the army and police. Not soft English men in their Lacoste clothes and girls’ shoes. Fans from all clubs, Moscow, St Petersburg, anywhere, will all be on same side. We fight in the woods and train and fight at matches. England fans will have no chance. Russia is number one.” – a Russian hooligan had proudly revealed who the “Ultras” are.


Armed with swastika flags and Nazi symbol, it appears the “organised” Russian ultra hooligans have come good on their promise. The Russian hooligans posted a series of seemingly “celebratory” photographs on a Twitter site Russian-Ultras.com that showed England fans covered in blood.

EURO 2016 Hooliganism - An Injured English Supporter is Helped by A Rescue Squad

EURO 2016 Hooliganism - An England Fan Being Detained by Security Personnel

Although the British hooligans have been badly bloodied by their Russian counterparts, French politician Patrick Mennucci insisted Britain must help pay to clean up after the “shocking” fights in the city centre. He added: “What has happened with the English fans is unbearable. The people of Marseille have despaired about this unacceptable behaviour.”


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4th picuture shows Russian hools being atacked by Polish hools in Warsaw, at Poniatowski bridge.

Noted Tomasz … have made the necessary correction … thanks!

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