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Here’s Why You Must Clean Your Porn Stuffs Before Upgrade To Windows 10

Have you upgraded your old Windows to the latest Windows 10? You should have had reserved your Windows 10, free of charge, by now. If you’ve reserved the operating system but yet to upgrade your machine simply because you want to wait and see how others hit problems, then you’ve one heck of a smart […]

... written on Aug 05 2015

Cleared & Innocent!! Now The World Must Apologise To PM Najib

Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has declared the RM2.62 billion in Prime Minister Najib Razak’s private account as a “donation”. Is there anyone out there who thought there would be any other outcome from MACC after offices of MACC, Attorney General’s Chambers, Bank Negara (Central Bank) were raided by a “new set” of people from Special […]

... written on Aug 04 2015

Guilty!! It’s Woman’s Fault For Attacking Policeman With Her Boob

Do not underestimate the power of breast. It could turn out to be a weapon of mass destruction (WMD) as a 30-year-old Hong Kong citizen Ng Lai-ying finds out. Apparently Ms Ng had been taking part in a protest in Yuen Long against Chinese mainlanders visiting Hong Kong to buy cheaper and better quality produce. A long-running […]

... written on Aug 03 2015

Beware!! Operation Lalang 2.0 Crackdown Could Be Launched

Prime Minister Najib Razak talks a lot but the perceived de-facto Prime Minister Rosmah Mansor keeps a low profile. Retiree Mahathir talks a lot but precious son Mukhriz Mahathir keeps a low profile. The Crown Prince of Johor talks a lot but Sultan of Johor keeps a low profile. So, adviser Kit Siang should talk […]

... written on Aug 03 2015

DJIA Top-30 Companies’ Spider Web Interconnecting Board Of Directors

You’ve seen how we’re being controlled by 10 mega companies, which produce almost everything we buy or eat. From Switzerland-based Nestle to Amerian-based Proctor & Gamble, their products are all over the place and there is at least one product in your house produces by them. But do you know that the CEOs of some […]

... written on Aug 02 2015

The Cell Phones Cause “Cancer” Is Here Again, But Do You Care?

For as long as humankind can remember the debate about whether the cell phone could cause cancer or anything related to radiation never ends. Since mid-1990s, when the Nokia cell phone rules the world in a huge wave, consumers have been concerned about the prospect of health problem due to exposure from using the gadget. […]

... written on Aug 01 2015

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