Christmas Best Killer Deal – Nova Launcher Prime At RM1

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Dec 09 2015
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We’re not sure if this is just the beginning and there would be further price reduction from TeslaCoil Software. But at RM1 (US$0.23, £0.16) a pop for its highly successful and cool Nova Launcher Prime, you can’t go terribly wrong. After all, with the Malaysian Ringgit going down the toilet bowl, there isn’t much you can do with RM1.


Elsewhere, the launcher is on sale for as little as US$0.99 in U.S., 10 pence in UK and ₹10 (15 cents) in India. But what the heck is launcher anyway? You see, unlike Apple iPhone where the home screen is pretty much fixed without any room for customization, Android phone allows plenty of room for that.

Android Nova Launcher Prime Best Deal - RM1

In a nutshell, you can buy an Android smartphone which is as powerful, if not more powerful, than an iPhone, but at a fraction of the price. The default home screen of an Android phone is extremely boring. That’s where launcher comes into picture. Search for “launcher” on Play-Store and tons appear for your liking – mostly free but some you need to pay for it.


These launchers allow you to transform the user interface of your Android phone to look like a Xiaomi phone, a Nokia Lumia phone or even an iPhone. Or you can simply customize it to as “kawaii” as you like. With launcher, you can also increase home screen space by fitting more icons, the different themes of icons, the fonts, the transitions, animations and whatnot.

Apple iPhone iOS on Samsung Android

Customizability is indeed one of major reasons why people go for Google Android instead of Apple iOS smartphone. You can practically do whatever you want to design your Android home screen with a launcher. And Nova Launcher is one of the best, if not the best, launcher that every Android owner should at least try due to their wide customizability.


I’ve tried most of the launchers and ended up with three champions – the LINE launcher, APEX launcher and Nova launcher. If you do want something simple and no brainer, CM launcher is pretty good. Of course, you can always mix LINE or APEX or Nova launcher with CM locker, for example, to enjoy a new level of cool experience.

Android Launcher Home Screen Sample

There’re two versions of Nova Launcher – the free-version Nova Launcher and the paid-version Nova Launcher Prime. You can always try the free-version Nova Launcher prior to getting the paid version. As usual, the freemium doesn’t come with features such as the gestures, apps hiding, icon swipes, scroll effects, custom drawer groups and unread counts.


The most glaring handicap with the free-version Nova Launcher is the lack of “unread count badges”. How could you live without a badge which displays the notification count for apps – Whatsapp, WeChat, SMS, Calls – that has issued notifications that have not yet been acted upon, right? You can now install TeslaUnread (free), which works only on Nova Launcher Prime, to fit the missing puzzle.

Nova Launcher Prime User Interface on Android Home Screen

You can basically customise the desktop, app and widget drawers, dock, folders, look and feel, gestures and inputs, backup and import settings with Nova launchers. But what is important is – Nova is fast, responsive, reliable, lightweight and smooth without bogging down your phone with a ton of unwanted bloat.


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