Released – Get Twitter’s Special CNY Emoji & Free Fortune-Telling

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Feb 03 2016
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Twitter shares are plunging as much as 10.5% after trading hours on Tuesday afternoon following Stifel Nicolaus downgrade from “hold” to “sell” and set a US$14 price target. Its stock is down by 55.6% compared to where it was a year ago. If you didn’t know, Twitter is banned on the mainland China hence the struggle to get the mouth-watering market share.


Yes, there’re roughly 3,000 influential websites being banned in mainland China (excluding Hong Kong and Macau). Twitter, being one of them, has been banned since 2009. But that doesn’t stop Twitter from doing everything to get a slice of the 1.3-billion Chinese people around the world celebrating the Year of the Monkey.

Year of Monkey 2016

In what appears to be Twitter’s first-ever Chinese New Year emoji, it has released some special hashtags specifically for user engagement in the Asia region. If you wish to send “angpao / ang pow / hongbao” (red packet), a gift of cash in a small red envelope, here’re some hashtags: #KungHeiFatChoy, #HappyCNY and #GongXiFaCai.


While there’s nothing to shout about on the red packet or hongbao emoji, there’s something interesting and exciting – you can actually check your fortune for the coming Chinese Lunar New Year, which officially starts on February 8th this year. You may not be superstitious but what harm could a fortune-teller Twitter do by offering a piece of free advice, right?

Twitter - Lauching Apps

What you need to do is to send a tweet with your birth-year followed by a hashtag #CNYfortune. Thereafter you’ll receive a reply with a Year of the Monkey fortune based on their Chinese zodiac sign. It’s quite cool and fun, as long as you do not see this from the lenses of religious extremism.


For example, Najib Razak was born on 23rd July, 1953. So by sending “1953 #CNYfortune” to Twitter, we know that the Malaysian prime minister is a “SNAKE”. Well, what we meant was Najib’s Chinese zodiac is a snake. And according to Twitter’s fortune-teller, he needs to spend time to help others and good fortune will come along (*grin*).

Twitter Fortune Telling 2016 - Snake Zodiac

Of course, any Chinese fortune-teller will tell you that your birth-year alone is insufficient to predict your fortune. There’re other variables needed to produce a more accurate reading. Still, as we’ve said earlier, take this fortune telling with a pinch of salt but lots of laughter.


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